Top 7 Best Canister Vacuums For Hardwood Floors – 2020 Update

If you’d prefer to use something other than a robot vacuum but don’t feel like a fan of the traditional upright model as well, how about a canister vacuum? In this article today, we’re sharing tips to determine the best canister vacuum for hardwood floors.

If that’s also your current consideration, just keep reading. Below is the list of 7 top-rated options on the market:

  • Bissell 1547, Corded – Best overall
  • Miele Compact C1 – Quietest
  • Miele Complete C2 – User-friendly
  • Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G – Budget-friendly option
  • Kenmore 600 Series – Best for pet parents
  • Dyson Big Ball – Self-righting design
  • Tritan Bagged Canister Vacuum – Best for allergies

Bissell 1547 – Best overall

Bissell 1547
Bissell Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum, 1547 - Corded

  • Give powerful suction for longer to finish all cleaning tasks faster
  • Compact, easy to carry or move around, and neat
  • Soft bristles of the brush roll give no damage to the floor while working


  • Provide one suction mode only -> not suitable to use for multiple floor types
  • Prone to clog with big debris types

We will begin with the Bissell 1547 as it’s a solid all-in-one canister vacuum not only built for hardwood floors but also multiple surfaces. Meaning it’s definitely a versatile unit that any homeowners should have.

Like other canister vacuums’ design, the unit features a sleek egg-shaped silhouette with two attached wheels and 18-foot internal cord wrap.

It’s also a powerful vacuum, combining a 9.2-amp motor and the Multi-Cyclonic Technology for utmost suction power. Besides, the two-stage filtration system highlights a bigger capacity to contain more debris and dirt inside of the dust bin.

In other words, this little beast can have your cleaning tasks done in a blink of an ey and importantly, no scratches left on the floor. That’s a big thank you to the moderately soft bristles of its brush roll.

Regardless, there are some other useful accessories. Like the multi-surface tool to suction different types of floor, the dusting brush and crevice tool.

Product Specs

Power Rating9.2 amps
Cleaning Path Width11 Inch
Power Cord Length18 feet
Hose Length7 feet
Suction power settingsOne
Highlight FeaturesMulti-Cyclonic Technology, multi-surface foot, soft bristles of the brush

All-in-all, Bissell 1547 is the most versatile, useful and convenient canister vacuum for hardwood floors that we’ve tried.

Miele Compact C1 – Quietest

Miele Compact C1
Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction Powerline Canister Vacuum, Lotus White

  • Lock dirt and debris inside of the specific dustbag, making the air cleaner -> friendlier for allergy sufferers
  • Performs very well on bare floors
  • Good suction for its size
  • Emit 81 dB at 3’ away – the quietest canister vacuum on the market
  • Features excellent maneuverability


  • Required extra costs for maintenance and buying disposable debris bags
  • Struggling to remove messes from carpeting

The special features about this bagged canister vacuum are its Airclean Sealed System and exclusive FilterBag. They prevent dirt and debris from escaping, making the room air much cleaner than it was before vacuuming.

In other words, it should be the one for allergy sufferers.

During our test, we realized that vacuuming in an apartment is truly a big deal because of its loud noise.

But luckily enough that Compact C1 emits just 82 decibels of sound (at 3 feet away) while operating. It’s also the quietest unit in this list that you can count on to fearlessly not disrupt the whole household.

Despite not the lightest unit out of a bunch, the vacuum is one of the easier options that allows you to swing around or pull to anywhere needed.

Product Specs

Power Rating10
Cleaning Path Width11 inches
Power Cord Length171/2 feet
Hose Length7 ½ feet
Suction power settings6 settings
Highlight FeaturesAirClean Sealed System, Miele FilterBag, motor protection filter, and AirClean exhaust filter.

While commented for its utmost suction, Miele Classic C1 makes 81-decibel of noise at 3 feet away – considered as the quietest canister vacuum out of a bunch.

