Top 6 Most Efficient Pellet Stoves That Reduce Your Heating Costs – 2020

We always look for the most optimal options in life, the same thing with heating solutions. While pellet stoves are considered a much better way to heat up your home, I guess you still want to find out the most of most efficient models.

Getting advice from unbiased experts, here are 6 most efficient pellet stoves to consult:

  • Castle 12327 – Best overall
  • US Stove 5660 – User friendliest
  • Napoleon TPI35 – Best pellet stove insert
  • Comfortbilt HP22 – Largest heat area
  • Deari Serenity Wood Pellet Stove – Most portable
  • Pleasant Hearth 50,000 BTU – Best for mobile home use

Top 6 Most Efficient Pellet Stoves – 2019 Update

sample-table__image Best overall Castle 12327
  • Ideal for heating up a small area & easy to clean
  • Heat Area: 1500 square feet
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sample-table__image User friendliest US Stove 5660
  • User-friendly heat settings and visual bay window design
  • Heat Area: 2200 square feet
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sample-table__image Best pellet stove insert Napoleon TPI35
  • With durable construction,this pellet stove insert will admirably perform for years
  • Heat Area: 2000 square feet
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sample-table__image Largest heat area Comfortbilt HP22
  • For those who look for the best heating solution for your entire house or a large area
  • Heat Area: 2800 square feet
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sample-table__image Most portable Deari Serenity
  • With ultra-portable, lightweight freestanding design, Deari Serenity pellet stove is ideal for garage use
  • Heat Area: 646 square feet
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sample-table__image Best for mobile home use Pleasant Hearth
  • Best bet for mobile homeowners with a powerful heat output of 50,000 BTU, an extra-large 80-pound hopper, an outside air kit
  • Heat Area: 2000 square feet
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Castle 12327 – Best overall

Castle 12327
Castle Pellet Stoves 12327 Serenity Wood Pellet Stove with Smart Controller, 18-1/4"W x 34" H x 23-3/4"D, Black
  • Can manually set the thermostat to one of the five burn levels given as well as set your local thermostat
  • Minimal construction to deliver easier usage or maintenance process
  • Allow for a wide range of control systems

  • No ash pan
  • Run loudly
  • Small hopper

Castle 12327 is the best heating solution for, particularly huge living space.

While keeping a modest footprint to take less space in your house, the stove gives an impressive heating capacity of up to 1,500 square feet and takes 7-10 minutes to get the heat pumping.

It’s clearly superior when compared to other stoves that I’ve tried which usually took not less than 15 minutes to start pumping out their full heat. For that highlight, this is really a useful stove to use during cold days when you forget to program your stove to automatically switch on.

I appreciate the Smart Controller that gives me lots of control systems, from using the manual settings and thermostat to choosing the weekly operation mode. This function also has a calendar and a time-based heating option.

Besides, there’s no tube, corrugations, nor hidden chambers, which is another big bonus since you can easily use or clean it.

Product Specs

Dimension(W*H*D)18.25″ x 34″ x 23.75″
Weight186 pounds
Heating Efficiency69.8%
Heat Area1500 square feet
Automatic Burning Time12 Hours (High Setting) – 24 Hours (Low Setting)
Consumption for Pellet0.7 – 1.5 kg/hr.
Hopper Capacity40 lbs.
Highlight FeatureSmart Controller, easy to clean, includes calendar and time-based heating options

If you’re only finding a small pellet stove to heat up a small area, the adjustable thermostat and smart controller of Castle 12327 could meet your demands on different days.

US Stove 5660 – User friendliest

US Stove 5660
US Stove 5660 Bay Front Pellet Stove
  • Give a more expanded view through the large bay design
  • Allow you to adjust the amount of heat
  • Powerful and effective blower for more heating efficiency

  • Small hopper -> pellets stop feeding too fast
  • Loud fans

US Stove 5660 comes with many customizable features that let you enjoy a comfortable experience when using it, from a large bay window style door, LED display, digital control board to an additional air wash glass.

The biggest bonus lies in the ventilation system since it only allows directly venting hot air from the stove, hence, you can add some vertical ventilation prior to diverting the duct out of your house. It accordingly minimizes the risks of any problem in case of a power outage.

I myself love that fact that US Stove 5660 is designed with 6 different heat settings that you can adjust the amount of heat distributed due to the warmth preference, kinds of weather, or areas.

