9 Deepest Metal Detectors That Punch To The Greatest Depth – 2020

An avid ground hunter can’t stick around with a shallow detector forever while the treasures are inches under the dirt.

A deep metal detector detects objects buried at a greater depth to add more passion to your search.

Followed by innovative technology, a deep metal detector will make your hunting more exciting than ever. It yet comes with additional specifications to support seeking both in the sea and land.

Keep reading; you will find not only the deepest metal detectors here but also an intensive buying guide to give you confidence in the market. The best of both worlds is right below.

sample-table__image Best Overall Entry Level Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300
  • Perfect for people who are new to deep search with features that are good overall
  • Maximum Search Depth: 8 inches for coins and 4 feet for big objects
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sample-table__image Best For Freshwater Hunting Garrett Ace 250
  • This treasure-hunting water monster will add confidence to any of your sea ventures
  • Maximum Search Depth: 8+ inches
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sample-table__image Best waterproof Fisher F44
  • The Fisher F44 is a great companion for deep-soil hunting on both dry and rainy days
  • Maximum Search Depth: 10 inches
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sample-table__image Best Overall Mid-level Garrett AT Pro
  • This all-terrain machine uncovers targets of different materials in different fields
  • Maximum Search Depth: 10 inches
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sample-table__image Best For Relic Hunting Teknetics T2 Classic
  • T2 Classic is a pro-grade deep metal detector with high performance best for relic hunting
  • Maximum Search Depth: 15 inches
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sample-table__image Best For Gold Prospecting Minelab EQUINOX 800 Multi-IQ
  • Not sure if the machine will make you rich, but you will definitely find some hidden values inches deep in the earth
  • Maximum Search Depth: 14 inches for coins, 4-6 inches for gold nuggets
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sample-table__image Best For Pro Relic Hunters XP DEUS Metal Detector
  • Built seriously for pro use, lightweight and compact, offering exceptional comfort, speed, performance
  • Maximum Search Depth: 10 inches
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sample-table__image Top Rated White’s Spectra V3i
  • Has 9 presets, giving you turn-on-and-go versatility that fits your terrain and target
  • Maximum Search Depth: 12 inches
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sample-table__image Best For Saltwater Hunting Garrett ATX Pulse Induction Military Grade
  • Need something well-built enough to last in saltwater? This is the one with the maximum detection you can ever find
  • Maximum Search Depth: 12-18 inches
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Entry level – deepest metal detector

Beginners always find it hard to look for the right detector that won’t confuse them when they’ve just picked up the hobby. We’ve got some here that have earned positive credits from many newbies.

Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Metal Detector – Best Overall

Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Metal Detector
Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 Metal Detector

  • Long warranty
  • Conduct significant deep searches
  • Can indicate the numeric depth
  • Affordable price point


  • Visual ID sometimes is not accurate

Dollar-for-dollar, there isn’t another detector on the market that has the features and abilities of this one.

At the default setting of sensitivity, we can find coins pretty effortless down to 6 to 7 inch at the Illinois ground where there are not a lot of mineralization.

So, the higher the sensitivity, the deeper you can detect, but also the more susceptible it’s going to be in (EMI Electro Magnetic Interference.) That said, there must be a happy medium there with sensitivity.

The tip we found is in the ground balance which you should conduct manually rather than the presets. As this machine got pinpoint mode, functioning alongside the manual ground balance will get you to detect metals down to 8 inches.

We used to dig a coin at 11 inches deep and a large metal plate at 4 feet. This is a practical approach.

The machine has a straightforward usage which is suitable for all beginners. It has an adjustable height and lightweight that will fit kids also.

Operating Frequency6.6 kHz
Audio Frequency4-tone
Search modesMotion All-Metal, Progressive Discrimination, Notch, and Pinpoint
Ground balancePreset and manual
Search Coil8-inch waterproof
Maximum Search Depth8 inches for coins and 4 feet for big objects
Highlight FeaturesManual ground balance for deeper search

The machine is perfect for people who are new to deep search and skilled seekers with features that are good overall.

Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector – Best for freshwater hunting


  • The metal filter functions well
  • Great customer support
  • Sensitive unit
  • Lightweight


  • No volume control
  • The machine is relatively mineral sensitive

We will definitely grab this detector for our next beach ground hunting.

