Top 10 Essential Gardening Tools Everyone Should Have

Essential Gardening Tools

Gardening is just not about plants but it’s about tools as well. If you don’t have the right tools then it’s not possible to do gardening properly.

Tools just not get used for the fixing of plants but they also get used for the digging, weeding, harvesting, pruning, and maintenance. Once you have great tools in your hand, you can do any kind of gardening and you will love the work.

Here we have listed the top 10 essential gardening tools and once you have it, you are going to love your gardening process.

Chain Saw


A chainsaw is a handy tool when it comes to the gardening but it comes in two types, gas or electric. You can choose one according to the nature of the work but always make sure it works properly and suitable for emergency situations.

As compared to the electrical chainsaw, the gas chainsaw is power packed in performance and used for cutting heavy-duty things or bigger trees. If you want a chainsaw for the small maintenance then electrical one is ideal for you.

Garden Knife

garden knife

If you have lots of plants in the garden that harvest fruits, vegetables, flowers or they need to get trimmed then garden knife must be there. It helps in cutting off excessive branches or rough parts of the plants easily.

These knives are even easy to carry in the pocket because the knife can be kept inside the wooden fold. This knife can be used to trim almost any kind of plant because of the sharp tip.

Garden knife is also useful in trimming the plants and you can get them back in shape. You can remove dead leaves from the plants as well.

Pole Saw

pole saw

To see your garden filled with lots of branches and twigs is one of the worst nightmares for any gardener. If you are going through the same situation then you don’t have to call professional service for it instead of keep pole saw in your garden.

This pole saw is usually long in size and suitable when you want to cut down extra branches but it’s not possible for you to reach there. Pole saw will make gardening easier for you as ever before.

Garden Secateurs


When it comes to the pruning and maintenance of the garden then there is nothing more important than the garden secateurs. For the constant maintenance and to make sure that soil is moist enough to provide food to the plants, you need to use garden secateurs.

They may be a little expensive in price but once you will get it, this tool is going to work for the lifetime. It’s kind of a tough tool to break.

Lawn Mower

lawn mower

No matter what is the size of your lawn, the lawn mower is necessary to own. The revolving blades of the equipment are going to maintain the grass of the lawn evenly and will make it look healthy.

You can choose the nature of the lawn mower in two types, it can be light in performance but if you have a big garden that needs to be trimmed from the scratch then you should go for the heavy duty lawn mower.

One thing to consider when dealing with your grass, if you are just simply targeting to cut your grass and saving your pocket, a weed eater is also an option you may look for.

Leaf Blower

leaf blower

A leaf blower is also known as the blower that helps in removing debris from the garden like dead leaves and grass cuttings. It’s one of the best garden clearing tools but it can be expensive. This blower is going to last for a long time and it has a bag attached to it where you can see all the garbage.

Other than the leaves it can also suck twigs from the garden and in a few minutes, your garden will be as clean as new. Leaf blower is easy to use and reliable in nature.

Wheel Barrow


The wheelbarrow is always my favorite equipment because you can almost transport anything from one place to another in it. Even the best way to transport water towards the garden is wheelbarrow without spilling it.

The material of the equipment should be hard enough and the wheel should be hard to work for a long time. The wheelbarrow should be light in weight but strong in performance.



A dibber is a small tool used to create space for the seeds and bulbs. Usually, people use a spade to dig holes to plant seeds in the garden but dibber can make your work easy and you don’t have to settle the soil again.

Dibber can create small holes for the seeds and later you can balance the soil. It also helps in determining the depth of the garden and of the different plants.



The shovel is the best tool when you have some serious digging to do. If we are talking about the hand trowel then it will take a whole day to reach to the depth of the plant and it will be hard for you to smooth the soil.

This long handle pointed from the front digging shovel is going to help you in completing the work in a few minutes. Make sure that your garden shovel is tough enough and can still show a great performance under the pressure of the soil.



Rake can do multiple tasks at one time like it can eliminate dead leaves and other rubbish from the garden like a broom, it can also help you in making beds and for breaking up the soil.

It depends on you what kind of rake do you want to use in your garden if you want to go for the curved prongs or straight prongs? You should always go for the lighter prongs that are easy to deal and work within the garden.



Gardening can be extremely fun for you if you have the right tools but it can be a headache if you trying to do the right thing with the wrong tools.

At the time of starting gardening, make sure you have every tool you may need for the harvesting or maintenance of the place.

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