Top 8 Best Small Portable Washing Machines – 2020

Having a portable washing machine at home is the wisest decision ever for people who want to get rid of the laundromat to do their laundry.

It can clean your clothes as clean as a full-size one…

…excepting for it is incredibly more portable, inexpensive, and compact.

If you’re in consideration of a good want, below are top 8 best small portable washing machines to choose from:

Mini washing machines

COSTWAY Mini Washing Machine – Best overall

COSTWAY Mini Washing Machine
COSTWAY Mini Washing Machine, Portable Washer for Compact Laundry, Small Semi-Automatic Compact Washing Machine with Timer Control Single Translucent Tub 7lbs Capacity(Blue + White)

  • The most affordable
  • You can adjust the washing time
  • A clear lid for easier tracking the water condition


  • You have to rinse the clothes
  • You have to hold the washer as it strongly gyrates and bounces around

Living in a small apartment or dorm makes it even harder to find room for a portable washing machine.

But luckily enough that you have this Costway mini washer, which is not only compact but also lightweight. You can easily move it to a closet in case of needing more space to entertain a guest or bringing on long road trips.

Though small, this machine packs a big punch.

It has a timer to choose how long to wash your clothes and a 7-pound tub to load laundry. The clear lid is a big bonus as you can easily track the water condition and when you’ve done the washing, just drain out the dirty water via its drain hose.

Product Specs

Dimension14 x 14 x 20 inches
TypeTop loader
Wash/spin Capacity7 Pounds
Max Operating Time15 minutes
Highlight Features14 x 14 x 20 inches; affordable

Thanks to the modest silhouette yet powerful cycles, the COSTWAY can be easily operated on a kitchen counter and then stashed in a cabinet or closet when not in need.

Giantex 16lbs Portable Mini Washing Machine – Best for RV

Giantex 16lbs Portable Mini Washing Machine
Giantex 16lbs Portable Mini Washing Machine Gravity Drain Compact Twin Tub Washer Spinner, Ideal for Dorms, Apartments, RVs, Camping

  • Feature 2 separate tubes and multiple programming options to offer proper washing and spinning mode for various clothes
  • No installation needed


  • The water hose might not fit some particular faucets
  • A bit noisy to use inside an RV

As different clothes require different washing and spinning mode, this Giantex is more suitable for a small family or people whose closet is a bit complicated.

The reasons?

It highlights 2 tubs and 3 control switches with a separate timer to protect your clothes more efficiently against wear and tear, no matter it’s a shirt, socks, shorts, or jeans.

Besides, the tub capacity is practically designed to fit most washing needs, from a full load (of 4-8 shirts and 1 pair of jeans) to a single t-shirt.

We also think that its minimal operating system with no installation needed will be an appealing feature to low-tech single individuals.

Product Specs

Dimension22.6 x 14 x 22.2 inches
TypeTwin tub
Wash/spin Capacity9 pounds/7 pounds
Max Operating Time15 minutes
Highlight FeaturesWashing capacity rating of 9 lbs and 7 lbs rated spin capacity; 22.6 x 14 x 22.2 inches

Living a full-time RVer life is a bit challenging to find a laundromat nearby and we know you don’t like hand washing either. That’s why we suggest picking this Giantex.

ZenStyle Washing Machine – Powerful

ZenStyle Washing Machine
ZenStyle Compact Design Mini Twin Tub 9.9 LB Top Load Washing Machine Portable 2-in-1 Washer/Spinner w/ 6.57 FT Inlet Hose

  • Larger tub capacity to handle more laundry -> fewer washing times
  • Feature the most powerful motor that can clean thoroughly heavy clothes
  • Extended water hose to reach farther sinks with ease


  • The drain hose is, conversely, too short

Out of 4 mini washers provided in this list, the ZENSTYLE is the most powerful.

It features a 1300RPM motor that can clean thoroughly any heavy clothes in a shorter washing time. The tub capacity is also leveraged up to 9.9 pounds to handle some extra load with ease.