The ACE 250 has several modes to search different kinds of metals like. There is a custom mode which you can program and save for the next use. The relic mode accepts everything but iron. At coin mode, it will discriminate out the iron foil and pull-tab area.

With this detector in hand, you can locate coins deeper than inches with 8 sensitivity settings for the best accuracy. Of course, it should not miss the electronic pinpoint mode to support targeting deeply buried objects.

The detector gives different tones to different metal materials. The point is you don’t have to continuously stare down to the ground to avoid neck ache but are still able to identify your target.

We are pretty in love with the eliminate button which will wipe out anything irregular to your goal. This means it can accept or reject notch for more precise search.

The Graphic Target ID cursor is a great plus on this detector that will indicate the probable identity of the objects so you won’t waste time digging the dump.

You can submerge the coil into the water for a freshwater search all day long. But let the liquid away from the electronic box, or it’ll be shot.

Operating Frequency6.5 kHz
Audio Frequency3-tone
Search modesAll-Metal, Discrimination, Notch, Pinpoint, and Custom
Ground balanceN/A
Search Coil6.5″ x 9″ PROformance™ submersiable
Maximum Search Depth8+ inches
Highlight FeaturesGraphic Target ID cursor, 8 Levels of Sensitivity, Coin Depth Indicator, Electronic pinpoint, Can detach into three pieces for travel

This treasure-hunting water monster will add confidence to any of your sea ventures.

Fisher F44 Metal Detector – Best waterproof

Fisher F44 Metal Detector
Fisher F44 Metal Detector

  • Entirely waterproof unit
  • Adjustable iron audio great for deep search
  • The high concentrated coil supports deep ground hunt
  • Suitable for treasure hunt day and night


  • Relatively heavy
  • Not on the budget side

Fisher is a reputable company for no doubt, hence the quality of this detector.

The machine from Fisher lab is a completely waterproof unit that can stand under the rain without the top electronics being bothered. You now have all the freedom to hunt, rain or shine.

One good thing we have noticed is if we were to scroll through the Fe, we could change the tone. The deeper the signal penetrates the soil, the quieter the tone is. If we meant to dig for gold, we could change from VCO to 2 or 3.

What’s good about it is you can manage the possibility of whatever is beeping. As far as you manually adjust, you will get the volume control of the ferrous or non-ferrous target. That will increase the chance of blocking out iron or have it read off very faint for a more valuable object.

The machine can reach up to 10 inches in depth with pinpoint and discrimination modes to search for costly assets like gold and silver. There are 10 sensitive levels to promote the accuracy of the search. But note that how deep it goes depends on the mass of the object.

Operating Frequency7.69 kHz
Audio Frequency4-tone
Search modesAll-Metal, Discrimination, Notch, Pinpoint, and Custom
Ground balanceGROUND-GRAB Computerized Ground Balancing and Manual
Search CoilConcentric Triangulated Elliptical Waterproof
Maximum Search Depth10 inches
Highlight FeaturesAdjustable iron audio, A backlight included, Both Manual and automatic ground balance, Five search modes,  The electronic box has seals to keep water and elements out of the compartment inside.

The Fisher F44 is a great companion for deep-soil hunting on both dry and rainy days.

Mid-level – deepest metal detector

It would be a great reward to have a more advanced detector to be by your side for more challenge and valuable finds. Check out the items below.

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector – Best overall

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector
Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

  • Very lightweight
  • Powerful detectability
  • Search in decent depth even in standard mode
  • Long lasting batteries


  • A bit complicated setup
  • Not budget

The detector is packed with expert-level features to promise you a more effective search venture.

This all-terrain machine uncovers targets of different materials in different fields.

The whole unit can submerge to 10 feet allowing to you conduct the hunt around ponds, lakes, creeks, rivers, and the ocean.

Garret AT with the Pro mode audio feature that can auto turn on or off, depending on your skill level and preference. Mainly, you will hear many simultaneous tones depicting the characteristics of the target.

The advanced audio feature allows you to hear discriminated iron in a low squeaking tone. This designates if the target has iron content that is likely junk. The iron audio also helps determine whether you should dig the object or not.

