Top 10 Best Table Saws For The Money – Selected Choices – 2020

Shopping a table saw online is considered a big purchase as it isn’t cheap, especially for starters. If you’re striving to get pick the best table saw for the money, then (congratulation!) you’ve landed on the right article.

Below are top 10 top-rated options on the market that have been categorized due to the most common needs of customers:

  • DEWALT DWE7491RS – My top pick
  • Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 – Budget-friendly
  • Makita 2705X1 – Most stable stand
  • SKILSAW SPT99-11 – Best Worm Drive Saw
  • SawStop JSS-MCA – Ultra safe
  • Grizzly G1023RLWX – My 1st choice
  • JET 708675PK XACTASAW – Top rated
  • Delta 36-5052 – Budget Friendly
  • SawStop PCS175-TGP236 – Ultra Safe
  • Shop Fox W1837 – Best Hybrid Table Saw

Best portable jobsite table saws

DEWALT DWE7491RS – My top pick

DEWALT (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Table Saw, 32-1/2-Inch Rip Capacity

  • The fence is designed with flip-over action to let users cut narrow wood pieces with safety
  • Auto-reset if there’s a power outage
  • The power switch button is covered with a flip-over cover for safety against pets or kids


  • Saw blade is prone to get dull quickly
  • Short power cord -> not flexible

Never been out of our top-rated list is DEWALT DWE7491RS. It features a 26” by 22” tabletop that’s crafted from high-quality aluminum material, implying for versatile use.

Another highlight is its 15-amp motor, delivering powerful ripping capacity (32-1/2 inches).

And also, a practical fence with an emphasis on flip-over action to let cut narrow wood pieces with safety. You can choose to lock or unlock it. Just freely adjust the fence until it meets your woodwork requirements.

Of course, great saw power, great dust making but don’t worry, there’s a 2-1/2-inch dust port to handle that for you. Some other safety features are Power Loss Reset and a modern power switch.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10”
No Load Speed4800 rpm
Table Size (W x L)26” x 22”
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3 1/8”

Made by a reputable brand with no exception in decent quality, practical construction, and phenomenal performance, DEWALT DWE7491RS is the best solution for any devoted hobbyists.

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 – Budget-friendly

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10
Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Tablesaw - 10 Inch Jobsite Table Saw with 25 Inch Cutting Capacity and Portable Folding Table Stand

  • 24-tooth blade to cut smoothly through different materials with no marks on their cutting surface
  • Affordable price without compromising quality and performance
  • Have a soft-start circuitry to avoid tripping a circuit breaker


  • Difficult to adjust the rip fence
  • Not precise stand mechanism
  • The ruler guides aren’t as accurate as others

Regardless of the brand reputation, there are two reasons why we picked it: its easy portability without compromising the power features and the significant upgrade to its predecessor 4100-09.

The 24-tooth blade is a shining example in this case.

It helps woodworkers cut through general applications and lumber smoothly while focusing purely upon the portability.

Built with a 3650 no-load RPM motor and 10-inch blade, it’s versatile enough for both amateurs and professional veterans to finish different wood projects. Such as furniture building, DIY renovations, construction projects, and contracting work.

The most impressive thing is its soft-start circuitry, featuring an intensive control of the unit’s motor to avoid the risks of tripping a circuit breaker.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10”
No Load Speed3,650 RPMs
Table Size (W x L)21″x29″
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3 1/8”

With DIY lovers who are also in a tight budget, we believe Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 deserves a must-have item in your list.

Makita 2705X1 – Most stable stand

Makita 2705X1
Makita 2705X1 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw with Stand

  • More portable and lighter design compared to the 2705 thanks to the wheeled stand
  • Have an electric brake for extra safety to shut off the unit in emergency
  • Sturdy stand and easy to mobile


  • Plastic body is easily damaged
  • Rip fence is prone to bump out of alignment

Another well-known brand that’s under our microscope today is Makita and their most favorite model – the 2705X1.

The biggest difference between it and 2705 is the stand with attached wheels, also making X1 an ideal option to move from one location to another. Both models are built for professional contractors with an emphasis on large rip capacity.

For example, in the 2705X1, it is 4’x8′ sheets of plywood (with a right extension table) while the cutting capacity is 3-5/8 inches at 90 degrees.

What makes us pleasantly surprised is the electric brake for extreme safety if you want to shut the device down in an emergency. With it, the needed amount of time will be shortened from several seconds to mere milliseconds.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10”
No Load Speed4,800 RPMs
Table Size (W x L)24-5/8″ x 22-1/4″
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3 5/8”

If you frequently transit from site to site, a portable but stable table saw like the Makita 2705X1 is an ideal option for you.

