Top 5 Best Large Inverter Generators For Heavy Use – 2020

In our quest to find out the best large inverter generators, we’d compared numerous models on the market to finally pick out 5 top-rated. Take a glance at the following review roster to see which is the right for you:

  • Pulsar PG4000iSR – My top pick
  • Westinghouse iGen4500DF – Ultra-quiet
  • Honda Eu7000is – Premium quality
  • Westinghouse iPro4200 – Most sought-after hybrid generator
  • Champion 6250-Watt – Highest Wattage
sample-table__image My top pick Pulsar PG4000iSR
  • Peak Watts/Running Watts: 4000W/3500W
  • Noise Level: 63 dB
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sample-table__image Ultra-quiet Westinghouse iGen4500DF
  • Peak Watts/Running Watts: 4500W/3700W
  • Noise Level: 52 dB
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sample-table__image Premium quality Honda Eu7000is
  • Peak Watts/Running Watts: 7000W/5500W
  • Noise Level: 62 dB
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sample-table__image Most sought-after hybrid generator Westinghouse iPro4200
  • Peak Watts/Running Watts: 4200W/3500W
  • Noise Level: 62 dB
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sample-table__image Highest Wattage Champion 6250-Watt
  • Peak Watts/Running Watts: 6250W/5000W
  • Noise Level: 69 dB
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Pulsar PG4000iSR – My top pick

Pulsar PG4000iSR
Pulsar 4,000W Portable Gas-Powered Quiet Inverter Generator with Remote Start & Parallel Capability, CARB Compliant, PG4000iSR

  • Include an RV-ready outlet and can run a 15k AC like a breeze
  • Meets all safety requirements
  • Can connect with another PG4000iSR to double the power output if needed
  • Convenient telescoping handle and 2 wheels for easier carry


  • Require a break-in period of time before running as excellently as advertised
  • Don’t run well under no load
  • It’s difficult to avoid spillage inside the generator case when fueling it

The Pulsar PG4000iSR might not be the best workhorse in our test group but it highlights the parallel capability to double the output if needed.

That said, when hooked up to a travel trailer, it’s still able to run a 15,000 BTU air conditioner with no problems.

The operation is very smooth and quiet.

At 10 feet away, it emits just 62 decibels of sound – equal to our normal conversations so you can feel ease in mind to use it anywhere. No matter it’s at your home or on the campground.

The best thing is you don’t have to go out and in the house to open it as now, there is a wireless remote start included. It can work from a distance of 80 feet away, which is so impressive.

Carrying this powerful generator around isn’t a thing as well since it is designed with two hard wheels and one telescoping handle.

Product Specs

Peak Watts/Running Watts4000W/3500W
Noise Level63 dB
Max Runtime15 hours (1/2 load)
Highlight Featureswireless remote start; Handle and Never-Flat wheels; Parallel capability; 120V 30Amp RV outlet;

Across the board in our tests, the Pulsar PG4000iSR thoroughly impressed us with its perfect balance of power output, quiet operation, and maneuverability.

Westinghouse iGen4500DF – Ultra quiet

Westinghouse iGen4500DF
Westinghouse iGen4500DF Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator 3700 Rated & 4500 Peak Watts, Gas & Propane Powered, Electric Start, RV Ready, CARB Compliant

  • Giving you both powerful power output and quiet operation, ideal for neighborhoods and camping
  • Can switch fuel sources with no needs to shut down the machine
  • The remote electric start can work from over 300 feet away, very responsible


  • The plastic case isn’t resistant to gas
  • The throttle control is weak for parallel capability

While other brands have to tradeoff between power and noise for their generators, with this Westinghouse, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

But for what we really feel thankful is its dual-fuel technology.

You don’t have to unplug your electronics and shut down the machine just to switch from gas to propane. It can keep working while you do that and the sine wave is still stable to not damage the vulnerable devices.

Not to say that the remote electric start, in this case, is much better. It’s responsible for 327 feet away.

And while being so functional, the iGen4500DF is added to an LED data center to let you easily track different indicators in one spot.