On the AT Pro, Ground balance comes in both manual and auto setup. Large search coils will also support your search of smaller metal materials in deeper soil.

Operating Frequency15 kHz
Audio Frequency3-tone
Search modes6 (3 Standard, 3 Pro modes)
Ground balanceAuto and Manual
Search Coil8.5” x 11” PROformance™ DD submersible
Maximum Search Depth10 inches
Highlight FeaturesThe premium iron audio helps avoid digging trash, High-Res Iron Discrimination™, Can be submerged up to 10-foot depth.

This machine is a blast with all the best features united in one place.

Teknetics T2 Classic Metal Detector – Best for relic hunting

Teknetics T2 Classic Metal Detector
Teknetics T2 Classic Metal Detector with Waterproof 11" Coil and 5 Year Warranty

  • High-performance
  • Double Filter Discrimination Modes for trashy areas
  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Large LCD screen


  • Pricey
  • A bit heavy

This ergonomic design is so attractive that you will sit in your hand like butter.

The machine runs on 4 double A batteries gives you 40 hours of usage.

So, using this machine was an out-of-this-world experience as it has an exceptional operating approach like no others. The way they have it set up with the trigger, the one button, and the dial is just brilliant.

Now, this dude comes with a large 11-inch DD coil that is capable of detecting large coins to up to 12-15 inches in depth. The speed recovery is super crazy fast.

Teknetics T2 Classic will get you a lot of bang for the money for its high-end feature that will bring you good signals.

The double filter discrimination eliminates more trashy items in the scanned are while displaying target ID making your dig even more accurate. It yet has a waterproof search coil for you to hunter at the shallow.

Operating Frequency13 kHz
Audio Frequency4-tone
Search modesN/A
Ground balanceManual and Automatic
Search Coil11-inch DD waterproof
Maximum Search Depth15 inches
Highlight FeaturesBi-axial search coil for ultimate accurate relics search, Double Filter Discrimination Modes

T2 Classic is a pro-grade deep metal detector with high performance best for relic hunting.

Minelab EQUINOX 800 Multi-IQ Metal Detector – Best for gold prospecting

Minelab EQUINOX 800 Multi-IQ Metal Detector
Minelab 3720-0002 Equinox 800 Metal Detector, Black

  • Clear “dig” tone
  • Great weight
  • Multiple operating frequencies for excellent performance
  • Pretty balanced on one hand


  • Won’t work near the power line

Literal “gold diggers” should equip This EQUINOX 800 from Minelab for the hunt.

You will have a fully capable multi-frequency detector, not a jack of all trade, ready to earn you some gold nuggets.

There are a lot of versatilities built-in to the machine including the prospecting. It doesn’t feel like an afterthought but a device with serious gold detecting mode using high single frequencies of 20 kHz, 40 kHz. It even functions in mineralized soil surprisingly well.

The menu system on the Equinox is laid out super sleek with visual symbols instead of tiny characters. It is very intuitive the way they design the display with all picture driven allows you to tailor things better.

Chances are you will be on vacation to a terrain where you think there might be gold under the ground. This machine comes apart; three components that can fit in your backpack just fine.

This pack comes with a Bluetooth wireless headphone and a module where you can plug the headphone in for lower latency, higher speed, and faster transmission.

Operating Frequency5kHz, 10kHz, 15kHz, 20kHz, 40kHz
Audio FrequencyWireless audio with the WM 08
Search modes8 Custom Search Profiles
Ground balanceAuto and Manual
Search Coil11-inch Double-D Smart coil, waterproof at 10 feet
Maximum Search Depth4-6 inches for gold nuggets, 14 inches for coins
Highlight FeaturesGold Detecting mode specialized for digging golds, Simultaneous Multi-Frequency, High-Speed Wireless Audio

Not sure if the machine will make you rich, but you will definitely find some hidden values inches deep in the earth.

High-end – deepest metal detectors

At the pro level, it is even more challenging to identify a real good machine. Let us give you some suggestions.

