Best Pressure Washer Brands For Home & Professional Use

After years and years of diving in the pool of choices, I have to admit finding a suitable pressure washer is indeed daunting. Maybe finding out the best brands seem to be more reasonable.

Shopping for brand names seems to be a sensible option to avoid the crowded pool of choices. However, do you know which pressure washer brands make the best product?

Find out 10 best pressure washer brands for home and professional use right below!

Sun Joe

Sun Joe Pressure Washer

Founded in 2004, Sun Joe entered the market for the first time with an attempt to bring high-quality and affordable outdoor equipment to users. After 14 years, the company never fails to satisfy its customers with easy-to-use, highly innovative outdoor tools.

Pressure washers, among many outdoor tools provided by Sun Joe, are the classic example of how wonderful the company is. Their products are 100% eco, without fuel or fuss. The design is user-friendly.

What’s more, Sun Joe offers up to 2 years for their outdoor tools. Shopping with Sun Joe, your house is guaranteed to be clean and clear all year around.


I stumbled upon Flagup during my search for a new light-duty pressure washer for my home. I was so surprised that this seemingly nameless company (yes it was to me back then) could offer such powerful products.

Flagup is a perfect brand for home-use pressure washers. Their products come with powerful motor, high capacity, and reliable performance. Flapup also takes good care on the design, so that their products are easy to use and transportable.

With a decent price, you can be the owner of a robust pressure washer able to get rid of oil, mildew anywhere in your house.


Generac Pressure Washer

Whether you want to wash your car or get rid of the oil stains on the driveway, you need the right pressure washer. Generac offers you various cleaning equipment for both residential and professional grades.

Generac is a prominent name when it comes to home backup generators. Founded in 1959, after many ups and downs, Generac has expanded their lines of products, offering home and garden tools.

The company not only delivers comfort at cleaning to your doorstep but also promote sustainable development. They encourage buyers to diminish their ecological footprint if necessary and lessen the environmental impact by various methods.

If you are looking for a qualified pressure washer with sustainability, Generac is the place you should look for.


PowRyte Pressure Washer

PowRyte Elite is another name you should write down when you want to find an affordable pressure washer for both home use and professional requirement.

The company has made it clear with their vision. They want to deliver quality products with innovations before customers even realize it. That being said, pressure washers from RowRyte are equipped with powerful motors and features, suitable for different cleaning demands.

Simpson Cleaning

Simpson Cleaning Pressure Washer

Simpson provides everything you need to get your areas clean. The company is a recognized brand of outdoor tools and equipment. It is also a leading manufacturer for pressure washers.

Simpson offers both residential and industrial washers with distinct features, compatible with grueling cleaning tasks. With its impressive 50 years of experience, the company knows by heart the importance of innovations and reliability.

It is no surprise to find high-quality pressure washers with top-notch performance. They also offer a wide range of price, so that buyers can find their suitable item.

Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer

Briggs & Stratton is the name that I entrust whether it is generator or pressure washer. With over 110 years of experience, the company is still in the leading position in the industry, producing perfect home-use and professional tools and types of equipment.

You can easily find a washer suitable for your demand. Briggs & Stratton offers three categories: light-duty for cars and patio furniture, medium-duty for floor or driveway, and finally heavy-duty for tough stains and paint.


PAXCESS pressure washer

PAXCESS includes a group of young and talented engineers and designers, who team up with the same vision. PAXCESS aims at providing groundbreaking electronics and home-use tools at a reasonable price.

So far, the company only provides residential pressure washers. Featuring the most advanced technology, PAXCESS’ washers are surprisingly affordable. If a decent pressure washer for home use is what you are looking for, I highly recommend PAXCESS.


Meditool Pressure Washer

Meditool is a relatively new brand of pressure washers. Nevertheless, the lack of reputation doesn’t discourage the company. Being the youngest in the competition, Meditool has nailed the market entirely with its pressure washers.

The company focuses on the basic features so that their products are more compatible with light to medium-duty tasks. The great thing is you get Meditool pressure washer for a very decent price.


WEN pressure Washer

Founded in 1951, WEN has been around the corner for ages with their high-quality and well-functioning power tools. The company owns a massive R&D team, which contributes a lot to the company’s lines of products.

WEN offers all kinds of power tools. As for pressure washers, the company produces residential equipments for light and medium cleaning tasks. With WEN, you don’t have to worry about the price. You can even find a portable item with powerful performance under $100.


Karcher pressure washer

Karcher is a famous brand for home and garden equipment from Germany. Founded in 1985, the company has accumulated invaluable experiences on the way. Kacher provides customers with creative solutions for their cleaning tasks, whether it is residential or industrial.

In 2017, the company made over 2.5 billion EUR in revenue. That is enough to prove how powerful Karcher is in the field of pressure washers and cleaning tools. Shopping with Karcher, you get what you deserve. The price and the quality are equally important.

What should I look for when buying a pressure washer?

Best Pressure Washer Brands For Home & Professional Use

Types of power

When it comes to pressure washers, there is one thing you need to concern: gas or electric power. The two types of power are different in speed and strength. A gas-powered pressure washer is generally louder, but stronger regarding the capacity.

Electric powered pressure washers function quietly but produce less power. This type of washers is perfect for those who want to clean small areas. Gas-powered machines are more suitable for significant large areas.


How much are you willing to pay for your pressure washer? Of course, your budget also depends on other factors such as durability or functionality. The price of pressure washers varies. You can find items as cheap as $50. Premium washers can even cost thousand or more.

If you want to buy washers from reputable brands, the price will get higher. Items with lots of features will undoubtedly be costly. So choose your product wisely!

Hot Water vs. Cold Water

Both hot water and cold water provides benefits and drawbacks for users. Cold pressure washers tend to be transportable, but they require more soap to do the job. Hot water pressure washers can clean very fast without compromising lots of soap.

Cold pressure washers are suitable with homeowners who don’t need to clean frequently. However, if you want a machine that does an excellent job at cleaning and sanitizing, hot water pressure washers are the ultimate choice.


There are two specifications you need to focus on: Pounds per square inch (PSI) and gallons per minute (GPM). The two ratings reveal the machine’s capacity. Also, look for the Cleaning Units (CU) on the specification chart.

If you don’t see it written anywhere, multiple PSI by GPM to get the CU, this rating will tell you which item suits you better. Keep in mind that the CU rating is in proportion to its ability to clean. You can also check the PSI rating for the same information.

Pressure washers with low PSI will offer excellent cleaning capability. For example, if you prefer faster cleaning equipment, you should choose a machine with 2,400 PSI rather than 2,800 PSI.


The length of the warranty is essential too. Some manufacturers claim that they provide the best guarantee in the market, but you can always find something better if you look closer. You also need to be careful with the fine print. Check it carefully where and how long the warranty will cover.

Some companies offer several years of warranty but only for the frame. It is essential to check the warranty carefully before making the purchase.


Last but not least, portability is an essential factor for both home and professional use. You don’t want to drag your washer around, do you? Then get an item with handle and wheels. Also, make sure that the design isn’t too bulky.

That way, you can easily carry the washer everywhere you need and also store it after use without hassle. Along with the wheels and handles, you should also check if the item weight is ideal or not.

The bottom line

I do believe that you will get more bangs for the buck reading about these 10 Best Pressure Washer Brands For Home and Professional Use before making your purchase. Don’t let your hurry.  

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