Top 6 Most Water-Efficient Washing Machines For Home Use – 2021

If you are reading this, you’re probably looking for a replacement for your old, sluggish washing machine. And this is the best chance to get the most water-efficient washing machine to save, not only water but also your money.

But how efficiency?

There is a wide variety of information, and most are general. That’s why you should keep reading and dig into the details. I’ve got a bunch of options right here for you to browse. Let’s go.

Front Load Washers

  • Most versatile – Westland Sales ARWXF129WNA Splendid Compact Washer
  • Best for tough stain removal – GE APPLIANCES GFW450SSMWW
  • Best for larger loads – Kenmore 41982 5.2 Cubic Feet Smart Elite Front Load Washer

Top Load Washers

  • Best for light use – hOmeLabs 0.9 Cu. Ft. Portable Washing Machine
  • Best for large loads – Kenmore 5.3 cu. ft. Top Load Washer
  • Best for smaller families – Magic Chef White MCSTCW09W1 0.9 cu. ft. Compact Washer

Front Load Washers

Most versatile – Westland Sales ARWXF129WNA Splendid Compact Washer

Westland Sales ARWXF129WNA Splendid Compact Washer
Westland Sales ARWXF129WNA Splendid Compact Washer

  • Large drum size
  • Easy-to-use control
  • No vibration


  • Board often fails
  • Expensive to replace compartments

I had a time inspecting this machine at my granny’s home. It is the versatility of this washer that is noteworthy. I was trying to load around 18 pounds of clothes, and it ran like a charm. However, at 15 lbs, the spinning should be faster.

There is a bunch of buttons and indications on the head of the machine. I would not complain because my granny could figure out, so why not me? Eventually, I found it’s just as simple as pies. They’re about the modes you want to wash in and adjust the temperature. You can even take control of the spinning speed. At its max performance, the washer does 13 cycles and spins 1200rpm.

How it saves water?

This machine will measure the mass of your load and fill in the exact amount of liquid it needs. You’ll have more than ten washing styles for particular clothes.

Dimension32-7/8″H x 23-1/2″W x 22-3/4″D
Weight147 lbs.
Weight Capacity15 lbs.
Highlight FeaturesEasy to control board and large drum size to wash more clothes. Auto load water level

The Splendid Compact washer brings in a splendid literal way to do laundry.

Best for tough stain removal – GE APPLIANCES GFW450SSMWW


  • Clean clothes thoroughly
  • Various function
  • Sanitize bacteria
  • Elegant design


  • Some noise when spinning

This front-load washer is a well-round cleaning machine with a sleek white finish. The buttons and dial panel are not entirely innovative, but it’s still a nice-looking washer. However, the machined opts for a large digital display.

It comes with quite a few features considering its mid-range price point. You will find ten cleaning cycles, a steam option, and 5 settings each per spin, temperature, and soil function.

Besides, there is a tumble care setting as well as specific settings to tackle grass, wine, blood, and other tough stains. That function will tumble your clothes off and on for up to 8 hours to help keep your laundry fresh if you forget about it. Also, there is a feature that increases wash temperature to eliminate bacteria and pierce to remove tough stains. It’s more than ideal for washing baby clothes as it uses ox to sanitize and kill up to 99.9% of bacteria in clothing.

The capacity of this machine is of an average size of 4.5 cubic foot can easily hold a standard 8-lb load of laundry.

Dimension39 ¾”H x 27”W x 33 ½”D
Weight245 lbs
Weight Capacity4.5 cb ft
Highlight FeaturesTumble care and ox sanitize for extra cleaning effectiveness and keeping clothes off bacteria

Removing tough stains no longer requires your effort for pre-handwashing. Just let the GE GFW450SSMWW do its job.

Best for larger loads – Kenmore 41982 5.2 Cubic Feet Smart Elite Front Load Washer

Kenmore 41982 5.2 Cubic Feet Smart Elite Front Load Washer
Kenmore 41982 5.2 Cubic Feet Smart Elite Front Load Washer with Accela Wash Technology, White, cu. ft

  • Multiple helpful features
  • Remotely control
  • Accela Wash Technology saves water and energy
  • Heavy-duty clean capable


  • No timers
  • No alerts when finishing

The flagship this washer offers is the patented Accela Wash Technology that reduces the frequency of soaking, rinsing, and spinning hence the water and power.

What caught my attention was the future-like design of metal and simplified edges that promote wherever it stands. Another thing is the washer can handle a large portion of laundries like a king-size bed sheet or extra-large towels in its 5.2 cubic feet cabin.

