Top 8 Best Small Table Saws For DIYers, Best Bangs For The Buck – 2020

Thank God for bringing small table saws down to Earth that hobbyists or DIY people don’t have to rely on furniture stores for small woodworking crafting anymore. They now can do this stuff at home.

And if you’re looking for the best small table saw to add up to your armory, here are the top 8 options on the market.

  • Bosch GTS1031 – My 1st choice
  • Makita 2705 – Sturdiest build
  • DEWALT DCS7485T1 – Best battery-powered saw
  • Milwaukee 2736-21HD – Top rated
  • Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 – Best overall
  • SKIL 3410-02 – Budget-friendly
  • Norse TS10 9683412 – Top rated
  • DEWALT DW745S – Easy to transport & setup

Without stand

Bosch GTS1031 – My 1st choice

Bosch GTS1031
Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw GTS1031 with One-Handed Carry Handle


  • Has a handed-carry handle to easily lug around
  • Designed to possibly hang accessory tools underneath
  • Has riving knife system for better management and Smart Guard to avoid anti-kickback pawls


  • Doesn’t have a soft starter
  • Surface isn’t smooth

We love this unit because of its powerful motor and blade.

With the woodwork that asks for plenty of accuracy and power, it amazingly handles well, from a 5/4” walnut log at 45 degrees to a standard 2X at 90 degrees.

In terms of safety, we give it 7/10. Straight fence, good-working riving knife, and blade guard are included. It definitely won’t bog down if you treat it right.

We also like the way it’s attached with numerous accessories underneath so that it’s not only easy to transport but also decently compact.

There’s an extra built-in handle so you can easily lug it around.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10 inches
No Load Speed5,000 RPMs
Table Size (W x L)20 Inches x 22 ½ Inches
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3-1/8 inches
Arbor5/8 Inch

Built with a 10” 24-tooth blade and 5000 no-load RPM motor, Bosch GTS1031 is definitely the best job-site saw for a small workshop.

Makita 2705 – Sturdiest build

Makita 2705
Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw


  • Integrated anti-kickback system for ultra-safety
  • Extension table with a durable blade for higher ripping capacity
  • Have an electric brake for higher productivity


  • Poor dust collector
  • Require regular maintenance

When it comes to sheer power, Makita 2705 is considered one of the best.

It highlights a 15-amp motor that provides more than enough power to rip through any 4x material. But the best thing lies in its tabletop. That’s an aluminum die-cast surface to keep you from uneven cuts or deviations.

And it’s a right extension design to perfectly suit for larger woodwork, emphasizing a capacity of 25” ripping or 4×8 sheets of plywood.

Don’t worry, the blade is made of 32T Carbide Tipped – heavy-duty and low-maintenance to not getting dull early.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10 inches
No Load Speed4,800 RPMs
Table Size (W x L)24 5/8″ x 22 1/4″
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3 9/16″

If you want a small but powerful saw to get a chance for serving multiple woodwork and mobility, Makita 2705 surely fits the bill.

DEWALT DCS7485T1 – Best battery-powered saw

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Table Saw, 8-1/4-Inch (DCS7485T1)


  • Give two operating ways – corded or cordless
  • Battery life is really long and battery has high rip capacity to handle general woodwork
  • Prevent accidental re-starts thanks to the power-loss reset


  • Saw blade isn’t suitable for finish work
  • Can’t carry an extra blade

DEWALT DCS7485T1 gives you multiple ways to operate it – corded or cordless. Using this unit during any outdoor wood projects, you’ll be surprised by how much power it has.

In a full charge, it can cut through any OSB sheets or 4×8 plywood like butter with no sudden restarts.

Battery life seems unexpectedly good – perfect for cabinet installation contractors or wood projects that require lots of mobility. Cut as accurately as a floor model cabinet saw.

Compared to Bosch or other saw brands, this works more quietly. No screaming or groaning.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10”
No Load Speed5800 RPMs
Table Size (W x L)
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°2-1/2″

For outdoor wood projects or cabinet installation contractors working in no-power houses, the DEWALT DCS7485T1 is the best candidate with it battery-powered design.

Milwaukee 2736-21HD – Top rated

Milwaukee 2736-21HD
Milwaukee Electric Tools 2736-21HD Table Saw Tool


  • Deliver unmatched runtime in all applications – 50% more power than the standard batteries
  • Give 6300 RPMs of no-load speed when corded to handle more serious woodwork
  • Can prevent efficiently overheating issues while optimizing its productivity


  • Narrow blade diameter – a limitation when working with big wood logs

Another cordless table saw is Milwaukee 2736-21HD but it’s designed more for professional applications, such as contractors, skillful carpenters, and remodelers.

The reason is its redlithium™ high output HD12.0 battery pack which is claimed to deliver unmatched run-time in any applications.

In fact, it highlights 50% more power than the standard version.

In terms of corded ripping performance, it highlights a 6300 no-load RPM motor that’s integrated the Redlink plus™ intelligence. With this addition, you can  be worry-free from overheating, overloading, or over-discharging issues while using the saw optimally.

