Top 8 Best Portable Table Saws For Fine Woodworking – 2020

For a small garage or workshop, a delicate cabinet table saw is something too oversized, isn’t it? Instead, a mobile and flexible portable unit sounds more reasonable while it’s still capable of high accuracy required for fine woodworking.

Do you want to know more about this convenient equipment?

Take a look at the rounded-up list of 8 best portable table saws for fine woodworking:

  • DEWALT DW745 – My favorite choice
  • Bosch GTS1031 – Portable & Versatile
  • SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 – Best Worm Drive Saw
  • Makita 2705 – Sturdy build
  • DEWALT DWE7491RS – Good overall
  • SKIL 3410-02 – Wallet-friendly
  • Bosch Power Tools 4100 – Easy to transport & setup
  • Hitachi C10RJ
sample-table__image My favorite choice DEWALT DW745
  • No Load Speed: 3,850 rpm
  • Stand included: No
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sample-table__image Portable & Versatile Bosch GTS1031
  • No Load Speed: 5,000 rpm
  • Stand included: No
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sample-table__image Best Worm Drive Saw SKILSAW SPT70WT-01
  • No Load Speed: 5,300 rpm
  • Stand included: No
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sample-table__image Sturdy build Makita 2705
  • No Load Speed: 4,800 rpm
  • Stand included: No
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sample-table__image Good overall DEWALT DWE7491RS
  • No Load Speed: 4,800 rpm
  • Stand included: Yes
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sample-table__image Wallet-friendly SKIL 3410-02
  • No Load Speed: 5,000 rpm
  • Stand included: Yes
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sample-table__image Easy to transport & setup Bosch Power Tools 4100
  • No Load Speed: 3,650 rpm
  • Stand included: Yes
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sample-table__image Hitachi C10RJ
  • No Load Speed: 4,500 rpm
  • Stand included: Yes
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Best portable table saws (without stand)

DEWALT DW745 – My favorite choice

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Table Saw, 20-Inch Rip Capacity

  • Precise measurement scale – close to 0 ° and 45 ° perfectly
  • Sturdy, well-made additional features, such as the fence, fine turning knob, and bevel adjustment.
  • Have clamps to hold the woods while cutting


  • The miter gauge isn’t high quality

DEWALT DW745 is the best table saw for most DIY wood heads.

Why do we say that?

The unit highlights unbeatable gripping power and precise measurement scale. Its throat plate with the exactly same thickness as a ½” birch plywood is a shining example for that.

But the really good stuff should be its added features. Such as the easy-to-handle fine tuning knob, the perfectly aligned fence with the measure, and the precise stops for bevel adjustment.

About 97 to 99% dust is neatly collected in the dust port, which can’t be even better in our standard.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10 inches
No Load Speed3,850 rpm
Table Size (W x L)23″ wide x 19″ deep
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3-1/8″

If you’re looking for the best portable table saw for fine woodworking, DEWALT DW745 will never be a problem.

Bosch GTS1031 – Portable & Versatile

Bosch GTS1031
Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw GTS1031 with One-Handed Carry Handle

  • Can cut through hardwoods, particle woods and other serious woods easily
  • Not too loud while working
  • Have a handed-carry handle and compact table for easier mobility


  • Hard to turn on

With powerful construction, you definitely can build furniture with the Bosch GTS1031. It cuts through hardwoods, such as maple, white oak, and knotty hickory, like a breeze. Thanks to the bendable plastic plate, you also can get precise adjustment as well.

The table saw is heavy-duty enough for several serious woods but lightweight and portable enough (it has one handed-carry handle) for a girl to carry.

We also like the combo of a 5,000 no load rpm motor and a 10” 24 tooth carbide table saw blade, which makes woodwork much simpler.

Everything on it is intuitive and quality-made. Not too loud while operating is another bonus.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10 inches
No Load Speed5,000 no-load rpm
Table Size (W x L)22-1/2 In. x 21-1/2 In.
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3-1/8 inches

Searching for something compact for the job sites? Look no further than the Bosch GTS1031.

SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 – Best Worm Drive Saw

SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 In. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

  • 5300 RPM of no load speed for powerful cutting ability. No bogging down
  • Cut ends are as smooth as they’re in a factory cut
  • Sturdy locks and fence to ensure safety while adjusting the wood log around
  • No vibrations


  • Not so easy to adjust

SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 is the world’s first and also the best worm drive table saw in the market that we’ve tried. It’s POWERFUL!

