Why Use Air Tools Over Electric In Home Improvement?

air power toolAir tools or pneumatic tools are devices driven by gas, most often compressed air supplied by an air compressor. Air tools can also be propelled by compressed carbon dioxide in small cylinders for portability.

Air tools are generally cheaper and safer to use than their electric counterparts, and have higher power-to-weight ratios, accommodating smaller and lighter tools to do the same task.

It took a while before air power tools became popular in the do-it-yourself market and now are in demand in industrial and manufacturing situations.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Air Tools

Time and money are saved every time you use these air tools. These are powerful tools that provide great torque to make heavy jobs easy.

Compared to the electric power tools, the air power tools have more power and are mostly more durable because of its rugged design. These tools are very cost efficient and long-lasting.

Compared to using hand tools these air power tools finish jobs a lot quicker and easier. From air drills, to air sanders, to air polishers, these air power tools are very convenient to use, with just plugging them into an air hose you can power yourself into a variety of work, and with very little maintenance required can last a life time.

The few drawbacks of these tools is of course the relatively costlier price tag compared to hand tools, and the potential danger it may pose from misuse of these powerful tools that may cause serious injuries to users and the people in the vicinity of the tools.

Reputable Brands of Air Tools


The Makita brand industrial power tools are backed up by almost 90 years of experience in modern motor design. Makita uses high technology and innovation in the production and manufacture of power tools that have become famous worldwide. This brand is also known to come out with tools that are more powerful yet lighter in weight and very compact in appearance.


Another world-renowned brand is DeWalt, reputed to manufacture a sleek line of power tools for the construction and woodworking industries. DeWalt started way back in 1924 and has seen tremendous growth and potential over the years. Today, DeWalt produces more than 200 power tools and over 800 accessories.

Black & Decker

Black & Decker is another popular choice. A recognized global marketer and manufacturer of high quality products for residential and commercial purposes, Black & Decker is visible in more than 100 countries. Black & Decker is a leading brand in cost-effective and durable air power tools.

Usage Tips and Safety Issues

Utmost care is required for these air power tools and periodic maintenance or cleaning is a must. Religiously reading the instruction manuals that go with the power tools are basic to its usage. When using these tools, you are also advised to wear safety glasses to avoid any eye injury from loose debris.

Be sure to also follow the recommended air pressure setting for your tools. After use, make it a point to release the remaining compressed air before storing the equipment.

When cleaning, lubricating, or clearing a jam, make it a point to unplug or disconnect the tool first from its power source. Do not play around with these air power tools and keep them away from reach of children.

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