How To Grow Watermelons Organically

When it comes to watermelon, most people buy them from the grocery stores. Watermelons that are sold in grocery stores are usually grown with the help of fertilizer. These fertilizer have harmful chemicals in them that will go into your body when consumed.

To prevent these harmful chemicals from going into your body, you can grow your own watermelon in your backyard organically. Even though it takes some time and effort to grow them, but it will be worth it.

Organic watermelons need an area in the garden that offer full sun, nutrient rich soil and 3 to 4 months of warm weather. Before planting the watermelon, make sure you know what varieties it is first.

grow watermelons organically

There are some variety of watermelons that require only a small area to grow, while other variety require a large area to grow. If you have a medium size garden, choosing the compact bush varieties will be your best choice.

The soil is the most important factors to growing organic watermelon. The soil is where the roots of the watermelon will get their nutrients. For most varieties of watermelon, they will need well drained soil as well. By preparing the soil properly, that will ensure you will have a healthy growing watermelon.

The temperature when they should be planted is between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on where you live, the right time for them could be early in the spring or late in the spring. Either way, they watermelons only need 3 to 4 months to mature.

If you want to get a headstart on planting the watermelon, you can start them indoors in peat pots. Start them in peat pots about 3 to 4 weeks before you plant them outside.

grow watermelons organically

Once the time comes, simply take them out of the pea pots and plant them in the ground. It’s best to plant them around 6 feet apart of each other. This will give them enough room to grow.

Growing organic watermelons is good for your health and the environment as well. If you’re planning to grow watermelons this year, consider growing them organically and reap all the benefits it has.

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  1. Organic mulches like wood chips or straw can also be used when growing watermelons, but do not apply organic mulches until soils are warmer than 75?F.


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