Particularly, the electricity blower of this pellet stove is smartly designed with automatic circulation for more efficient air pumping into the burn pot.

Product Specs

Dimension(W*H*D)26.2 x 24.2 x 30.5 inches
Weight270 pounds
Heat Area2,200 square feet
Automatic Burning Time60 hours
Consumption for Pellet0.42 kg/hr
Hopper Capacity55 lbs.
Blower Power120 CFM
Highlight Feature6 heat settings, 120 CFM blower with automatic circulation, digital control board, LED display, large bay window style door with air wash glass

If you’re not good at using big home furnaces, I believe that the minimal LED display, user-friendly heat settings and visual bay window design of US Stove 5660 will gain your highest score.

Napoleon TPI35 – Best pellet stove insert

Napoleon TPI35
Napoleon TPI35 Pellet Stove Insert
  • Durable build to last for years
  • Powerful, effective, and reliable heating
  • Super clean burning (get EPA compliant) to be eco-friendlier and more economic

  • Relatively thin metal case -> cause metallic popping sounds sometimes during usage
  • Too loud blower
  • A bit high price

To diversify your fireplace’s functions by converting it to a pellet burner, Napoleon TPI35 – one of the best pellet stove inserts – might be just what you’re after.

By using a fully-renewable fuel source including a mix of 50% corn and pellets, the stove features an impressive 76.3-percent heating efficiency.

It’s also an incredibly clean burner that generates really little creosote (not to say ash). Hence, while discharging a lot less gunk and ash to be eco-friendlier and even get EPA compliant, Napoleon TPI35 also helps you save more money.

Fans of this stove also love it for the super-high output BTU, up to 38250 with reliable heating even when it just consumes subpar fuel, such as semi-dry wood. I think its powerful 120 CFM blower is the best workhorse in this spectrum.

For ease of use, it comes with auto ignition, thermostatic control, Flashing with Black Trim, digital control panel, and heat exchange.

Product Specs

Dimension(W*H*D)21.25W x 30.3125H x 25.875D
Weight140 lbs.
Heating Efficiency76.3%
Heat Area2,000 square feet
Automatic Burning Time30 hours
Consumption for Pellet0.68 kg/hr
Hopper Capacity45 lbs.
Blower Power120 CFM
Highlight Featurepellet stove insert, includes Flashing with Black Trim, 120 CFM convection fan, thermostatic control

With durable construction, Napoleon TPI35 is the best pellet stove insert that will admirably perform for years to keep you always toasty warm in cold days.

Comfortbilt HP22 – Largest heat area

Comfortbilt HP22
Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22- 50,000 BTU
  • Can heat up an enormous area in a short time while running silently
  • Expanded hopper for more convenient usage
  • The high heating efficiency of 86% to save more energy on each pellet-burning time
  • Glassdoor isn’t prone to dirty or fogged

  • No shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico

Comfortbilt HP22 is the most powerful pellet stove in this list that can produce up to 50,000 BTU to sufficiently heat up a large viewing area of 2,800 square feet. But the most impressive is its high heating efficiency – 86%, making it an excellent energy saver.

To match such enormous emitted power, the hopper is expanded significantly to hold 55 pounds of pellets on each feeding time. That amount is really big to keep the stove last several days before needed replenishing the supply.

While being the best workhorse in heating your entire house, I’m quite amazed that Comfortbilt HP22 is rather easy to use.

With it, you’ll get more control over your heating experience thanks to the programmable thermostat, large viewing area, removable ash pan, and digital control panel.

The stove is also quite to operate that when sleeping, reading, or socializing at home, I’m not disturbed by any annoying sound coming from this furnace.

Product Specs

Dimension(W*H*D)24” x 35” x 30”
Weight295 pounds
Heating Efficiency86 %
Heat Area2,800 sq. feet
Automatic Burning Time24 hours
Consumption for Pellet1 kg/hr
Hopper Capacity55 lbs.
Blower Power200 CFM
Highlight Featurelarge viewing area, bay design, powerful blower, EPA certified, Auto Ignition, Ash Pan, Programmable Thermostat

For those who look for the best heating solution for your entire house or a large area, Comfortbilt HP22 is truly the best bet out there.