Making it stand out is the extended inlet hose – up to 78.8” long – to expand your reach.

The 2-in-1 twin tub design is another plus. While it works similarly to the Giantex above, meaning one for washing and one for spinning, the best thing is you can have them operated at the same time.

This turns out to save you more time and effort with home laundry. And the mini silhouette helps it fit in any tight spaces, such as traveling, camping, college rooms, or dorms.

Product Specs

Dimension22.7” x 22.1” x 14.6”
TypeTwin tub
Wash/spin Capacity5.5lbs./ 4.4lbs.
Max Operating Time15 minutes
Highlight Featuresa powerful yet quiet 1300 RPM motor; a 78.8” length water inlet hose; capacity of 9.9lbs (Washer: 5.5lbs, Spinner: 4.4lbs);

With a powerful motor and expanded tub capacity, the ZenStyle Washer is a superior performer with unbelievable value.

DELLA Portable Washing Machine – Most compact

DELLA Portable Washing Machine
Della Portable Washing Machine Top Loader Small Compact Mini Washer 6.6 LBS Load Capacity, Blue

  • The most compact design in this list that you can put it anywhere to operate or stash in even tighter spots for storage
  • Big load capacity to still fit slight to medium laundry loads


  • Not include an adapter for the inlet tube

This DELLA is a very basic semi-automatic portable washer, meaning that you will have to drain the machine and manually wring your clothes out.

However, it’s a notable option for minimalists or RV campers considering the price, the superior compactness, and performance,

The machine is significantly smaller than other counterparts in our review roster but it features up to 6.6 pounds of load capacity. That means you can do light to medium laundry loads on it.

Just remember to not use hot water with this machine as there will be burning smell.

Product Specs

Dimension12.5 x 13.5 x 18.2 inches
Wattage170 Watts
TypeTop loader
Wash/spin Capacity6.6 pounds
Max Operating Time0-15 minutes
Highlight Features6.6 pound load capacity; 12.5 x 13.5 x 18.2 inches

You might not have much storage space in an RV, dorm, or small apartment, don’t worry, Della portable washing machine will be the best solution for you.

Top-load washing machines

hOmeLabs 0.9 Cu. Ft. Portable Washing Machine – Best overall

hOmeLabs 0.9 Cu. Ft. Portable Washing Machine
hOmeLabs Portable Washing Machine - 6 Pound Load Capacity, 0.9 Cubic Foot Interior, Top Loading, 5 Wash Cycles, and LED Display - Perfect for Apartments, RVs and Small Space Living

  • Have 2 hidden wheels to transport with ease
  • Lighter and more compact than most top-loaders that even a female user can easily move it around


  • The tub capacity is a bit smaller, even compared to the mini machines

The hOmeLabs 0.9 Cu. Ft. Portable Washing Machine is like a benchmark for what a perfect top-loader could and should be.

Perfectly designed, it is significantly smaller and lighter than most similar counterparts of our reviews and yet, offering up to 6 pounds of load capacity.

While being so compact, the machine is added 2 hidden rolling wheels at the back, making it a great option for female users. Moving your portable washing machine is now not a workout anymore.

Product Specs

Dimension18.1 L x 17.7 W x 31.5 H inches
TypeTop loader
Wash/spin Capacity6 pounds
Max Operating Time20 minutes
Highlight Features0.9 cubic feet portable laundry washing machine. 44.1 pounds lightweight washer; loads up to 6 pounds clothes;

For a cost-effective portable washer that offers an unsurpassed clean and boasts numerous as features as full-size models, you need this hOmeLabs.

JupiterForce 2 in 1 Portable Washing Machine – User-friendly

JupiterForce 2 in 1 Portable Washing Machine
JupiterForce 2 in 1 Portable Washing Machine Full-Automatic Dry Rotary Dewater Laundry Washer,Capacity 1.6 Cu. ft /10Lbs

  • The whole construction is quite similar to a full-sized washer with easily understandable image buttons -> you can easily know how to use it
  • Various options of water levels and cycles to choose from
  • Useful instruction


  • Heavier and bulkier

Many customers don’t regret to give a compliment for the user-friendly design of this JupiterForce Portable Washing Machine.