SKILSAW SPT99-11 – Best Worm Drive Saw

SKILSAW SPT99-11 10" Heavy Duty Worm Drive Table Saw with Stand, Silver

  • Classed as worm drive category with an emphasis on twice of more power motor
  • Deliver 2x to 4x faster than the normal table saw units
  • Use a pinion style fence system and rack to deliver decent precision
  • Don’t emit loud noise while working


  • Costly compared to other competitors
  • Heavy
  • You may need time to get used to the pinion style fence system

The SPT99-11 is a bodacious worm drive table saw that’s also the foundation of many later high-end SKIL Co. siblings.

It highlights a more powerful motor (of 5000 RPM) and delivers more torque to offer 2x to 4x times of faster speed than the ordinary models. Accordingly, it stays somewhere between the needs for hardcore woodcutters and homeowners.

We love that it isn’t a screamer while working. The blade ripping rate is uniform while the motor is incredibly stable.

SKIL table saw precision is another top-notch feature. They make a good move of using a pinion style fence system and rack rather than static rack and rail rack to keep their fence located tightly during the cutting process.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10”
No Load Speed5000 RPMs
Table Size (W x L)27” x 25”
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3 5/8″

The SKILSAW SPT99-11, which is classed as “Worm Drive Table Saw”, will be the best assistant of yours thanks to its twice work output.

SawStop JSS-MCA – Ultra safe

SawStop JSS-Mca Legacy Jobsite Saw with Mobile Cart

  • A mobile-cart-likely stand for easier mobility
  • Can stop the blade within 5 milliseconds for extreme safety
  • T-glide fence with Ergolock to deliver smoothest sliding while keeping the fence firmly
  • Blade elevation helps to maximize the its height


  • Miter gauge isn’t quality
  • Miter slots isn’t accurate much

Last up in this category is the SawStop JSS-MCA, which is considered the beast or the gold standard in job-site performance and safety.

A full revolution is raising and lowering motions of the saw blade. Not only it’s smooth and needs no cranking but this new one-turn blade elevation optimizes its maximum height.

What makes it different from other brands is the supportive T-glide fence. It’s built with Ergolock, excelling firm location and decently smooth gliding.

Another highlight safety feature is its patented blade braking technology to ably stop the blade within 5 milliseconds. Impressive, huh?

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10″
No Load Speed4,000 rpms
Table Size (W x L)28 3/4″ x 26 1/4″
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90° 3 1/8″

Choosing a table saw with advanced safety features possible will be the best choice to lower risks of amputations during woodworking. And the SawStop JSS-MCA is our highest recommendation.

Best cabinet table saws

Grizzly G1023RLWX – My 1st choice

Grizzly G1023RLWX
Grizzly Industrial G1023RLWX - 10" 5 HP 240V Cabinet Table Saw with Built-in Router Table

  • Can make laser straight dado cuts with no needs to change the blade
  • Give higher power efficiency at lower noise level
  • Meet different popular standards and certifications for safety and performance


  • The up/down crank isn’t truly smooth

Grizzly G1023RLWX took around 2 years of design and refinement optimization so, it’s worth the tittle “centerpiece” in serious professional wood projects.

Compared to a typical router table or handheld router, the unit is far more convenient, especially when it’s installing with huge outfeed tables.

The biggest selling point is it allows you to create laser straight dado cuts without the need to change the blade. There’s also a Poly-V serpentine belt system to increase the power efficiency while lowering noise level.

Of course, safety is always the top priority and in this case, they are the magnetic safety switch, riving knife design, oversized stop button, and classic fence system.

Rest assured, this table saw meets all UL 987 standards, CSA C22. 2 #105-1953, and also gets CSA certification.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10 inches
No Load Speed
Table Size (W x L)48 x 27 inches
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3 inches
Arbor5/8 inches

If you’re finding a basic cabinet table saw with a great balance between safety features and performance, look no further than Grizzly G1023RLWX.

JET 708675PK XACTASAW – Top rated

JET 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe 3-Horsepower, 1Ph, 50-Inch Rip Fence

  • 3HP motor and 50” rip capacity to cut through any materials
  • Additional poly V-belt system soups up the operation smoothness
  • Extra-large extension table to give enough ample surface for larger projects


  • Maximum cut depth at 90 degrees is only 3”
  • Require metric tools and SAE when assembling the unit

JET 708675PK XACTASAW is a premium cabinet table saw crafted with high attention to details to reach a perfect combination between efficiency and precision.

The powerful 3HP motor is a nice feature in this unit, making the saw a true beast to complete its cutting capacity cleanly with no binds up or disruptions. The poly V-belt system is another worth-mentioning addition to make the saw operate more smoothly.