Product Specs

Peak Watts/Running Watts4500W/3700W
Noise Level52 dB
Max Runtime18 hours (1/4 load)
Highlight Featuresdual-fuel technology; Remote Start With Included Key Fob, Electric and Recoil Start; Led Data Center

If you’re looking for an ultra-quiet yet powerful generator to keep a good friendship with your neighbors, the Westinghouse iGen4500DF is our recommendation.

Honda Eu7000is – Premium quality


  • The most powerful yet silent and fuel-efficient generator in this list
  • Auto-shutdown when oil overreaches the safe operating levels
  • GFCI outlets and meet ETL & NEC Standards for safety
  • Can track many indicators in one spot


  • Not suitable for people with a tight budget

The Honda Eu7000is is more expensive than other counterparts in this list but that price has included a starting battery, a wheel kit, a 3-year warranty, and more.

It’s the only generator in our list giving 7000 watts of peak power whereas running at the lowest volume.

We guess, the secret comes from its advanced inverter technology and Honda GX390 EFI Engine, which is known for the ability to reduce maintenance linked with carbs and fuel storage. And the Eco Throttle™ System keeps the whole operation whisper silent with fuel efficiency.

Furthermore, it’s attached to Honda Oil Alert to auto-shutdown the engine whenever oil exceeds the safe operating levels.

If you prefer some technical information, the Eu7000is meets all ETL & NEC Standards.

Product Specs

Peak Watts/Running Watts7000W/5500W
Noise Level50 – 62 dB
Max Runtime18 hours (1/2 load)
Highlight FeaturesHonda Oil Alert; Electric Start; Eco Throttle™ System; Output Indicator & Overload Alarm; GFCI outlets

For guys who are serious about choosing a premium-quality powerful generator for full-time RV life, the Honda Eu7000is won’t let you down.

Westinghouse iPro4200 – Most sought-after hybrid generator

Westinghouse iPro4200
Westinghouse iPro4200 Portable Industrial Inverter Generator - 3500 Rated Watts & 4200 Peak Watts - Gas Powered - OSHA & CARB Compliant

  • Combine perfectly of the inverter and the conventional generators to be rugged, durable, quiet running, and safe
  • Equipped with all needed safety features to be EPA, USFS, CARB, and OHSA compliant
  • Provide 8 outlets (with GFCI protection) to run multiple devices at once


  • Wheel kit is too expensive to buy
  • The fuel gauge isn’t marked clearly

What makes Westinghouse iPro4200 as the most sought-after hybrid generator is its perfect combination of both conventional open-frame generators and the inverter.

In short, it’s housed in a rugged conventional frame while creating as clean power as an inverter generator with super-low operating volume.

The iPro4200 is also a completely safe generator to use. It highlights Automatic Low Oil Shutoff, Overload Protection, fuel-saving Efficiency Mode, and importantly, it is OHSA Compliant.

A worth-mentioning feature is the 8 different outlets provided in this unit, allowing for multiple electronics run at a time.

Product Specs

Peak Watts/Running Watts4200W/3500W
Noise Level62 dB
Max Runtime18 hours
Highlight FeaturesOHSA Compliant; Fuel-Saving “Efficiency Mode,” and Automatic Low Oil Shutoff

Designed to run job site essentials and power tools, the ground-breaking Westinghouse iPro4200 is the best bet for industrial applications and professionals.

Champion 6250-Watt – Highest Wattage

Champion 6250-Watt
Champion 6250-Watt DH Series Open Frame Inverter with Quiet Technology

  • Offer 20% lighter and 50% quieter than the traditional Champion 5000-watt
  • You can easily start it in the winter
  • Avoid spillage inside the generator case efficiently


  • Don’t have the parallel capability
  • Don’t include an RV-ready outlet

Saving the best for last, here is the Champion 6250-watt generator, known for its 20% lighter weight and 50% quieter volume than the traditional Champion 5000-watt.

The unit is boasted having a more efficient mechanical design, quieter technology digital Inverter components in addition to some cost-effective power solutions. It can run continuously in 12.5 hours at ½ load, producing 6250 starting watts and 5000 running watts.

The biggest selling point is its intelligauge where you can easily track many different indicators, such as operating hours, frequency, and voltage.

It’s also the only option in our test groups to provide the Cold Start and Quick Drain Oil Tube for easier oil changes. If you’re tired of spillage whenever fueling your generator, this is, for sure, not a thing.