Highlighting 5300 RPM of no-load speed, it (no doubt) is going to eat up any materials, even the hardest woods, without bogging down. Cut ends are really satisfying. They come out as smoothly as they’re in a factory cut.

It’s easy to move around and apparently, very safe. The locks are solid and the rip fence is sturdy. It always stays in place, no matter how much pressure put on it so, just feel free to adjust the angle to what you need.

No vibration while operating is another big bonus.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10”
No Load Speed5300 rpm
Table Size (W x L)23 3/4″ x 22 1/4″
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3 ½”

No matter you’re a professional or DIY person, as long as you’re finding a reliable, sturdy table saw to serve for your woodwork, SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 is the best bet.

Makita 2705 – Sturdy build

Makita 2705
Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw

  • Can flexibly add different accessories on for a top performer
  • It is expandable to the backside, left side, and right side to handle more woodwork
  • More precise cuts than the Makita 2703


  • The table isn’t perfectly flat
  • Don’t have a soft start feature
  • The built-in ruler isn’t really precise

Makita 2705 is a nice portable contractor saw that’s powerful enough to handle general woodworking or on-site work for the hobbyists on a tight budget.

But we chose this unit over other brands mainly because of its sturdy build and flexibility. Compared to the Makita 2703, this is much more precise.

You can freely add a bunch of needed accessories on it for a top performer.

What we love the most in this product is the expanding left-side, right-side and backside rail. Thus, it still can handle various woodwork even though this isn’t a full-size table saw.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10”
No Load Speed4,800 RPM
Table Size (W x L)24-5/8″ x 22-1/4″
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3 9/16″

For those who want to work with a sturdy, the large contractor saw that rotates at 4800 RPMs, Makita 2705 is definitely the one you should go for.

Best portable table saws with stand included

DEWALT DWE7491RS – Good overall

DEWALT (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Table Saw, 32-1/2-Inch Rip Capacity

  • 32 ½” rip capacity for phenomenal woodwork
  • Deliver the highest portability compared to previous version saws of DEWALT
  • Many upgraded features from the 744 and 745 series


  • A bit struggling to adjust the blade parallel
  • Not helpful instructions

DEWALT DWE7491RS is actually an upgraded replacement to its previous siblings (744 and 745 series saw) with many worth-considering advanced features.

For example, a larger dust port (from 2 ¼” to 2 ½”), a more powerful blade (from 3850 RPMs to 4800 RPMs) and an improved rolling stand system with more safety accessories.

The biggest selling point lies in its improved fence system which breaks the limits in contractor saw industry past the 24 ½” barrier.

Regardless, other features are identical, especially the pinion fence adjustment and trusted rack to ensure safety during heavy woodwork.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10 inches
No Load Speed4800 rpm
Table Size (W x L)26-1/4 in. X 22 in.
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3-1/8 inches

DEWALT DWE7491RS is the best portable table saw in a rolling stand with maximum portability and an unbeatable 32-1/2″ rip capacity.

SKIL 3410-02 – Wallet-friendly

SKIL 3410-02
SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand

  • Flat surface for more precise cuts and easy woodworking
  • The built-in ruler is very precise
  • Heavy-duty blade that’s hard to get dull


  • Sloppy miter
  • The maximum distance from the fence to blade is 24”, which is rather limited

Built with a cast aluminum table, 5000 RPMs of no-load speed, and a heavy-duty steel stand, SKIL 3410-02 makes it a good choice for hobbyists with their home repair projects.

Stay very precise to the measurements on cuts.

It’s also robust enough to make furniture as well, such as cabinets, shelves, and wardrobes.

Though the blade might need some adjustments, it cuts cleanly and hard to get dull. Rip through plywood siding boards with no resistance, which is impressive.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10 inches
No Load Speed5,000 RPM
Table Size (W x L)20 In. x 26 In.
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3.5 inches

Priced under $250, SKIL 3410-02 is the highest-quality table saw with stand that we’ve found for people on a tight budget.