Miele Complete C2 – User-friendly

Miele Complete C2
Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner with SBD285-3 Combination Rug and Floor Tool + SBB400-3 Parquet TWI

  • Miele’s AirClean system keeps dust from re-entering the air after being collected
  • Larger dust bags -> suitable for homeowners with pets or kids
  • Give various suction settings to suit for different cleaning needs


  • Heavier than the Electro+ version
  • Can’t vacuum high-pile carpets
  • Next is the Miele Complete C2

The canister vacuum features a 9.5-amp motor, 3 different accessories, 2 nozzles and especially, 6-setting suction, making it an efficient cleaning machine on various surfaces.

Compared to the Complete C2 Electro+, this hard-floor version comes in a much larger dust bag (0.9 vs. 1.19 gallons), allowing you to vacuum for quite some time before fulfilled.

If you have pets or kids at home, this is the best go-to because your daily vacuuming tasks usually end up picking lots of debris. It’s also built with the Miele’s AirClean system to stop dust from re-entering the air after being collected.

Besides, rest assured that there’s an auto-alert indicator. It lights up to remind you that it needs replacing.

Product Specs

Power Rating9.5 amp
Cleaning Path Width12 inches
Power Cord Length22 feet
Hose Length33 feet
Suction power settings6-setting suction
Highlight Features6-setting suction control via Rotary Dial, Exclusive Miele AirClean Sealed System, ergonomic carrying handle, Pure Suction Combination Floorhead

If you’re looking for a user-friendly canister vacuum for hardwood floors, look no further than the Miele Complete C2.

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G – Budget-friendly

Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G
Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Corded Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Yellow, 3670 w/ 2bags

  • Avoid overheating efficiently
  • Super-lightweight and compact to bring upstairs effortlessly
  • The most affordable unit in this list for people who’re on a tight budget
  • The 12-amp motor can handle small messes quickly and efficiently


  • Can’t work on larger cleaning tasks or big messes
  • Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G makes our list of top 7 best canister vacuum for hardwood floors, for some good reasons

While keeping the most modest price in this list, it emphasizes several high-end features. Such as the Power-Touch handle and the auto-shutoff protection to avoid overheating.

Fans of this Eureka vacuum also praised for its decent lightness – 8.6 pounds – that you can carry upstairs or around the house with ease. The 20-foot power cord and 7-foot hose are the other two ideal add-ons for extra flexibility.

But notice that the small silhouette is equivalent to limited-sized messes it can handle. In turn, the powerful 12-amp motor will make the cleaning tasks quicker and more efficient.

Product Specs

Power Rating12 amp
Cleaning Path Width7 inches
Power Cord Length20 feet
Hose Length7 feet
Suction power settings2 settings
Highlight FeaturesAuto shut-off protects against overheating, lightweight 10 amp, power-Touch handle with easy-to-use fingertip controls; deluxe floor brush; bare-floor nozzle

For homeowners who want a compact canister vacuum to clean small messes around the house, Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G is the best bet that won’t break your bank.

Kenmore 600 – Best for pet parents

Kenmore 600
Kenmore 600 Series Friendly Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum with Pet PowerMate, Pop-N-Go Brush, 2 Motors, HEPA, Aluminum Telescoping Wand, Retractable Cord and 3 Cleaning Tools, Purple

  • More spacious onboard tool storage
  • Better cleaning capacity to handle big to small messes
  • Efficiently collect pet hair and litter on different floors
  • HEPA filtration system for better vacuuming results


  • Require more passes to clean messes
  • Not really maneuverable due to the big body

In comparison to other counterparts, Kenmore 600 nails up several superior features. The utmost cleaning capacity and spacious onboard tool storage are two shining examples for that.

This little beast removed all messes during our test though requiring more passes than normal.

It earns the highest scores in terms of pet hair vacuuming tasks, which we think due to the exclusive Pet PowerMate and HEPA filtration system it’s built with.

In turn, this Kenmore is rather easy to use. What we like the most about it is the power switch located on the wand (not on the machine’s body like other models).

Product Specs

Power Rating12 amp
Cleaning Path Width12 inches
Power Cord Length28 feet
Hose Length8 feet
Suction power settings2-setting
Highlight FeaturesPet PowerMate, Pop-N-Go brush, Variable Power mode, enhanced HEPA certified filtration system

Constructed with a HEPA-certificated filtration system and Pet PowerMate features, Kenmore 600 is an ideal vacuum for pet parents.

