Basics Of Interior Design Using Glass

For a number of reasons, glass is one of the preferred materials in interior designing. The history of using glass for interior design goes back to early 1800s when the material was used in different forms. But glass usage has a longer history, which is evident in some of the earliest architecture such as churches, palaces and chapels.

The reasons why glass is preferred over other materials for interior designing are many. For one, it offers flexibility as it goes well with any other material which might be used for  designing. It also is available in different patterns and colors . This article will introduce you to some of the top ways in which glass can be used for interior designing.

Glass Windows and Doors

Aside from the aesthetic appeal, the reason why glass is used in windows and for making doors is because it is a very good insulator. It will help in maintaining the temperature inside the house, even when the temperature outside is extreme. Glass from some of the reputed companies is fairly sturdy and can withstand low to moderate impact. Some companies make glass which is shatter-proof also. Colored glass can be used to create a unique ambience because it will filter all the other colors from white light and allow only the color of light of which it is made up of.

Fibre-glass Roofs

In olden days, glass roofs were not as common as sturdy glass is fairly heavy and a lot of reinforcement was required to make it hold. But modern technology has allowed us to manufacture glass which is not only sturdy but very light also. This type of glass is called as fiber glass and it is most commonly used for roofing. One of the advantages of using fiber glass roofs is that it allows natural light into the room which will save electricity. Also, the ambience in the room will be unique, especially during night times and clear skies.

Glass Cupboards, Bookshelves and Stands

Another modern way of using glass for interior design is by using it to make cupboards, bookshelves, and other stands where you can place decorative artefacts. The usage of glass for these things not only gives a contemporary feel to the room in which it is used but is also makes it easy to maintain. Very high gauge and low weight glass is used so that moving it around, if required, is also easy.

Other Unique Uses Of Glass For Interior Design

Modern day architects are so creative when it comes to glass usage that they go to any lengths to create a unique and appealing décor for the house. There are examples of a rooftop swimming pools, which are made of glass, being extended into the living room so that people sitting in the room can get a view of the pool. Similarly, it is up to your creativity and aesthetic sense as glass offers you the level of flexibility that no other material can offer when it comes to using it in interior design.

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