Some other safety features are riving knife changes, tool-free guard, and accessories.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter8-1/4″
No Load Speed6,300 RPMs
Table Size (W x L)22.5″ x 22″
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°2-1/2″

To serve for bigger woodworking at no-power conditions, we believe the ultra-powerful Milwaukee 2736-21HD is what you’re after.

With a stand included

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 – Best overall

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10
Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Tablesaw - 10 Inch Jobsite Table Saw with 25 Inch Cutting Capacity and Portable Folding Table Stand


  • Have a soft start circuitry for better control and more safety
  • Bigger capacity dust collector to simplify the cleaning tasks after finishing any projects
  • Powerful enough to satisfy versatile woodworking jobs


  • The rip fence is difficult to adjust
  • Hard to adjust the blade for paralle

Don’t let this small table saw fool you! It’s built with a 3,650 RPM motor and 15-amp circular saw to be powerful enough for versatile wood tasks. From cross-cut sled (which we highly recommend), shimming out an auxiliary fence to ripping or rip cutting.

The dust collector in this product highlights a larger capacity to hold up well a huge amount of dust or with a shop vac.

But what we appreciate the most is its soft-start circuitry. With it, you get less chance to deal with the circuit breaker tripping as the intensity of motor start-up now is under control.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10”
No Load Speed3,650 RPMs
Table Size (W x L)21″ x 29″
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3 1/8”

Constructed with mobility, accuracy, and reparability, Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 is a great table saw for small shop owners who are looking for a perfect replacement for their sliding compound miter saw.

SKIL 3410-02 – Budget-friendly

SKIL 3410-02
SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand


  • Affordable price while keeping a good balance with quality and performance
  • A sturdy stand that’s easy to set up and mobile
  • No blade wobbles while using the saw blade


  • The miter gauge fits loosely

While looking for an inexpensive small table saw, the SKIL 3410-02 caught our attention. Not only because of its similar outlook as the DEWALT, but also the well-worth quality.

Its remarkably-well engineered stand is what we love the most.

The dual toggle method to mount the saw into it is near genius. It’s truly sturdy, easy to transport, and quick to install.

Besides, the saw blade is sharp and powerful enough to meet general woodworking, such as ripping plywood or boards. We also don’t find blade wobble during lowering or raising. In other words, it works super-smoothly!

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10 inches
No Load Speed5,000 RPMs
Table Size (W x L)20 Inches x 26 Inches
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3.5 Inches

With a perfect balance among functionality, price, and quality, SKIL 3410-02 is the best bet for beginner DIY individuals and woodworkers.

Norse TS10 9683412 – Top rated

Norse TS10 9683412
Norse TS10 9683412 Table Saw, 10"


  • The table is able to expand to 39” x 22 ½” to handle larger woodwork
  • Can be mounted to the provided stand or any bench for safety and support


  • No complaint. We’re happy with this purchase.


Sizing 25 x 29.5 x 33 inches, the Norse TS10 9683412 is a compact, portable table saw designed to be secured to the included stand or any bench.

While being the best workhorse in almost small woodwork, the table of this unit is expandable to serve bigger projects like a breeze. The extension dimensions are 39″W x 22-1/2″L, claimed to rip easily any 4” x 8” plywood.

We’re also glad that it comes with all accessory tools needed for the first cut. Such as a 24-tooth blade, rip fence, and Miter gauge.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10”
No Load Speed5000 RPMs
Table Size (W x L)39″W x 22-1/2″L
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3 ¼”

Portable but stationary, the Norse TS10 9683412 is a top-rated table saw for your wood projects.

DEWALT DW745S – Easy to transport & setup

DEWALT DW745S Compact Job Site Table Saw with Folding Stand


  • Lightweight and folding legs for easy transport
  • Heavy-duty tube steel construction for extra safety while working
  • Cuts great


  • Small ripping capacity
  • Not accept dado blades

DEWALT DW745S comes with all accessory tools needed for almost woodworking.

It emphasizes a heavy-duty tube steel construction to provide enough safety when operating the machine. In other words, this model is a perfect pick for job-site use.

Compared to other counterparts at this price point, it’s far more durable and well-made.

The metal roll cage base should be a typical example in this case (while others only use plastic ones to cut off manufacturing cost). It holds the saw more firmly while you’re working with plywood. No blade wobbling nor vibrations. Cuts are also cleaner.

Another big bonus is its folding legs which help to raise the unit to your desired height without taking much time or effort. In different working spaces, it turns out a versatile gear.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10”
No Load Speed3,850 rpm
Table Size (W x L)
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3 1/8”

For people who are working on a contract basis, the DEWALT DW745S is a nice choice.

How to choose a good small table saw? (Buying guide)

small table saw

Accuracy & Smoothness

There are two features influencing a table saw’s accuracy and smoothness. They’re:

  • Drive types
  • Motor power

…and we are going to dig intensively into each.

First off, is the drive type. It includes two common types at the current – belt drive and direct drive.