Product Specs

Peak Watts/Running Watts6250W/5000W
Noise Level69 dB
Max Runtime12.5 hours
Highlight Featureseconomy mode; Quiet technology; Intelligauge;

Packed with innovative technology and safety, the Champion 6250-watt is perfect for those who are looking for a generator with the highest wattage.

How to choose a good large inverter generator for heavy use? (Buying guide)

how to choose a good inverter generator


Though considered lighter than the traditional conventional generators, a large inverter is still hefty in person. For example, the Pulsar PG4000iSR in our list is 92.6 pounds and the Champion 6250-watt is 132 pounds.

While it’s hard to carry along as easily as a small one, some add-on features can make it easier, such as a telescoping handle and two non-flat wheels.

Some lighter models like the Honda Eu7000is even provides two manual carry handles for two persons to share the heft together.


Due to increased power need, the risks of overloading, unstable electricity sine wave, and oil drainage are these large inverter generators.

Without any safety features added, everything (including your safety, the generator and all appliances powered by that generator) is on the risk. So here are some recommendations from us to help you avoid that:

  • Overload alarm
  • Oil alert: To tell you to know when oil reaches the unsafe operating levels. Some models even can auto-shutdown if the oil runs too low
  • Monitor: where you can track the voltage, battery status, and other indicators to control and monitor properly

Noise level

For recreational activities and neighborhoods alike, a powerful generator isn’t sufficient. It must be running as the lowest volume as possible.

A generator emits sound under 70 decibels is ideal – not too loud to make you and your neighbors bothersome.

And it’s not always true that the more powerful the generator, the louder. Some models, such as the Honda Eu7000is, can do best of both worlds thank the advanced inverter technology and the added eco throttle. If you want it more silent, considering a generator with Eco Mode is a good idea.

Best inverter generator producers?

honda generator


As one of the fastest growing generator brands in this industry, Pulsar has now been carried in many major stores in America. It maintains a solid commitment to quality in customer service so you can rest assured to try products from this brand.


Westinghouse is a long-standing company specialized in producing high-quality portable generators. Over 130 years’ expertise, their products are known for leading human-focused design and ground-breaking technology applications.


Founded in 1950 by Soichiro Honda. Up to now, Honda is not only well-known in Japan but also a global company specialized in power products with supreme quality and performance.


As providing generators at a more cost-efficient price range, Champion quickly becomes a market leader in mid-tier generation equipment. Plus, this is an American company, implying their products are all manufactured there to ensure quality.


large inverter generator

What are the advantages of an inverter generator?

Compared to the traditional conventional generators, the inverter is superior for many advanced features:

  • Producing cleaner power with under 3% THD, making it safe to run vulnerable electronics
  • Quieter operating sounds
  • Higher-fuel efficiency to run longer while eating up less amount of fuel
  • Smaller and lighter

Why are inverter generators so expensive?

As equipped with many advanced features for safer and more convenient performance, as listed above, inverter generators will be pricier than the conventional.

How much can a 4000-watt generator power?

Averagely, a 4000-watt generator can power 3 big household appliances (for example a gas stove, AC, and full-sized fridge) in addition to laptops, tablets, smartphones, a coffee maker, and a microwave at a time.

Will a 7000-watt generator run central air?

No, it won’t.

A central air conditioner features 6500 starting watts (or higher) so to run it, the generator that you need should be at least 8000 starting watts. In turn, a 7000-watt generator can power a ½ horsepower furnace, a sump pump, and other appliances.

What appliances can I run on a 5500-watt generator?

A 5500-watt generator is normally powerful enough to run the most essential appliances in your house, such as:

  • DVD players
  • Small heating system
  • Sump pump
  • TV
  • Microwave
  • Coffee maker
  • Refrigerator with a freezer
  • Small AC unit
  • Other electronics, like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Is it safe to run a computer on a generator?

As long as the sine wave released by the generator is stable and kept under 3% THD, it’s safe to run a computer.


Though inverter generators are relatively new in this industry, there are still many options offered when you’re searching for them on the market, which is confusing. We hope, sincerely, this ultimate guide has been informative enough for you to choose the best large inverter generator.

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