Top 6 Best Window Air Conditioners For Large Room – 2020

For large rooms, the best way to get relief from burning hot summer days is getting a window air conditioner. The proper unit to choose, though, is influenced by some specific factors, which will be revealed later in this article.

But first, let’s take a look at these best window air conditioners for a large room.

  • LG LW2516ER – Best for extra-large rooms
  • LG LW2416HR – Additional heating function
  • Frigidaire 18,000 BTU – Easy to use
  • Whirlpool Energy Star 15,000 BTU – Quick cooling
  • Keystone KSTAW12B – Temperature sensing remote control
  • LG, LW1019IVSM – Wi-fi control

LG LW2516ER – Best for extra-large rooms

LG LW2516ER Window-Mounted, White Air Conditioner, 24,500 BTU 230V

  • Can rapidly dehumidify a huge space
  • 24,500 BTU capacity to handle nicely a room space of 1,560 square feet
  • Rather quiet compared to its powerful performance


  • Don’t display the timer mode and fan speed
  • Screws for the side panels aren’t on the front, but behind the panels -> a bit struggling to install
  • Not work with a standard 115V outlets

Start off with the most powerful window AC in this list – LG LW2516ER – with an unbeatable capacity of 24,500 BTU to ably cool down an extra-large space of 1,560 square feet.

Measured 75 degrees’ inlet temperature with 41.5 degrees’ outlet (during our tests), it’s indeed working well.

The noise level is acceptable. No unusual sounds and our decibel measuring app shown it to be rather quiet, especially compared to its powerful performance.

We’re also glad that this monster AC features rather high EER rating – 10.3, so you can worry less about your monthly electricity bill.

An outstanding feature that we’ve found is the inside walls of this unit, which is a sturdy black plastic. Unlike most AC units from other brands using Styrofoam which is claimed to usually attract mildew and mold, this IMO plastic is not a thing. Plus, it’s more durable.

The last bonus of this AC lies in its decent dehumidification capacity – up to 7.7 pints/hour – to bring down humidity quickly.

Product Specs

Capacity (BTU)24,500 BTU
Room size (square feet)1560 sq. Ft.
Noise level (dBA)62/69 (indoor/outdoor)
Highlight Features24500 BTU, 10. 3 energy efficiency ratio (eer), cools a room up to 1560 sq. Ft. dBA Level (Indoor / Outdoor)- 62/69, Dehumidification up to 7. 7 pints per hour

Highlighting a 24,500 BTU capacity, the LG LW2516ER will make anyone (who is finding a window AC for their extra-large room) happy with the purchase.

LG LW2416HR – Additional heating function

LG LW2416HR 23000 BTU 230V Heat Window-Mounted Air Conditioner, 23,000, White

  • Have heat capacity of 11,600 BTU, making the unit multifunctional for 4-season use
  • Arrive in one piece with window support for easy installation


  • Low EER rating -> not quite energy efficient
  • Huge and heavy

LG LW2416HR is the best 4-season window air conditioner that you can find on the market to suit a large room space. Aside from the cooling performance of 23,000 BTU, there’s an additional heat capacity that can hold up well a room space of 500 square feet.

Surpassing our initial expectation, the unit works rather silently. Only 49 decibels on Low Mode and generate white noise on High, which is pleasant to sleep.

The best thing is you can choose the air source to cool down – between indoor air or outdoor air. And the temperature after cooled down is well maintained as well.

Product Specs

Capacity (BTU)23,000 BTU
Room size (square feet)1420 sq. Ft – for cooling

500 sq. Ft – for heating

Noise level (dBA)49 dB
Highlight Features22, 500/23, 000 BTU cooling for rooms up to 1420 sq. Ft, 9, 400/11, 600 BTU supplemental heating for approx. 500 sq. Ft

Equipped with a supplemental heat capability of 11, 600 BTU, the LG LW2416HR is a multifunctional unit to cool down or toasty warm a room due to preference.

Frigidaire 18,000 BTU – Easy to use

Frigidaire 18,000 BTU 230V Window-Mounted Median Air Conditioner with Temperature Sensing Remote Control

  • Come with a fabulous installation kit -> Professional and money-saving
  • Visual fan settings to easily track the room temps
  • A thermostat is attached on the remote control, not the control panel, to precise monitor the room temp and user’s needs
  • Not drip on other downstairs neighbors’ units


  • The thin plastic grille doesn’t feel sturdy and durable

We appreciate the professional of Frigidaire when they include a full installation kit along with the product, helping you save more time and money to set it up.

The noise is not too annoying, just like a quiet car engine to be ideal for office, workshop, or bedrooms. The louvers are adjustable or even removable if you want.

