Top 10 Essential Tools For Homeowners

Problems are the essential part of life and without going through some; you can never come out stronger than before.

In the same way, when we live in a home, we have to go through some problems like fixing something or mending long old equipment in the garage. For all these tasks, we need tools, the right kind of tools which are able to provide the right service to us.

If you are planning to make your own kit then here we are with a guide about what tools you should keep in your kit to fix almost anything in your home.

Essential Tools For Homeowners

Scratch Awl

scratch awl

So many people may go through the problem of scratching their own things just because they have the wrong tools in the hand and now there is no going back.

If you are fixing something and now you don’t know how to remove the mark of pencil or pen from the piece of furniture then scratch awl can remove it. Simply scratch it in the lightest way and it will be gone.

Cordless Drill


A cordless drill can be one of the most versatile and amazing tools to keep in your kit all the time. it helps in boring holes and in lots of things. Usually, people have hammers in their home for the holes but it may take your lots of time because you have to keep pounding hammer on the nail until you get the right hole.

A cordless drill can help you in a boring hole without spending hours on the wall. The best thing about the cordless battery is they run by batteries.



If you want to complete the work on time without wasting single of your minute then always make sure that you are getting hands on the right tools.

It’s important to keep the set of wrenches in your kit instead of doing all the work with one type. The wrench set must include combination wrench, crescent or open-end wrench, stubby wrench, and ratcheting wrench. You can use them all according to the kind of work you are doing.



The saw is one of the must-having tools that you can almost find in every garage. Other than the knife, the saw can help you in cutting the hard part of some furniture or preparing something big in your home.

You can have several kinds of saw in your home but I prefer to keep hacksaw as it has a handle which makes it easy to handle and the knife of is pretty strong. From the cutting of metal pipes to wood, saw is suitable for everything.

Air Compressor

air compressor

If you are quite fond of attempting DIY then air compressor should always be in your home to complete the work in no time. Air compressor can be expensive so you have to be little careful while doing your investment and always check specifications.

From the quality to the performance everything should be up to the mark as well as reliable for the long term use.

Screw Drivers

screw driver

No matter if you have an auto drill machine, there are few things that need to be done manually. Screwdrivers are the common tools found in every home to change boards or for tightening screws.

You can get a complete pack of screwdrivers to deal with different screws in your home. You can also use screwdrivers that can be used with the interchangeable heads.

Pressure Washer

pressure washer

The aim of pressure washer is to clean the maximum in minimum time. You can clean the patio, back deck, cleaning of the car or any vehicle and driveway as well. People like to wash the fences of their garden as well to remove the excessive dirt.

The pressure washer is easy to move around and with the light-weight design, you can move it anywhere around the house for cleaning in a few minutes.



Keep the set of plier in your home that has different sizes. If you usually do technical work of your home then locking plier is important to have in the home and has a multipurpose gripping tool.

When we are talking about the large pipes and metal valves in the home, then use channel-lock plier. If there is a narrow space then you should use needle-nose plier as they are handy and can help in stretching out the thin wires or nuts from the minimum space.

Telescoping Ladder

telescoping ladder

For most of the tasks related to the ceiling or if you want to paint walls, the ladder is important to reach to that point. The telescoping ladder is much reliable as compared to the stool because, in this tool, you can change the length according to your work. You can stand stable on it without worrying about falling down and injure yourself.

Telescoping ladders are available in different sizes in the market and you can choose one as per your work. These ladders usually work on the long term basis and have a clean finishing. It can handle heavy weights as well.

Nails and Screws


While working with any kind of tool, or when you are repairing anything, nails and screws are must thing to use. How you are supposed to fix two parts of the wood or furniture without thudding nail into it? While collecting some of the basic and useful tools for the home, you should keep a good collection of nails and screws in the kit.

These nails and screws are going to help you a lot in fixing things in your home. Make a compartment in which all sizes of nails and screws must be available so, at the time of using any, you must have all sizes and types available. Choose and start doing your work quickly.


Tools must always be in your home to do small tasks or to complete any DIY work in the home. The above-mentioned tools are the basic ones and should be in your kit all the time. these tools are long-term, reliable and durable, you can use them for years and for all kinds of tasks.

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