More than that, you can now assign the washer to clean sturdy fabrics like thick blankets or even throw rugs in your home. The Steam Treat option will make sure that once the wash finishes, it leaves no soap and dirt on the laundry.

The greatest part is you can control the washer remotely with an app on your phone.

Dimension44.66”H x 31.3”W x 33.75”D
Weight227 lbs.
Weight Capacity5.2 cu ft
Highlight FeaturesAccela Wash, Steam Treat , Extra Rinse, Stay Fresh, Remote Start, Energy Saver

Laundry would have never been a joyful chore if you didn’t know this Kenmore washer. Get one now and take this chore to a new fun level.

Top load Washers

Best for light use – hOmeLabs 0.9 Cu. Ft. Portable Washing Machine

hOmeLabs 0.9 Cu. Ft. Portable Washing Machine
hOmeLabs Portable Washing Machine - 6 Pound Load Capacity, 0.9 Cubic Foot Interior, Top Loading, 5 Wash Cycles, and LED Display - Perfect for Apartments, RVs and Small Space Living

  • High portability
  • Easy setup
  • Light for carrying
  • Quiet operation


  • Short hose length
  • The quick adapter is not efficient
  • Thin drain hose

Of course, you don’t need a fancy washer when living alone, or you’re not a mess-maker with piles of clothes to wash every day. An option for mild use is right here.

The hOmeLabs top-loading washer has a large rust-resistant stainless steel drum to bear 6 pounds of clothes at once. You will have 5 different washing programs and 3 water levels, which provide versatility and water savings.

With a portable design, this washer is suitable for an apartment, RV, and small living place. The transparent viewing lid allows you to see through the inside and know what’s going on. The adjustable legs, carry handle, and all the rest serve you a proper wash rather than manual laundry.

Dimension23.28 x 17.91 x 27.16 inch
Weight44.1 lbs.
Weight Capacity6 lbs.
Highlight FeaturesFlexible 5 cycles and 3 water level settings that auto run the machine while portable on 4 wheels

No need to spend your whole month’s salary on a few pieces of clothes. Get this machine and save more on laundry.

Best for large loads – Kenmore 5.3 cu. ft. Top Load Washer

Kenmore 5.3 cu. ft. Top Load Washer
Kenmore 5.3 cu. ft. Top Load Washer in White, includes delivery and hookup

  • Quiet operation
  • No vibration
  • Deep clean
  • Large drum volume
  • Responsive control panel


  • Hard-to-reach bottom

Got a big family that needs everyday laundry? Get yourself backed up with this Kenmore. I’ve had this washer along with the smart dryer for about a few months for substantial use. And I absolutely love it.

This machine is huge. It has a deep drum that requires a tong for me to get the clothes. I even used this washer to clean my huge comforters.

The washer has got all the bells, whistles, and pretty awesome features like a digital display that lets you know how many times you have left. There are settings for bulky bedding items. You can even set the spin level.

Other features include the Deep Fill option to ensure there is no water waste when washing a certain amount of clothes.

Greater than that, the Direct Drive motor rigged in the machine will make sure the operating time quiet and free of vibration, not bothering any activity in your home.

Dimension38”H x 27.5”W x 27.9”D
Weight134 lbs.
Weight Capacity5.3 cu. ft
Highlight FeaturesDeep Fill feature helps save water while the Direct Drive motor keeps the process noiseless

This Kenmore 5.3 cu. ft completely changed my mind about having a top loader for larger loads. It’ll change yours too.

Best for smaller families – Magic Chef White MCSTCW09W1 0.9 cu. ft. Compact Washer

Magic Chef White MCSTCW09W1 0.9 cu. ft. Compact Washer
Magic Chef White MCSTCW09W1 0.9 cu. ft. Compact Washer

  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Quiet washing
  • Simple initial installation


  • May have leaks if the hose is not properly setup

Can’t say how much I love this top-loader on my RV when I don’t need to throw a heap of dirty clothes every once in a while. You need more? It’s automatic.

That means you can load the clothes in, and press the button. There’s no need for all the extra steps.

Most importantly, this machine is very solar-friendly and small energy conserving. You’ll have several options for the programming. Just select the load choice you want and hit the Start button. With the Electronic Controls with Digital Display, you are able to leave the assignment and come back with all the clothes cleaned. You can go anywhere in 5 wash cycles and three water levels.

Dimension31.5”H x 17.7”W x 18.1”D
Weight44.1 lbs.
Weight Capacity0.9 cu. ft
Highlight Features5 fully automatic wash cycles free you from checking out the process

Put away the tension of washing a few pieces of clothes and let this Magic Chef do that for you.