XP DEUS Metal Detector – Best for pro relic hunters

XP DEUS Metal Detector
XP DEUS Metal Detector + Wireless WS5 Full Headphones + Controller and 11 inch Coil

  • Ultra-light of 900g
  • Built seriously for professional use
  • Function wirelessly
  • Fully telescopic S-shaped stem


  • High-priced
  • Headphones may become hot

Experts need good mates. This combo from XP Metal Detector consists of the machine itself and a WS for wireless audio headphones.

You will find 4 detectors in this one XP Deus machine. The gold prospecting, coins and jewelry hunting, beach detecting, and relic hunting.

The machine features lightning-fast recovery that helps find treasure next to iron trash. Extensive iron discrimination range even adds more precision to the search. It comes in 4 different frequencies and 10 factory programs.

Stay updated with the latest software anytime; you will never have to worry about your detector going outmoded.

No more worries about power off midway of your venture. The XP Deus lasts up to 30 hours for your extended hunt with the rechargeable lithium batteries.

Buying the XP, you will have an 11” DD wireless search coil running on high frequencies and excellent sensitivity to target in the deep ground. Another plus point is the wireless digital display remote control removes bulk off your unit to work separately.

The unit will be your best companion on travel since it can fold away in seconds.

Operating Frequency23- 27.7kHz
Audio FrequencyN/A
Search modesMotion and 4 non-motions
Ground balanceTracking, Pumping, Manual, Beach
Search Coil11″ X35 Round standard search coil
Maximum Search Depth10 inches
Highlight FeaturesHigh performance in iron infested trashy hunt sites for more valuable relics, Multi-frequency

The machine bears a compact footprint elevates all bulk while remaining the top-quality features for relic hunting.

White’s Spectra V3i Metal Detector – Top-rated


  • Big heavy-padded headphones
  • full-color HD display indicating depth and metal types
  • High build quality
  • Practical for beginner


  • Not suitable for using with polaroid glasses

This machine feels good in the hand with a wonderful bright high contrast color screen that brings a whole different detecting experience.

The pinpoint technique applies the same method as the Teknetics 2 with the trigger makes it extremely easy to hold on your targets.

One of the most delightful features of the V3i is the wireless headphones that were not available on the previous model. It delivers no delay or lag signal while staying comfortably on the head.

The most transparent improvement on this new version of White’s Spectra is the stability and resistance to EMI.

There is a reason for users to rate this machine as the top deepest metal detector is the many preset factory programs that count up to 9 making it a turn-on-and-go tool.

Operating Frequency2.5, 7.5, 22.5 kHz
Audio FrequencyFull tone
Search modesAll metal and Discriminate (Visual, Tone, Notch – Ultimate Customization)
Ground balanceManual
Search Coil10-inch DD search coil waterproof
Maximum Search Depth12 inches
Highlight FeaturesWireless headphones, Adjustable Backlight

This premier metal detector has all the top-ranked features for a professional hunter.

Garrett ATX Pulse Induction Military Grade Metal Detector – Best for saltwater hunting

Garrett ATX Pulse Induction Military Grade Metal Detector
Garrett ATX Pulse Induction Military Grade Metal Detector

  • Firm build
  • Can detect numerous targets at the same time
  • Long battery life
  • Powerful sensitivity settings
  • Fully collapsible shaft


  • Expensive
  • A bit heavy

The first impression is the military grade design for sturdiness and pro use.

It comes with standard headphones. As the waterproof land headphones are sold separately, you can plug in your higher-performance gadget to get the most out of the detector.

On the control panel, there is no screen but buttons and indicators. You got the white and red texts of which the red ones point to discrimination, non-motion/motion, ground balance, and shift; using it is pretty straightforward.

The advanced pulse induction technology generates a brief magnetic field to reverse polarity resulting in a reflected pulse. The latest application of this technology adds precision to the detector over metal objects.

For people who hunt in saltwater, the fear of the device going rust is critical. The Garret ATX is of anti-corrosive allowing users to roam freely in such terrain.

Operating Frequency23- 27.7kHz
Audio FrequencyN/A
Search modes2: Motion and Non-Motion
Ground balanceN/A
Search Coil12″ DD coil submersible
Maximum Search Depth12-18 inches
Highlight FeaturesWaterproof, 13 sensitivity settings, 25 Discrimination modes, Automatic Pinpointing,  Battery Indicator

If you need something well-built enough to last in saltwater, Garret ATX is the one with the maximum detection you can ever find.