Deari Serenity Wood Pellet Stove – Most portable

Deari Serenity Wood Pellet Stove
Deari Serenity Wood Pellet Stove - Electric Fireplace Heater with Smart Controller Nextstep
  • Lightweight, affordable and portable
  • Effectively prevent smoke in the hopper
  • Easy to operate

  • Come with a short warranty

While other pellet stoves are chosen to scarify their weight, the Deari Serenity stands out with its perfect compromise of portability and performance.

Deari Serenity Pellet Stove is a wonderful cost-effective heating method for your garage during the winter without breaking your bank.

It weighs a mere 144 pounds and features a compact design of 20 x 28.5 x 18.25 inches. Regardless, its high heating efficiency (86.5%) and powerful blower strike back with amazingly large heat area of 431-646 square feet while being a good energy and money saver.

What I appreciate the most is despite the low price tag, this stove is still built with fully functional features, from a smart controller, auto ignition to electronic controls.

Particularly, it comes with an exhaust pipe that you can attach to an external flue to draw smoke out of your house. If your old stove usually gets full of smoke in its hopper even when filled with pellets, this is an ideal alternative.

Product Specs

Dimension(W*H*D)20×28.5×18.25 inches
Weight143.3 lbs.
Heating Efficiency86.5%
Heat Area431-646 square feet
Automatic Burning Time7/13H
Consumption for Pellet0.6/1.2KG/H
Hopper Capacity17.6 lbs.
Blower Power150 CFM
Highlight FeatureSmart Controller has four levels, fully automatic pellet stove with auto ignition and easy-to-use electronic controls


While taking under 4 sq. ft. of space combining with an ultra-portable, lightweight freestanding design, Deari Serenity pellet stove is the best bet for any garage in the upcoming winter.

Pleasant Hearth – Best for mobile home use

  • Super expanded 80-lb hopper to lengthen the burning time
  • Perfect for mobile home use with included outside air kit
  • Remain the temperature in your house always comfortable and not overheated

  • Heavy and bulky
  • No ash pan

Pleasant Hearth 50,000 BTU is another interestingly powerful pellet stove to take into consideration when you need a heavy-duty furnace for home heating.

A bit different in this case is its extra outside air kit and a leveraged 80-pound hopper (the Napoleon TPI35 is only 45 pounds) which increases the automatic runtime of up to 46 hours. That advance makes the pellet stove become an ideal choice for mobile home use.

It’s easy to use and also features a comfort control system with 5 different settings to avoid your living space from overheated. Take note that the stove works its best when fueled with premium pellets.

The emitted gunk or dust is nearly zero and maybe, for that reason, it comes with no ash pan.

Product Specs

Dimension(W*H*D)31 x 30 x 43.8 inches
Weight230 pounds
Heating Efficiency85%
Heat Area2,200 sq. ft.
Automatic Burning Time46 hours
Consumption for Pellet0.69 g/hr.
Hopper Capacity80 lbs.
Blower Power120 CFM
Highlight FeatureEpa certified, 46 hours of non-stop heat, Mobile Home Approved with included Outside Air Kit, Exclusive Comfort Control System, automatic blower built-in

Designed with a powerful heat output of 50,000 BTU, an extra-large 80-pound hopper, and particularly an outside air kit, Pleasant Hearth is a go-to option for any mobile homeowners.

How to choose the most efficient pellet stove (buying guide)?

Most Efficient Pellet Stoves That Reduce Your Heating Costs

Heating output

To determine whether a pellet stove is efficient or not, one of the first indicators you need to concern is BTU rating (stand for British Thermal Units).

1 BTU equals the heat amount needed to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1ºF.

This is the measuring unit of heat output and when shopping for a pellet stove, the salesman might also quote two other relating measurements:

  • BTU input: The max fuel amount that your stove needs each hour
  • BTU output: The total heat amount that the stove can give.

Don’t misunderstand them as it will help you calculate the next indicator.

Heating efficiency

Percent (or %) is the measuring unit of a stove’s heating efficiency, following the formula:

Heating Efficiency Perfect = (BTU input/BTU output) * 100

When reading any pellet stove’s product description, chances are that you will see this number, usually within 75% to 90%. It tells you how much of the heat that’s created from the pellet burnt is truly usable in your house.

The higher the number, the more the stove can do with its heat generated.