Even the fan settings are also great. They show you the room temperature, making it more visual and trackable.

We also like the remote control with an attached thermostat. Unlike many units from other brands that usually located on the control panel, this helps monitor the room temperature more precisely, hence, meeting your needs more efficiently.

Product Specs

Capacity (BTU)18,000 BTU
Room size (square feet)1, 020 sq. Ft
Noise level (dBA)53 – 55 – 58
Highlight Features18000 BTU, quickly cools a room up to 1, 020 sq. Ft, Noise Level dB (High)- 58. Noise Level dB (Low)- 53. Noise Level dB (Med)- 55

If you’re finding an easy-to-use window air conditioner unit for your large room, just get this.

Whirlpool Energy Star 15,000 BTU – Quick cooling

Whirlpool Energy Star 15,000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Air Conditioner with Remote Control

  • Super-quick cooling ability – under 8 minutes, 700 square feet of room.
  • USA-made to ensure the quality
  • Have a timer – will auto shut down according to the pre-programmed schedule


  • Loud for bedroom use
  • Air vent isn’t adjustable

Whirlpool Energy Star 15,000 BTU is a Michigan-made air conditioner so that you can rest assured of its quality (at least in our standards).

It fits nicely any 19” window opening width with a cooling capacity of 15,000 BTU.

Installation isn’t a thing – take averagely 15 to 30 minutes from unboxing to putting the curtains back up. Make a bit noise when turning on but within a minute, it settles down.

We were amazed by how fast it cooled down a 700-square-foot room. Under 8 minutes no matter what your preference is. Most impressively, it’s quieter than almost other counterparts at the same capacity.

Product Specs

Capacity (BTU)15,000 BTU
Room size (square feet)700 sq. Ft.
Noise level (dBA)56 / 53 / 52
Highlight Features15000 BTU, Indoor Noise Level (dBA)- High / Med / Low – 56 / 53 / 52. Outdoor Noise Level (dBA)- High / Med / Low – 65 / 62 / 59, Cools a room up to 700 sq. Ft. With up to 3.52 pints per hour dehumidification

Thanks to the lighting-fast cooling capability, the Whirlpool Energy Star 15,000 BTU will be a life-saver for you during burning summer temps.

Keystone KSTAW12B – Temperature sensing remote control

Keystone KSTAW12B
Keystone KSTAW12B Air Conditioner, 12,000 BTU, White

  • Equipped with a temperature sensing LCD remote control for visually track the room temp to monitor and adjust it better
  • Quiet enough to be installed in bedrooms
  • Have Sleep Mode and a programmable 24-hour timer to save more money
  • EER rating is 11.3 – high energy efficiency


  • Challenging in water drainage
  • Can’t handle over 90 degrees F

Keystone KSTAW12B is a perfect window air conditioner for bedrooms due to its superior quietness when activated. You can rest assured to leave it overnight since the unit doesn’t suck up as lots of power as other counterparts.

Its EER rating is 11.3 (also the highest number in this list)

Or, you can schedule to turn it off at midnight when you’re asleep to save more money. Don’t fret, this unit retains room temp rather stably. Just putting it on a while before bedtime, either use the Sleep Mode or its programmable 24-hour timer.

Another highlight feature is “Follow Me” remote control with a temperature sensing function to let you see and monitor more conveniently.

Product Specs

Capacity (BTU)12,000 Btu
Room size (square feet)550 sq. ft.
Noise level (dBA)53.5 – 58.3
Highlight Features12000 BTU,  set and maintain the room temperature from across the room,  programmable 24-hour timer and a sleep mode to save you money while keeping you cool and comfortable.

For an energy-saving and good temperature sensing features, look no further than the Keystone KSTAW12B.

LG LW1019IVSM – Wi-Fi control

LG, LW1019IVSM Energy Star 9,500 BTU 115V Dual Inverter Window Air Conditioner with Wi-Fi Control, White

  • Equipped with SmartThinQ technology and being Wi-Fi connectable to allow users to track their AC from distances
  • Can monitor it by using your voice
  • The quietest AC unit in this list


  • Automatically change to energy saver mode even when you don’t want it to
  • The only way to turn off the energy saver mode is via a smartphone app -> not flexible

LG LW1019IVSM might be the quietest window air conditioner in this list, featuring only 44 decibels on Low Mode. That’s a big thank you to the dual inverter compressor as it helps to significantly reduce unnecessary noises.

Regardless, the bestselling point lies in its SmartThinQ technology.

You can control the unit from distances through your smartphone that has been connected to Wi-Fi. And accordingly, it also offers the voice controls, using either Google Assistant or Alexa.