Dyson Big Ball – Self-righting design

Dyson Big Ball
Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum, Yellow

  • Can self-pickup to avoid toppling over
  • Offer more intensive cleaning performance
  • Remove ground-in dirt like a breeze


  • Pick up light drugs while vacuuming
  • Cause a slight drag when cleaning carpets

While many conventional canister vacuums are prone to topple over while working, the Dyson Big Ball isn’t a thing. It boasts a self-righting feature that can pick itself up to keep your cleaning tasks on.

The unit is also a powerful performance with an emphasis on the updated 2 Tier Radial Cyclone Technology, which is known for its more intensive cleaning capacity and higher suction power.

Plus, the added carbon fiber filaments help to remove ground-in dirt efficiently.

Product Specs

Power Rating12 amp
Cleaning Path Width10.5 inches
Power Cord Length21 feet
Hose Length5 feet 8 inches
Highlight FeaturesSelf-rights when toppled, carbon fiber turbine head, ball technology

Overall, Dyson Big Ball is a powerful self-righting canister vacuum designed to sufficiently tackle microscopic particles and daily messes.

Tritan Bagged Canister Vacuum – Best for allergies

Tritan Bagged Canister Vacuum
Tritan Bagged Canister Vacuum with HEPA Filtration

  • Collect pet litters/hair and microscopic dust molecules
  • Keep dust and debris inside of the dust bag without escaping
  • Rubber wheels to avoid leaving marks or scratch the floor


  • Don’t have a rotating brush

If you’re heavily suffering allergies, we recommend choosing the Tritan Bagged Canister Vacuum from Prolux.

The unit is designed to trap all puffs of gritty dust inside of the dustbin bag instead of escaping them.

Moreover, it targets microscopic molecules with the washable HEPA filtration system, implying an in-depth cleaning performance of all pet mess types.

Regardless, Tritan Bagged Canister Vacuum is a versatile option for those house featuring multiple floor types, such as tiles, hardwood, rugs, and carpets.

Product Specs

Power Rating12 amp
Cleaning Path Width10 inches
Power Cord Length23 feet
Hose Length6 feet
Highlight Featuresbagged design and sealed HEPA filtration, onboard tools, rubber wheels, lightweight and scratch-free

Considering its HEPA filtration system and well-sealed dustbin bag, Prolux Tritan Bagged Canister Vacuum is a great option for allergy sufferers.

How to choose the best canister vacuum for hardwood floors (buying guide)

Best Canister Vacuums For Hardwood Floors

Versatility and mobility

The reason why “versatility” becomes one of the key factors here is, your cleaning tasks don’t require just straight-up floor suctioning in reality. There are still other places to pay attention to, such as the ceilings, the baseboards, and the corners.

A canister vacuum which can reach to the tightest and toughest spots around the house is indeed convenient.

It’s even better if that unit features a long extension wand as well because it can make a dreaded task much simpler and quicker.

If possible, you also should look for a vacuum that requires the simple attachment of a tool.

Now, why is “mobility”? Think about it, between wrestling a bulky, heavy vacuum out into circulation and hauling a lightweight unit around, which is more effortless to you?

Of course the second choice, right?

In other words, you must not only go for lightweight and compact canister vacuum but also portability and mobility features. Attached wheels or handles are two shining examples for that.

Power Source

On the market nowadays, there are two common types of canister vacuum power sources:

  • Corded
  • Battery-powered
 Corded canister vacuumsBattery-powered canister vacuums
StrengthsPowerful enough to handle different cleaning tasksGive no restraint or cord limiting mobility

Allow users to move it freely

WeaknessCord limits the mobility of the unitTend to less powerful than the corded

Can’t handle complex cleaning tasks

Best forComplex cleaning jobsSmall messes

Simple cleaning tasks

Vacuum at tight spots

If you decide to choose the corded canister vacuum, it’d better choose a long power cord (20 to 30 feet are fine) as well as extension hose length (5 to 10 feet) for more freedom when doing the cleaning tasks.

Bagged or bagless

This is worth considering because it relates to the cost-efficiency issues.