 Belt DriveDirect Drive
Highlight featuresFeature a pulley system and a V-belt where the power is transferred throughThe saw blade is connected directly to its motor, hence, power is transferred directly as well
StrengthsOffer higher power and torque

Throw up much less dust

More efficiency when cutting the stock

No power loss during the process

Make less noise and vibration

Lightweight, compact and small

Safer to use

More affordable

WeaknessMore expensive

Less safe

Can’t handle big woodwork jobs
Best forHeavy-duty sawing projects, like cutting thicker wood piecesSmall jobs

They are both accurate in their specific kinds of woodwork, therefore, just pick one that fits your cutting needs the most.

Next is the power.

A moderately powerful motor will help your project finish faster while increasing the smoothness and accuracy because you can focus purely on the cutting. It’s always the best to go for a maximum horsepower of the motor but keep an eye on ascending price range.

In general, a 1 to 2 HP motor is moderate to cut through a 2-inch thick wood piece with no disruption or wobbling.

Ease of Use

Small table saws are usually easy to carry around but besides, it also should be efficiently used whenever you need to as well as simply fixed.

Remember the reasons why you choose to buy a small table saw – is it because you want to carry it here and there to serve for your job-site projects? If yes, maneuverability is another must-have feature.

Safety features

Despite the small silhouette, your table saw is still one of the most dangerous garage equipment so considering basic safety features is nearly a must.

The more advanced safety features added, the costlier the saw.

If you’re in a tight budget, make sure yours has at least the riving knife, visible power switch, and anti-kickback pawls to avoid common accidents.

Who makes the best small table saw?

small table saw


With over 125 years’ experience, Bosch is like an OG in terms of service and technology supplier. Up to now, Bosch has been spreading its network through over 60 nations and more than 350 subsidiaries. It’s definitely a reliable brand to choose from.


A bit “younger” brand is Makita, which has been established for nearly 105 years. They are now a global brand in more than 40 countries, including the United State. Despite a Japanese company, we bet nobody hasn’t heard this brand name before.

Their products are known for superb durability, innovation, and unmatched quality.


Talking about the US-based company, DEWALT deserves to remember firstly. They were founded in 1920 – nearly 100 years’ experience in electronic universal woodworking machine. In 2018, DEWALT had the honor to receive 9 innovation awards from PTIA.


Milwaukee was set up in 1924 and currently has been the world’s leader about innovative solutions for both professional and beginner construction customers. Their products highlight unmatched longevity and productivity.


Most fans of SKIL are hobbyists and DIY-ers who are usually in a tight budget. SKIL table saws are not only targeted low to medium price ranges but also deliver customers thoughtful designs and advanced technology to help them in versatile woodwork projects.

How to use a table saw safely?

Small Table Saws For DIYers

Regardless of equipping yourself eye protection, appropriate clothing, and ear protection, there are some must-follow rules to use a table saw safely:

Make sure the blade has fully stopped before you want to adjust, check or replace it.

Check if the minor slot and the saw blade are parallel to each other. You can use a steel ruler to measure the distance between them on the bottom and the top points.

Similarly, use that ruler to check if the fence and the minor slot are parallel

The right angle is important during woodworking, therefore, always leave the saw blade at 90 degrees. Use a worth square to check this.

The piece of wood that you intend to cut through should be straight, flat, and have no objects like screws, loose knots, or bolts.

Use gripper or pushing stick to direct the wood piece instead of your bare hands

Check all safety features are working well with no matters before starting the cutting jobs

Plan carefully for the worst cases – what would you do if accidents occurred? This will help you quickly handle emergency situations.

Keep a solid, balanced stance during the woodwork


Best Small Table Saw

Do you need a stand for a table saw?

If you intend to cut thick, heavy and hardwood pieces on a table saw, there should be a stand because you will put lots of force into it. A heavy-duty stand, in this case, will create a reliable, stable base for you to carry on the jobs safely and smoothly

What to use when you don’t have a table saw?

If there isn’t a table saw in your garage and you currently can’t afford one, it’s not a bad idea to use a handsaw instead. But notice that it is just suitable for simple, small jobs, not the complex ones.

Another tool you can think of is circulated saw. Consult this article understand how to make rip cuts with it:

Can you put a 12 blade on a 10 table saw?

No, you can’t. And you shouldn’t try to do that because the arbor in a 10” blade is designed to be smaller than a 12” blade can’t fit into it.

Don’t ever use anything but a 12” blade on a 12” table saw.

Are more teeth on a saw blade better?

Not at all. A saw blade featuring more teeth will give a smoother cutting surface while fewer teeth can get rid of material more quickly.

Can you use a router as a table saw?

No, you can’t.

A table saw and a router features their specific purposes of use and they are completely different. If it’s compulsory to use a router for cutting things, that is still possible but the results won’t be as good as doing it by a saw.


With careful consideration, choosing the best small table saw will not only be a much simpler task for you but also become the best workhorse in your small workshop or garage. Just remember to think about your budget while pondering other features. Thanks for reading!

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