We particularly love its extra-wide extension table – 29×42 inches in size – very ample to fit larger woodwork.

While highlighting the highest rip capacity, there are apparently some excellent safety features, such as anti-kick pawl, 50-inch fence system, and magnetic power switch part.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10 inches
No Load Speed4300 RPMs
Table Size (W x L)29 x 42 inches
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3 inches
Arbor5/8 inches

For those people who want a cabinet table saw highlighting accuracy, quality, and efficiency, the JET 708675PK XACTASAW is the best bet.

Delta 36-5052 – Budget Friendly

Delta 36-5052
Delta 36-5052 10-Inch Left Tilt Contractor Saw with 52-Inch RH Rip (Steel Wings)

  • Affordable compared to its quality and other similar competitors
  • More stable but maneuverable than the previous version
  • Give larger rip capacity to handle bigger woodwork projects


  • Wrong drilled holes
  • Not helpful installation instructions

Delta 36-5052 is marketed for professional woodworkers with many worth-mentioning high-end features.

It highlights decent movability with two fixed wheels and one swivel wheel, allowing you to move it anywhere. The RH extension board with two attached support legs is our most favorite component since it keeps good stability when you putting weight on it.

Unlike the previous Delta 36-5000, this highlights a 52-inch right side rip capacity and 15-inch left side rip capacity to surely fit any woodworkers.

Regardless, both versions come with several similar features, such as the riving knife, a tubular stand, blade brake stops, blade guard system, and rail system.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10 inches
No Load Speed
Table Size (W x L)20 in. X 27 in.
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3.5 inches
Arbor5/8 inch

Delta 36-5052 is a table saw giving the largest rip capacity with an RH extension board that won’t break your bank.

SawStop PCS175-TGP236 – Ultra Safe

SawStop PCS175-TGP236
SAWSTOP 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw, 1.75-HP, 36-Inch Professional TGlide Fence System (PCS175-TGP236)

  • Can stop the blade in a millisecond for ultra-safety
  • Feature a 36-inch T-glide fence and a solid miter gauge for decent accuracy and security
  • Can tackle wood of any sizes and density


  • High price range
  • Require the woodworker to assemble it

It’s freaking hard to get an affordable cabinet table saw that meets both the needs and expectations of a pro-woodworker. But luckily enough that SawStop PCS175-TGP236 can do that.

Out of its superior reliable, stable, sturdy, and well-made construction, this unit highlights the exclusively patented blade-termination system for extreme safety.

It can stop the saw blade within a millisecond whenever you touch it, hence, saving you from injuries.

The table saw, on the other hand, is powerful enough to tackle wood of any size and density while providing a roomy table surface for bigger woodwork jobs. This implies a versatile machine for every work needed.

The 35-inch T-glide fence and miter gauge are two most highlight features in this unit – something that other models struggle with. It gives decent secure lockdowns to keep you from deviations.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10”
No Load Speed
Table Size (W x L)20″ W x 27″ L
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3 1/8″

For any professional woodworkers who are finding a true cabinet table saw with an emphasis on ultra-safety features, the SawStop PCS175-TGP236 is the best bet.

Shop Fox W1837 – Best Hybrid Table Saw

Shop Fox W1837
Shop Fox W1837 10" 2 hp Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw

  • Highlight the decent mobility of portable table saw and top-tier cutting precision of cabinet models
  • Have its own wheelbase – something that other hybrid table saws hardly offer
  • Have a quick-release blade guard for safety
  • Less vibration and noise while working


  • Give extra dust come for zero clearance mechanism
  • Offer various power source options but the 120V is really useless

Featuring a perfect combination between a portable table saw and a cabinet unit, Shop Fox W1837 highlights a top-tier cutting precision while giving extra mobility. From that point, you can use it for any complex woodworking with high maneuverability.

The unit is also one of the rare hybrid models equipped with its own wheelbase.

What we love the most is its stable, no-vibration cast-iron table surface to emit less noise while working.

With a 2HP motor and 3,450 RPMs with no load, this is great for ripping through any big wood pieces at different density levels. In addition to the quick-release blade guard, working with this cabinet table saw has never been this safe.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10”
No Load Speed3450 RPM
Table Size (W x L)40-1/4″ x 27″
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3-1/4″

A hybrid table saw would be a nice choice for any pro-woodworkers or craftsmen to get the best of both worlds (cabinet and portable saw). In that case, we highly recommend the Shop Fox W1837.