How to choose the most water-efficient washing machine?

Most Water-Efficient Washing Machines For Home Use

You don’t need to be an expert or use across models to get the most water-efficient washing machine. In fact, you’ll only need to keep in mind a few factors before diving into the market.


It’s common to see people get mad when the appliances don’t fit their place. Typical washing machines are measured at 27” wide. Many factors can make them wider, adding capacity. Not to mention the dryer.

That said, you need to measure the height, width, and depth of the space where you want to put the machine. Pay attention to the extra space between the washer and dryer. This allows for proper air circulation.

Noise level

If you’re putting a washing machine near your living space, you want to consider how loud it is and vibration on the operation.


It’s important to provide sufficient space for effective washing. Anything bigger than 5 cu. ft should give an excellent capacity. At that size, the drum can handle the laundry of a big family.

Some people may want to go for more capacity even if they don’t know it’s needed so that they can wash that big comforter or other jumble items instead of lugging them into the laundromat.

Type of washing machine

There are actually 3 main types:

Top loader with agitator

This type consists of high-efficiency traditional machines with an agitator in the middle of the drum to circulate your laundry. These washers cost less while but perform efficiently. But in general, top loaders don’t extract much water, which makes more suitable to use with a dryer.

High-efficiency top loader

These are similar to the type above but without an agitator. Machines of this type spin faster and extract more water as well as holding more laundry than traditional top loaders. However, the price for this type is on the high-end side. Most of them are prone to tangling up clothes.

Also, H-E top-loaders can become unbalanced if you wash waterproof items. That stuff can cause excessive shaking and sometimes damage the machine.


Front-loaders are the top performers known to tackle tough stains while offering more capacity. If you’re bombarded with lots of dirty clothes on a consistent basis, a front loader is your best option as they rinse more thoroughly.

Another plus is a front loader can be stacked with a dryer to save floor space. However, a front loader washer is more expensive. When coming in a matching combo, it’s even more costly.

Who makes the most water-efficient washing machine?

Most Water-Efficient Washing Machines For Home Use


Kenmore specifies the brand in producing quality household appliances associating with a wide variety of famous manufacturers, including LG, Whirlpool, Electrolux, and more. No doubt washers from Kenmore have received tons of goodwill through the years.


hOmeLabs is born with modern and intuitive essentials for life in mind. Though new in the market, the products they deliver offer exceptional quality and uniqueness in technology. It’s not the quality the only thing to mention, but also the firm foundation of customer support that is noteworthy about hOmeLabs.


Most Water-Efficient Washing Machines For Home Use

Which washing machine cleans the best?

A: There is no best to the general public but for individuals. For me, front loaders are the type that washes and rinse for the most efficient result. They are also quieter when it comes to performance, whereas top loader machines are more affordable, suitable for those who are on a budget, or living in a small place.

That said, the best machine may come down to your preferences and how you need the machine to be.

How much water do high-efficiency washers save?

A: Compared to old washers, H-E washers less water for the same load. An old school washing machine needs 40 to 45 gallons of water per wash. That can add up to 12,000 gallons a year for 300 loads of laundry.

This number is less to a half when using an H-E washer. More than that, the new generation of washing machines also safe energy and wash and maintain fabric better.

How do water-efficient washing machines work?

A: High-efficiency doesn’t mean the water runs faster. An H-E washer uses fewer resources, drawing at least 50% less water and energy than a conventional washer.

In particular, an H-E washer sends a series of fills and wash motions to its load size and fabric type to optimize both the water level and temperature. Items will be saturated but may not be completely submerged in water.

There are also more movements in the basket as you’re loading in. This is normal for a low-water wash system that acts with a unique impeller motion. It moves items through the water rather than simply agitation. In other words, it uses the movements of clothes against each other to aid cleaning.

In this motion, the load is moved from the outside toward the middle, with items coming up in the center and down on the outside edges.

Which type of washing machine consumes less water?

A: When comparing a top loader and front loader side by side in a test, the front loader uses less water for more wash cycles.

Does fully automatic washing machines consume more water?

A: In practice, a fully-automatic washing machine consumes more water takes more water into action. But in return, you don’t need to do anything from your side besides connecting the water source.

Final verdict

Water is not an eternal resource. Who knows when it will become more expensive and limited? Start saving water from now using the most water-efficient washing machine is a practical act distributing to the mission of protecting our earth.

I hope you’ve got enough information regarding the low-water washers. I have even more useful tips in coming posts for making your home a smart and better home sweet home.

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