At first glance, it looks no different than a shrunk-down top-load washer with a clear, transparent lid, an anti-rust stainless-steel tub, and numerous programming options. That means any users, even a low-tech person, can quickly learn how to use it.

What else?

You’ve got 8 water levels and 10 cycle options to choose from, implying the optimal washing adjustment for different clothes. And as a result, you’ve got them thoroughly cleaned without wears and tear.

Product Specs

WattageWash:310W spin:250W
TypeTop loader
Wash/spin Capacity10 pounds
Max Operating TimeUnder 20 minutes
Highlight FeaturesCapacity 1.6 Cu. ft /10Lbs; 10 programs, 8 water level selections

Many people are shy away from choosing a top-loader just because of its too complicated design but with this JupiterForce Portable Washing Machine, it’s not a matter anymore.

Twin-tub washing machines

COSTWAY Washing Machine – Highest capacity

COSTWAY Washing Machine
COSTWAY Washing Machine, Twin Tub 20Lbs Capacity, Washer(12Lbs) and Spinner(8Lbs), Portable Compact Laundry Machines Durable Design Energy Saving, Rotary Controller and Washer Spin Dryer(Grey + White)

  • Offer 10 pounds of load capacity to handle easily medium to heavy laundry loads
  • Washer and spinner tubs work separately and can work together at the same time -> meet more laundry needs


  • You have to stand by it to monitor the water filling as it can’t stop by itself
  • Can’t spin dry large items like coats, pillows, and towels

It’s frustrating when you have lots of laundries to wash but your portable washer is too small to handle. With the COSTWAY washing machine, you can get the best of both worlds – a high-capacity washer yet still compact enough to fit in tight spaces.

It features a 20-pound capacity, which is 2 times larger than other comparable models.

The separate washer and spinner with separate timing are also impressive. While considerably bigger, these two tubs can be operated at the same time, meaning that the machine can fit different needs.

In short, it makes washing easier and more convenient.

Product Specs

Dimension24.8 x 15 x 28.5 inches
WattageWasher: 260W

Spinner: 140W

TypeTwin tub
Wash/spin CapacityWasher: 12 pounds

Spinner: 8 pounds

Max Operating TimeWashing: 15 minutes

Spinning: 5 minutes

Highlight Features20lb capacity, washer(12lbs) & spinner(8lbs); 260W washing power and 140W spinner power

For people who are ferreting out for a compact yet high-capacity portable washing machine, look no further than the COSTWAY.

Portable Washing Machine TG23 – User-friendly

Portable Washing Machine TG23
Portable Washing Machine TG23 - Twin Tub Washer Machine with Wash and Spin Cycle Compartments by ThinkGizmos (Trademark Protected)

  • Helpful instructions (available in 5 different languages)
  • The very good spin cycle that clothes come out 90% dry -> you don’t need a dryer at all
  • Expensive look -> good for decoration
  • No shaking and no bouncing


  • A bit loud when running
  • Short power cord

The TG23 portable washing machine looks a lot more expensive than its pricing. Meanwhile, it works unbelievably.

Even though the washing tub doesn’t feature as spacious capacity as other twin-tube machines, it still enables to hold up well a typical laundry load. Such as 4 pairs of pants and 3 t-shirts or 1 pair of pants and 10 shirts.

The cycles are very easy to customize and its material can handle hot water without unpleasant burning smell.

What strongly impressed our testers is the manual instructions. While the English version is no complaint, it is fully translated to 4 other languages, which is so sweet and helpful.

Product Specs

Dimension23.6 x 15 x 27.2 inches
WattageWash: 240W, Spin 120W.
TypeTwin tub
Wash/spin CapacityWasher: 8 pounds

Spinner: 4.5 pounds

Max Operating TimeWashing: 15 minutes

Spinning: 5 minutes

Highlight Featurestwo tubs – 1 for washing and 1 for spinning; capacity of 3.6kg wash and 2kg spin; compact and lightweight design

While some people find those twin-tub washing machines are too complicated to use and their instruction are mostly useless, this portable model just fixes them all.