From our experience, the bagged units offer higher cost efficiency because it features a better filtration system and besides, don’t let dust escape after being collected. You also don’t have to re-empty many times during the cleaning process.

If you desire a cleaner air after vacuuming your house, especially allergy sufferers, pet parents, or having kids, this is the best choice.

In turn, it asks for an extra cost to purchase disposable dust bags.

The bagless vacuums usually figure smaller silhouette, used for cleaning small spots or corners. They don’t require an extra fee for dust bags, but your effort to re-empty it several times, especially during a whole-house cleaning process.

Who makes the best canister vacuum for hardwood floors?

Best Canister Vacuums For Hardwood Floors


Fun fact: Bissell is a family-owned company that’s been over 5 generations up to now.

Founded in 1876, Bissell has now been the world leader in home care industry, including the canister vacuum business. Their products are known not only for quality and practical features to fit intensively the daily cleaning needs of most homeowners.


Another famous family-owned company is Miele. It was established in 1899 and now, has had 120 years’ expertise in the homecare field, earning many precious awards and prizes. Such as Gold Award 2019 and Most Efficient 2018 of Energy Star.


Differing from two previous counterparts, Eureka is a company specialized in health and hygiene with 37 years’ experience. The general point is being a global brand and with Eureka, it’s been over 1500 cities around the world.


We bet nobody doesn’t know about Dyson – who has become the legend in vacuuming industry since their very first James Dyson’s bagless vacuum cleaner. Their products always lead the world in terms of innovations and futuristic designs.


Another OG of innovative vacuum cleaners is Kenmore with over 100 years of trusted performance. They highlight exclusive features to make their products stand out from the crowd.


The youngest brand in this list is Prolux, with 2 decades of experience. They’re known for budget-friendly vacuum cleaner units for the quality. Customers of this brand also commented on their caring 24/7 service.


Best Canister Vacuums For Hardwood Floors

Are canister vacuums better for hardwood floors?

Compared to stick vacuums or upright vacuums, the canister models are better for hardwood floors because they don’t allow debris and dust to escape while vacuuming them up.

Are canister vacuums better than uprights?

According to the unlimited size of the engine, the canister vacuums are considered giving more powerful than the uprights.

Therefore, they deliver better flow-rate and suction power to help you finish any cleaning tasks in a shorter amount of time with less effort.

However, uprights are superior in cleaning carpets and rugs to the canister.

In other words, each type of vacuum features its own strength and weakness. Depending on your purposes of use to figure out which is better for you.

Can I use my carpet vacuum cleaner to clean hardwood?

A vacuum cleaner that’s designed for carpeting usually features strong suction power, implying a beater brush roll with only stiff nylon bristles.

If you use it to vacuuming the hardwood floor, these bristles are too hard to retain no scratches or damages on it. Therefore, our answer is “no”, especially an upright model.

How can I know if a vacuum cleaner will be safe for cleaning my hardwood floor?

There are some general signs to know a vacuum cleaner is right for your hardwood floor:

  • Lightweight, small models with no rotating beater bar
  • Canister or light stick vacuum types, especially if they’re designed specifically for hard-floor as they don’t have stiff bristles

Bagged vs bagless vacuums – which is best?

It depends on your cleaning needs. To figure out which is better for you, it’s important to know their strengths and weakness as well as their purpose of use.

 Bagged VacuumsBagless Vacuums
StrengthHave a better filtration system

Avoid dust and debris from escaping off the dust bag

Don’t require many times to refill the dustbin

Save more money on buying disposable dust bags

Compact and lightweight

Low maintenance

WeaknessExtra cost to buy dust bags

A bit heavier than the bagless

Some models require complicated maintenance

Require more filters

Require more effort to re-empty the dustbin during the whole cleaning process

Not good for allergy sufferers

Best forPeople who are suffering from allergies, asthma

Pet parents

People who have kids

For complex cleaning tasks and big messes

Tight, narrow cleaning spots

Small messes


Canister vacuums aren’t cheap, which is the reason why many people find it hard to pick the right one. I hope that the provided list and buying guide has helped you determine the best canister vacuum for hardwood floors.

Thanks for reading!

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