Glad that there’s no annoying stupid noises, rattles, or vibrations.

Product Specs

Capacity (BTU)9,500 BTU
Room size (square feet)450 sq. ft.
Noise level (dBA)44 (on low)
Highlight Features9500 BTU, cools approximately 450 sq. ft., Equipped with SmartThinQ technology allowing you to control your unit from your connected smartphone

With Wi-Fi connectable and other smart features, LG LW1019IVSM makes it a leap in technology to be more suitable for modern lives in the 4.0 Era.

How to choose a good window air conditioner for a large room? (buying guide)

Best Window Air Conditioners For Large Room

Cooling capacity

Measuring unit: BTU (stands for British Thermal Unit).

The common range of this feature is within 5,000 BTU to 14,000 BTU and each number will suit for specific room area.

Cooling Capacity


Room Area

(square feet or sq. ft.)

14,000500 – 700
12,000450 – 550
10,000400 – 450
9,000350 – 400
8,000300 – 350
7,000250 – 300
6,000150 – 250
5,000100 – 150

The room area is calculated by multiplying its length by its width (in feet). For example, a room that features 20-foot length and 15-foot width will have an area of 20 x 15 = 300 (square feet).

Accordingly, the room owner should look for a window air conditioner featuring 5,000 BTUs of cooling capacity.


Don’t expect a more powerful AC will be able to cool down multiple rooms. In that case, it’d better install two separate units.

For instance, suppose the 300-square-foot room is now divided into a 200-square-foot living room and a 100-square-foot bedroom. A 5,000 BTU AC currently can’t work on both because two rooms are thermally separated.

Instead, you should install a 6,000 BTU unit for the living room and a 5,000 BTU for the bedroom.

Energy efficiency ratio (EER)

Every window air conditioner will include this indicator in their product’s specs.

The higher the efficiency rating, the less energy consumption of an AC (considered as the same cooling capacity). This implies an air conditioner with high ERR will consume less power per month, saving more money.

While looking for this indicator, you might find some models boast that “It is Energy Star Certificated”. This is the good news because such products will deliver 20% to 30% higher efficiency than others.

Some additional features

Such as:

Wi-Fi control – this is super-convenient when you want to monitor and control the AC from distance. It’s particularly useful when you’re at work and want to adjust the cooling temp of your kids’ room.

Powerful fan – To speed up the cooling.

Digital and LED remote control – Allow you to quickly guess or understand the functions shown on the remote control, hence, easier to use.

Who makes good window air conditioners for a large room?

Best Window Air Conditioners For Large Room

LG Electronics

This is one of many branches of LG Corporation – a South Korea multinational conglomerate corporation. It’s specialized in electronics with an emphasis on programmable window AC lines. While getting famous for sleek designs, their products are also well-loved for quality and silence.


Another market leader is Frigidaire. They provide an array of window air conditioners with various sizes and types. Out of many strengths, their products are famous for user-friendly construction that even a low-tech person can easily try and true.


Whirlpool window ACs focus purely on innovative technologies that aim to simplify and optimize your experience. Not getting overwhelmed because of countless additional functions – as some other ambitious brands would do.

By setting higher standards, their products always meet international certifications for energy efficiency and performance, such as the Energy Star certification.


Best Window Air Conditioners For Large Room

What is a good EER rating for a window air conditioner?

While the most energy-efficient units feature ERR ratings over 12.0, the average range that’s considered good for window AC is within 11 to 12.

How do I calculate BTU for a room?

To calculate BTU for a room on your own, first off, measure its cubic volume (either in meters or feet) = Length x Width x Height

Next, multiply the number by the following values:

Room SpecsMultiplication Factor
For double gazingDeduct 10%
For French windowsAdd 20%
For rooms facing NorthAdd 15%
Kitchens and common areasMultiply the number by 3
BedroomsMultiply the number by 4
Dining rooms and loungesMultiply the number by 5

Note:This is just for estimated reading. If you want a more precise result, it’d better hire a qualified heating engineer.

Do window air conditioners use a lot of electricity?

A typical central AC consumes around 3000 to 3500 watts/month while a window air conditioner is within 500 to 1500 watts/month.

Therefore, they are considered to eat-up less power than the standards

Is it cheaper to run a window AC or central air?

As mentioned above, a window AC consumes less power than a central unit. Not to say that the setup cost of the central is much costlier as they require professional installation while a window AC can be self-installed.

As a result, running a window air conditioner will be cheaper.


Window air conditioners aren’t cheap, implying you should carefully consider before making any purchase. We hope this post has helped you figure out the best window air conditioner for a large room. Thanks for reading!

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