How to choose a good table saw for your money? (Buying guide)

Best Table Saws For The Money

Table saw types

There are three common types of table saws at the current:

  • Cabinet table saws
  • Contractor table saws
  • Folding leg table saws
  • Benchtop table saws

Determining which is the most suitable for your woodworking projects should be the top priority before getting into any nitty-gritty of which features create the best table saw.

 Cabinet table sawsContractor table sawsFolding leg table sawsBenchtop table saws
StrengthsGive the highest power and durability

Cleaner cuts

Less vibration

Give the highest accuracy

Give largest ripping capacity

Higher-quality miter gauges and fences

Decent portability

Stable & durable

Larger ripping capacity

More powerful and precise than the folding leg and benchtop models

Decent maneuverability

Expanding frame -> Don’t need a table

Deliver large ripping capacity

Small, lightweight and easy to move around

Good power for good price


WeaknessNot portable

Can’t move around

Heavier than the folding leg and benchtop modelsHeftier than benchtop table sawsLimited ripping capacity
Best forProfessional woodworkersWorks that require high degrees of precisionWorking outdoors, like construction workSmall projects

Miter gauge

Many starters ignore this component but end up looking for one if their table saw doesn’t have it.

The miter gauge is a helpful table saw tool to cut angles that are not 90 degrees.

You should look for the one with hard stops at 45 degrees and 90 degrees as these two numbers are the most popular used in cutting projects. Hard stops will easily set the miter gauge in these angles cut more accurate cuts.

If you decide to buy a table saw with an included miter gauge, focus on its quality because it will be uneven between models. Some are really weak, flimsy and hard to hold for cutting while others are precise and solid.

Dust collection

It’s not a big deal with on-site projects but if you’re going to use a table saw indoor, make a wise choice of dust collection as now, all the sawdust has nowhere to go.

There are two types of dust collection – outer dust bag and internal model.

The first option is a good choice for outdoor woodwork jobs when  you don’t want to spill sawdust everywhere. It can’t handle tons of consecutive cuts as perfectly as the internal dust bag, implying this second model is more popular, especially for indoor projects.

There’s a singular port where all dust is expelled from the saw through it to keep the cutting surface always clean. Notice that this component will be different from unit to unit but in general, the size within 2-1/2 and 4 inches is good to go.

Higher-end table saws will feature larger dust collection – above 4 inches, suitable for complex woodworking.

Best table saw brands that you can trust

Best Table Saws For The Money


DEWALT is a well-known company for making superb table saws. We love them for how much thought they’ve put into designing and manufacturing only the highest quality products.


What makes Bosch table saws so reliable and well-loved by worldwide customers is their furious pace of innovation application and delicate construction. Up to now, it has had over 350 subsidiaries within 60 countries and we believe such numbers are impressive enough for you.


Started as a repair company and electric motor sales in 1915. This Japanese company has been in the market for over 100 years and now is the world leader in more than 40 countries. Their table saws are specialized on job sites with an emphasis on durability, performance, and power.


SKILSAW has over 90 years’ experience in table saws and table saw accessories, implying their intensive knowledge in this field. In fact, their product lines are broad in terms of both sizes and budgets to surely meet in depth any woodworkers’ needs.


This USA-based company is another well-known table saw the company and maybe they’re the youngest counterpart in this list – founded in 1999. But they’re outstanding and even unbeatable thanks to the exclusively patented automatic braking system for decent safety.

JET Equipment

Founded in 1958 and started as a small dealer, JET Equipment had gradually developed until in the beginning ’70s, they introduced a full line of material handling products and industrial air tools. All their table saws are produced in America, which ensures quality.


Delta is one of the most revered brands in terms of woodworking based on their over 100 years’ expertise. Fans of this brand (especially the professional woodworkers) give countless compliments for their products’ reliability, precision, and accuracy.

Table saw safety rules

Table saw safety rules

How common are table saw accidents?

As estimated, the table saw accidents occur around 30,000 cases annually, most of which happened in hands and fingers.

The most popular injuries are lacerations and the common victims are young amateur woodworkers, such as students who join in school shop classes. If you’re concerned about the medical costs of treatment for such injuries, it’s a mere 2 billion dollars annually.

What can you not do with a table saw?

Here are the top no-no things you shouldn’t do with a table saw:

When the saw blade is running, don’t try to reach over or adjust the fences. If you want to adjust them, ensure the blade fully stops.

Except for some special circumstances, don’t use a miter gauge and fence together. Remember that a fence only needs an auxiliary fence.

Don’t ever do the cuts in any awkward operations that you feel like a gawky fool. This prevention saves you from riskily falling into the table or blade as well as losing your balance.