How to choose the best small portable washing machine?

Best Small Portable Washing Machines

Cycles & Programming Options

Just like normal washing machines, the portable models will give you several options to program different cycles and adjust water levels.

While more is better (usually!), you should pay attention to the modes that are going to be used regularly rather than the useless ones.

Such as the “whites” cycle!

Unless you intend to get an electric machine, don’t bother with this programing option as it mostly doesn’t work unless the machine can heat the water.

Instead, sports junkies should ferret out a portable washing machine with a “sneakers” option or good “synthetic” fabrics. Uniform wearers or single individuals should prioritize models with a “very low” water level.

Tub capacity

Keep in mind, small portable washing machines can’t allow washing all the curtains and comforters at once because of their limited size. But they can handle well the laundry of a single person to a small family with just one or two kids.

Portable washing machines come in a gamut of tube capacity and your task is choosing the one that fits your laundry loads the most.

There are 3 common types:

  • Mini washing machine
  • Top-load washing machine
  • Twin-tube washing machine

And their construction will put an effect on the tub capacity.

Namely, twin tub machines might feature MUCH smaller tubs because they take space for an air dryer.

The top-loaders are considered using space more efficiently while they can fit well in narrow areas. And the mini machines, it gives the smallest capacity, which we highly suggest for single individuals.

Washing Mechanism

You should notice the right washing method for your laundry needs. There are normally two:

  • Agitators
  • Pulsators

The agitators are suitable for people who usually have to wash heavy clothes or their closet isn’t the lacy kind as they’re stronger yet cheaper.

Conversely, a pulsator machine is better for lighter and easier-to-tear laundry.

It features gentler cycles to beat the fabric less, keeping them last longer with fewer wears.

Who makes the best small portable washing machine?

best small washing machine


Costway was founded in 2008 and started to sell its own brand-name washers a year later. Over 10 years, it’s now been one of the most reliable companies with over 10 million customers worldwide.


This is an American company with a vast global reach into over 10 countries in America and Europe. Their washers are not only guaranteed by the brand name but also a good warranty.


DELLA is quite a young company in this industry, founded in 2015, but it very knows how to survive by providing highly practical and cost-effective washers on the market. The latest technology applications are another appeal to this brand.


This is another trustworthy company for high-quality products relating to home solutions. Their products are highly reviewed for superior quality, performance, and safety while always keeping the cost as low as possible.


Best Small Portable Washing Machines

How big is a portable washing machine?

It is usually no more than 3’ tall, 20” wide, and 20” deep.

Will fully automatic washing machine work if I pour water by bucket?

No, it won’t. Because the fully automatic front-loading washing machines feature a front door, which means there’s no way to fill it with the water.

If you think about adding water from its inlet hose, take note that you will have to put some pressure for the relay to open and let the water inside, which is complicated.

What causes a washing machine to not fill with water?

The most common problem is serious clogging in its filters.

To fix it, you should unplug the machine and disconnect the hoses located in the back of the unit. You will see its filters there sitting in the water inlet valve.

How do you use a portable washing machine?

It’s pretty similar to using a full-size washing machine.

Step 1: Load your laundry

Step 2: Screw the water hose to a faucet and turn the water on

Step 3: Plug in the machine, add detergent and adjust the settings

Step 4: Place the drain hose in the tub or sink

Step 5: If your machine requires rinsing the laundry again, do it

Step 6: Dry your clothes

Do portable washing machines get mold?


The longer the damp clothes placing in your machine, the riskier of mold. To avoid that, you should leave its lid open until all the water is well evaporated.


Getting the best small portable washing machine is a life-changing move for single people, childless couples, and full-time RVers to do their laundry more effortlessly.

As stated above, it’s important to consider tub capacity, programming options, and washing mechanism if you want to pick the right one. We hope this guide has helped you with that and thanks for reading!

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