Bosch Power Tools 4100 – Easy to transport & setup

Bosch Power Tools 4100
Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Tablesaw - 10 Inch Jobsite Table Saw with 25 Inch Cutting Capacity and Portable Folding Table Stand

  • Have a soft start for higher safety
  • Collect dust very well
  • Can be folded easily and quickly to move around the house for continuing work


  • Can’t rip 4x or 6x lumber

Bosch Power Tools 4100 highlights powerful 3,650 RPMs of speed and 4.0 max HP motor that can help you finish any high-end customs trim carpentry work and framing work.

From basement build-out or full-scale home foundation to custom column work, they’re not a problem to this heavy-duty saw.

Regardless, it’s rather portable to move from room to room for continuing work. You can fold the saw easily and quickly and take advantage of two pneumatic tires to roll it around. Perfect for on-site jobs at home.

The biggest selling point is a soft start, implying no risks of blowing GFCI breakers.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10 inches
No Load Speed3,650 RPM
Table Size (W x L)21″x29″
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3 1/8”

With quick and easy folding ability, the Bosch Power Tools 4100 is a must-have item in any on-site jobs at home.

Hitachi C10RJ

Hitachi C10RJ
Hitachi C10RJ 10" 15-Amp Jobsite Table Saw with 35" Rip Capacity and Fold and Roll Stand

  • Very compact, portable, and convenient for small woodwork
  • The rack-n-pinion fence is adjustable for safety and flexibility


  • Not helpful instructions

We understand that not only DIY persons but wood workshop owners also desire to have a portable table saw to save them from running back and forth to the shop just to rip wood. It’s kind of a major aggravation, isn’t it?

That’s why we suggest the Hitachi C10RJ with emphasis on decent maneuverability and lightness.

It’s sturdy, easy to assemble, and accurate right out the box. The fence locks tightly so you can feel dependable when adjusting the wood around.

For sheds/cabinets/DIY and other wood cutting tasks, it always remains a good cut. We’ve also never have an issue with the start switch, which is a big thumb up.

Product Specs

Blade Diameter10 inches
No Load Speed4,500 RPM
Table Size (W x L)28 3/4 inches x 22 inches
Max. Cutting Capacity at 90°3 1/8 inches
Arbor5/8 inches

If you’re in need of a portable table saw for small outdoor projects, the Hitachi C10RJ is worth a try.

How to choose a good portable table saw for fine woodworking? (Buying guide)

Best Portable Table Saws For Fine Woodworking


Apparently when you’re searching for a portable table saw, it serves for working at the site, not hauling what you have cut back to your garage or workshop.

The term “portability” is a little bit subjective, depending on each shop owner’s needs and preferences.

To determine your definition of a portable table saw, start with its weight firstly. It must be easy or possible for you to move the saw to your workshop. The lightest models that we’ve tried to stay within 60 pounds to 90 pounds. You can go to that range.

Or, stick to a model weighing around 90 to 100 pounds. These options are more popular and of course, it’s not easy to move the device just on your own.

In this case, considering the additional handed-carry handles or wheels is more useful. You can choose a portable table saw featuring a stand that’s not only produced to move around but also for quick collapse or disassembly.

For that reasons, the DEWALT DWE7491RS is our most portable option in this article.


There’s a tradeoff when you’re looking for portability in table saws – which is power. These devices can’t be as powerful to cut extremely hard materials as a stationary unit.

Their motors are usually within ½ to 1 ¾ HP. Go for a ¾ HP motor as a strict minimum because they will provide moderate power for general woodwork.

For more complicated jobs, look for the highest powerful motors but also take note that the more powerful the motor, the costlier.

Safety features

Safety first.

Don’t forget to consider some basic features to ensure your safety while working with the table saw. For beginners, look for a unit featuring visible power switch and it’s also located in a place where you can easily reach to.

Next is the blade guard. It should be see-through to let users know how the wood log is moving and flexible enough to not disturb your work.

Some other should-consider features are:

  • Kickback control
  • Noise insulation
  • Riving knife
  • Fence

Make sure you purchase a table saw that’s certificated for safety issues.

Accuracy in cuts

The most common reason that stops many woodworkers from choosing a portable table saw is accuracy in cuts.

In the past, this feature was rather inferior to the stationary units but nowadays, with modern technology and innovation applied in nowadays models, their cutting performance is leveraged.

Tips for starters to get extra accuracy during woodworking is an additional fence with a built-in aligning rule.