Only release the work once the wood piece is passed entirely through the saw blade. It’s because too soon releasing will probably allow the blade to grab the wood part which hasn’t passed through yet, leading to the risks of kickback.

Whenever guying the stock through a saw blade, never use your bare hands. Instead, let utilize a miter gauge or rip fence.

Some people think about using gloves while the saw is operating but it’s also a no-no to avoid because of the lack of gripping power or loss of tactile sense. Not to say that some loose gloves to riskily pull into the rotating blade (not to say your hands).

Don’t let your body in line with the blade to avoid sawdust feeding back to you as well as save you from accidental kickback.

Never performance any maintenance operation while the power of your table saw is connected, such as changing the saw blade.

Don’t assume that standard eyeglasses are just safe enough to protect your eyes from sudden table saw accidents. You HAVE TO wear proper eye protection as well as ear protection due to the noise while your saw is working.

What causes kickback on a table saw?

By understanding clearly what causes kickback on a table saw, you will have a proper way to avoid it while less dreading it.

The fence isn’t parallel to the saw blade

The fence isn’t always advised being parallel to the saw blade for no reason.

Just a slight angle caused by the unparalleled position between these two components can be an invitation of kickback to happen. Imagine when the stock is passed by such setup, it probably becomes pinched between the blade and fence.

In other words, the pinching effect stops the stock from passing cleanly through the blade, making it forced sideways into the blade’s back by the saw fence.

So don’t ever let the fence is skewed towards the blade, just half of a business card’s thickness.

The stock isn’t held firmly

Once the wood piece isn’t held firmly against the fence while feeding into the blade, it will make poor contact. Skew or twist stock takes risk of kickback.

As soon as it reaches the blade’s back edge, these up-running teeth would launch it at the woodworker in the blade rotation’s direction.

Some other reasons that cause kickback on a table saw:

  • Use a miter gauge and fence at the same time
  • Overheating saw blade (caused by free-handing a cut, dullness, a build-up of sap  on the saw blade) makes it bent and easy to occur kickback
  • The stock is warped, knotty, or pitchy
  • Wet wood (because it makes higher friction against the blade)

Where should you stand when using a table saw?

Actually, there’s no actual stance or place that ensures 100% safety when using a table saw because once a kickback happens, it will use anything as a fulcrum to direct to anywhere.

For example, it can take advantage of the remaining wood piece, miter gauge, or gauge blocks.

Not to say that if a reputedly safer position makes you feel uncomfortable or making a left-handed person forced to use his right hand, the risk of accidents is still high.

What we’re trying to say to keep a natural stance that gives you the most comfort while positioning your body to the left of the saw blade when it’s rotating.

If you’re a left-handed woodworker who usually use their left hand to guide the wood when making narrow rip cuts, it will be safer against kickback. But for right-handed persons, you’d better make a change to suit you.


Best Table Saws For The Money

Which table saw is better Dewalt or Bosch?

To be honest, both DEWALT and Bosch are two big brands in terms of a table saw manufacturing and distributing. The differences between are accordingly not always obvious.

The higher-end the products of them both have wheels while the budget-friendlier options don’t.

In terms of the power of the motor, we’ve found that the DEWALT units are a bit superior to the Bosch to fit nicely complex woodworking projects. Both brands provide table saws with convenience in some specific areas.

For example, the Bosch units are rather easy to make blade replacement that if you’re working on different wood materials, it’s more effortless.

Meanwhile, the DEWALT focuses on dust collection so that they tend to more perfectly compatible with many dust-collection systems, such as shop vacuums.

What is the table saw rip capacity?

The rip capacity of a table saw is actually an indicator showing how much maximum space that you get between the fence’s edge and the blade’s.

(Rip describes the cutting action on a piece of wood along the grain).

For example, if your table saw unit featuring a ripping capacity of 24”, it means the saw can cut a big wood log into 24-inch pieces.

How thick of wood will a 10 table saw cut?

In general, the thickness of wood that a 10” table saw can cut is around 1/8 inches with over 3 inches deep.

Is SawStop worth the money?

SawStop is one of a dozen famous table saw brands in the world. While the Grizzly is a good choice for a beginner due to its budget-friendly price range, SawStop is rather expensive.

Their products are usually within $1000 to $3000 depending on the specific model.

However, it is definitely worth the money, especially for professional woodworkers, due to the higher-end quality, safety, and accuracy.

Can you add SawStop to any table saw?

No, you can’t.

SawStop features an exclusive flesh-triggered active safety device you can’t make any alternatives to it.


A saw is like a knight’s sword of any woodworker. And for table saws, there is an array of options at various price ranges on the market. We hope that this ultimate article has helped you find the best table saw for the money.

Thanks for reading!

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