Pellet types

There are three pellet types (based on the material made of them) at the current:

  • Corn (the latest type)
  • Softwood
  • Hardwood

These material kinds are actually bio-mass wastes that had been grounded up, compressed, and extruded. It means you are turning wastes into energy to lessen your dependence on oil or other kinds of fuel.

In terms of the heating efficiency percent (= (input BTU/output BTU) * 100), softwood is the best, and also the most expensive.

Hardwood and corn, on the other hand, give almost same-same heating efficiency but corn will deliver higher ash content to require more maintenance.

Hence, corn is the cheapest.


An electric blower takes the role of feeding air to the fire to help pellets burn as efficiently and hotly as possible. Hence, the smarter the blower’s build, the more effective the generated heat.

Who makes the most efficient pellet stove?

Most Efficient Pellet Stoves That Reduce Your Heating Costs


Castle is a favorite pick of many tight-budget homeowners. Not only on Amazon, but their products have also received lots of good reviews/ratings on numerous commercial websites. For small areas with the well-insulated build, Castle is the best choice.

US Stove

Like Castle, US Stove brings a broad selection of pellet stoves to ensure fitting deeply your needs. It’s no strange because US Stove is a long-standing US company with over 150 years establishing. And their products are always highly recommended by experts.


The best thing about Napoleon stoves is innovation and patented technology. They are a leader in the niche of pellet stove inserts and aim to purely clean-burning products. That’s why their products get EPA compliant – something that’s hardly found on others.


The core values of Comfortbilt are Convenience, Value, and Quality. But their high commitment to service with the reliable guarantee is the thing of gaining more loyal customers for them.


The biggest strength of Deari products is portability. While focusing on heating efficiency and performance, their pellet stoves are lightweight and compact enough for outdoor uses.

Pleasant Hearth

Hearth is a big company specialized in the home furnace, spreading widely through many aspects and with pellets, they’re outstanding in terms of the specific lines for mobile home use. One of the rare brands whose products are Mobile Home Approved.


Most Efficient Pellet Stoves That Reduce Your Heating Costs

Are pellet stoves dangerous?

No stoves can give you 100% safety when they are running.

With pellet stoves, considerable dangers still exit BUT they are not lethal, mostly coming more from human and environmental factors rather than health risks.

As this kind of stove still requires little electricity to feed the pellets into its hopper, it turns outrun the risks of electrocuting the homeowner. Luckily enough that it’s easy to prevent and compared to other organic fuel burners, like the wood, it’s far safer.

Is a pellet stove cheaper than propane?

Yes, it is. Not only cheaper in terms of fuel cost, pellet stoves also take less operating and maintenance cost as well.

How much electricity does a pellet stove use?

It depends on the average price of a kilowatt in your living area and the stove capacity. To calculate the electrical cost to operate your pellet stove for 24 hours, follow this formula:

24 (hours) * The average price of a kilowatt in your living area (currency unit) * Stove capacity (kW)

For example:

My pellet stove is a Castle 12327 with the operating wattage of 77W or 0.077kW

The average price of a kilowatt in my living area is $0.08

ð  The amount of electricity my pellet stove uses for 24 hours is 24 * 0.08 * 0.077 = $0.15 or 15 cents.

Can a pellet stove work without electricity?

Yes, it can.

Some pellet stoves are designed with gravity feeding system that uses no electricity to add pellets to the hopper. The operating process is like on a wood stove but way eco-friendlier and safer.

They are also usually EPA compliant as well.

How long will a 40 lb bag of wood pellets burn?

Usually within 24 hours (according to the Pellet Fuels Institute). But this number isn’t exactly all the time because it depends on the type of wood pellets you use for your stove. Pellets made from softwood will last longer a little bit than the hardwood.

Can a wood-burning stove be converted to a pellet stove?

Yes, it can.

Nowadays, there are many add-on versions of wood-burning stoves that you can easily convert to pellets. It just acquires you to buy a wood pellet basket insert for wood stoves.

However, the expensive extra cost has stopped many people from living an eco-friendlier life. So, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, consult this video:


Actually, considering a good position to place your pellet stove also optimizes its efficiency, if that’s what you are looking for. This depends on your home heating need – whether for an entire house or just some certain rooms.

Besides, be sure to check your own budget before picking one. Though this isn’t an extensive list of the options, I hope it’s a good start to help you choose the most efficient pellet stove for your own. Thanks for reading!

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