Best table saw brands for woodworking

best table saw brands


DEWALT might be not a strange brand name anymore with woodworkers. Established in 1920, this company has had over 60 factory service centers around the world.

People feel trusted in DEWALT for not only their quality but budget-friendly products but also their caring 24/7 customer services.


In terms of power tools and power tool accessories, Bosch is one of the world’s market leaders with over 100 products launched each year. Here, we can assure you to choose the best portable table saw fitting in-depth of your needs and budgets.

While featuring a vast line, Bosch is also well-known for their furious pace innovation and delicate quality of products.


Another Mr. Giant in this industry is SKILSAW with over 90 years’ experience in saws and saw accessories. Their products are well-loved for outstanding accuracy and quick cutting performance.


Makita is considered an OG in the saw industry. The brand was founded in 1915 and over 100 years, it is now a global company in more than 40 countries. They’re unbeatable for not only years of experience but also the innovation leading for unmatched quality products.


Last up, is Hitachi – a Japanese multinational conglomerate company that is currently operating 11 business segments. In terms of table saws, it’s famous for the reliability and longevity.

How to stay safe when using table saw?

how to stay safe when using table saw

The 10 safety tips below will provide woodworkers with common-sense precautions to avoid the possibility of injuries when utilizing their table saw.

Before getting started

Check all the safety features of your table saw. Ensure they’re in good condition and function properly and remember to adjust the anti-kickback and riving knife carefully before turning the saw on.

Wearing appropriate safety gear is also a must. While preparing hearing protection and safety glasses, don’t forget to wear suitable clothing.

Take off all jewelry and neckties to avoid hazards.

Check if the blade is freely spinning without being engaged in the stock. Before starting to cut something, make sure it can reach full speed.

Check the wood pieces before cutting them. Ensure there’re no screws, bolts, nails, staples, or knots on them.

When using the table saw

Always keep the ambience area and the table clean of excessive sawdust, cutoffs, and stock. Don’t let any of these objects get in the way as they might become a projectile once contacting a fast-moving blade.

Keep a properly solid stance with a large base to ensure better balance.

Only utilize proper zero-clearance blade inserts

Use a miter gauge or fence instead of your bare hands to guide the stock

Don’t make any blade or fence adjustments while the saw is operating.


Best Portable Table Saws For Fine Woodworking

How much horsepower do you need for a table saw?

For general woodwork projects, a ¾ to 1 HP motor is a good choice. But to handle more complicated jobs, you should opt for a 1 ½ to 1 ¾ HP motor.

How high should a table saw table be?

The standard height of a table saw is 34 inches, which lets the workbench to double as an outfeed support. But if you’re a hand-tool woodworker, 1 or 2 inches lower might be better for chisel or hand-plane use.

What is a table saw arbor?

It’s the special motor mandrel, spindle, or shaft where the circular table saw blade is mounted to

What can a table saw cut?

A table saw can cut in various cutting kinds, such as:

  • Dado cuts
  • Rabbet cuts
  • Beveled cuts
  • Miter cuts
  • Crosscuts
  • Rip cuts

Except for the rabbet and dado cuts which require special blades, the rest kinds can be done with a stock blade of the table saw.

Why does my table saw blade wobble?

There are two common reasons making a table saw blade wobble – an un-flat blade or a bent arbor. To find out which one your case is in, simply alter a new blade into the unit and see if it still wobbles anymore.

If there’s no blade wobble after the replacement, it means the blade is bent, maybe because of overheating during heavy cuts. On the contrary, the saw arbor must be in trouble and you should turn it off, remove the blade and check the arbor.

Can you put an 8 dado blade on a 10 table saw?

Yes, you can.

It’s because the arbor hole’s diameter on the stacked dado blade is designed to nicely match your table saw’s arbor diameter, this switching issue is possible.

Can a table saw make miter cuts?

Yes, it can.

In fact, a table saw is considered more versatile than a miter saw because it’s attached with a miter gauge to possible cut angles. But notice that it will take a longer time to set up or finish the cut.


Despite a portable table saw, it isn’t cheap. A budget-friendly option costs several dollars in price, which is even a big decision for starters.

There are plenty of results if searching for the best portable table saw for fine woodworking, which is overwhelmed. We guess it’s why you count on this ultimate buying guide and perhaps now get more or less useful things from it. Thanks for reading!

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