Boss Industrial ES7T20 – 7 Ton Electric Log Splitter Review

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter is one of the best log splitters that you can choose for log splitting job.

This professional grade splitter has a durable construction and at the same time it offers you efficient performance. Comparing performance of this splitter with others, you will save a lot of time working with this workhorse.

It is a user-friendly machine that has all the excellent features that you may look for. An average home owner would be delighted to make purchase decision in favor of this tool as it is not only simple to use but it can be easily handled after use too.

We will be reviewing all the superb features of this machine in this review.


  • The splitter has a powerful durable 2HP motor with electric push button startup.
  • Impressive high speed splitting force of 7 tons enable for efficient performance.
  • Compact and portable structure.
  • One handed easy operation.
  • This electric log splitter is reasonably priced in comparison to gas splitters.
  • 2 years warranty keeps you worry-free.


  • No towing feature but the structure is compact, so it is a portable machine.
  • Wedge is not replaceable.

Design and Structure

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 has a rugged design and durable construction with all high quality professional grade components used in building this log splitter.

Design is such that you will be able to use it with ease. The machine is only around 106 pounds comparable to the weight of WEN 56206 6-Ton. Though this machine doesn’t have towing features, it can be moved easily.

The dimensions are 40 x 13.5 x 20.5 inches. Thus it has a compact structure so handling is even easier. The product comes completely assembled and thus you need not to get yourself in to hassle of assembling.

This product comes with a 2-year consumer warranty.

Powerful Performance

Powerful Motor: This log splitter is powered with a 2 HP 1500 Watts powerful motor that offers sufficient power for splitting even tough wood logs.

Moreover its 5.25 feet power cable length enables you to connect it easily anywhere with 115 Volts circuit. The motor offers easy push button electric startup.

Splitting Performance: The Boss Industrial ES7T20 has high quality hydraulic systems offering 7 ton high power splitting force. The force is suitable for carrying out small and medium range splitting jobs with ease

This splitter can operate horizontally. The auto RAM return feature makes operating this splitter easier. The cycle time is around 14 seconds which is good enough. The hydraulic pump is capable of offering a 3500 psi pumping pressure. Hydraulic oil is included with the product.

Capacity: The construction of this log splitter allows user to cut a maximum log with length of 20.5 inches and diameter of 12 inches. The capacity of hydraulic reservoir is around 0.75 gallons. Thus user would be able to work for a considerable amount of time without having need of fueling.

Wedge: The 7 inch wedge of the splitter is made up of high quality steel. Wedge can be sharpened and operates in two-way style. However it is not replaceable.

Design Features for Convenience

Ease of using: The Boss Industrial ES7T20 has a one handed operation and thus user just need to turn the switch of splitter on and can start splitting wood with one hand.

No need to keep both your hands engaged with the tool. You can operate this splitter horizontally.


By having an eye on reviews of log splitters, you will be able to make out if this one is a perfect choice according to your needs or not.

We would recommend the Boss Industrial ES7T20 for all those home owners who need to carry out log splitting tasks of medium scale.

Good log capacity, convenience of use with one hand, impressively powerful motor engine and high splitting force, all these things make this log splitter a suitable tool to have for all those buyers looking for an efficient and cost-effective porduct.

Moreover, electronic push button startup and easy access makes it a user-friendly machine.

Since electric powered log splitters prevents you from harmful fumes as opposed to gas powered ones, you can thus easily use this log splitter both indoors and outdoors according to your preference and need.

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