How to choose the deepest metal detector (buying guide)

Deepest Metal Detectors That Punch To The Greatest Depth

The adventure of discovering treasure is so attractive to many curious heads. But shopping for a metal detector is not anything of looking perfunctorily.

So, you have the best detector in hands; it’s time to walk through the criteria needed to buy the most suitable one for you.


It is important to know how much you can spend on a detector. You may not have enough for a multi-purpose machine but want the similar features of acceptable quality.

Also, unless you have the eager to make metal detecting your daily part or else, get one that is not too expensive.

As a beginner, you don’t need a fancy gadget. Try something basic and affordable to learn it to the fullest.


Many users skip this factor until it sores their arms.

Metal detectors made of heavy material with too many bulky details add mass to it won’t make your hunting last due to the fatigued muscles.

Several metal detectors are compact and lightweight like the XP Deus or Garrett AT Pro. These models are qualified with high-performance features in low profile footprints.

The depth it can detect

For deep metal prospecting, people care how far the detectors can penetrate through the earth.

This doesn’t mean you can rely on the specs to expect the machine to reach its depth, but the condition of the soil, the size of the objects and quality of your detector.


This ability to exclude trash is your lodestar. Without good discrimination, you will receive many “spitty” beeps distract you from the real treasure.

In a littered field, chances are you would dig up all the bottle caps and iron with incapable discrimination.


The higher the kHz, the more money you will spend. Having more operating frequencies for more accuracy is good. So, go as high as you can. The more, the better; though, it is not the decisive factor to locate the right digs.

Search Coil

There is physics involved in choosing the search coil, but we want you to the size of the coil.

Different coils work in various fields.

  • Use small coils (6 – 9 inches) for areas with lots of metal litter. This coil size is useful in looking for small targets.
  • Medium coils (10 -11 inches) are the most popular in sites of the low mineralized level.
  • Large coils from above 15 inches look treasures under deep soil but stay away from metal littered sites because the discrimination will react to the ion signal.

Trusted metal detector brands

Deepest Metal Detectors That Punch To The Greatest Depth

Fisher Lab

The company aims to produce the best metal detectors with quality that has earned it a positive reputation. Fisher never stops applying innovative technology to their underground locating equipment. Detectors from Fisher come with affordable price tags and standards that fit from beginners to the most experienced detectorists.


“Proudly made in the USA” is what they say. Teknetics always looks to bring the hottest to the design and performance to their state-of-the-art metal detectors. Teknetics is a part of the First Texas Products family that has a role in continuing the legacy of the mother company.


Detectors from Garrett are in favor of most users from starters to midlevel. The machines usually have ergonomics design and straightforward usage to make every hunt a venture of joy. Gadgets from Garrett are friendly to the novice and urging to the skillful.


Deepest Metal Detectors That Punch To The Greatest Depth

What kind of metal sets off metal detectors?

A: Metal detectors detect non-ferrous metal like bronze, nickel, lead, gold, silver, aluminum, copper, tin, and brass. The discrimination feature will distinguish magnetic elements.

Can metal detectors tell the difference between metals?

A: Typically, a metal detector can detect both non-ferrous and ferrous metals using discrimination because metals respond differently under the AC. That is why we have specific metal detectors for coins, relics, and gold.

How deep will a metal detector detect?

A: It is hard to determine the depth without considering other factors of the detector itself and natural condition in general. But there is a smart way you can measure how deep your coil actually can go on a standard nickel.

The coil will decide how deep you go with the target. Elliptical coils with its fullest circumference can go deeper than the round coils.

The farthest we have experience was up to 15 inches for a quarter with the Garrett AT Pro.

How many types of metal detectors are there?

A: There are 3 main kinds of metal detectors:

  • Beat-Frequency Oscillation: Features one big ring fastened to the base and linked to the oscillator to produce frequency.
  • VLF (Very Low Frequency): Transmitter is responsible for releasing the magnetic field with low frequency into the ground.
  • PI (Pulse Induction): Specifies in deep hunting.

Is metal detecting profitable?

A: If you define profit as money made by selling relics, the answer is yes, metal detecting can be profitable. But only if you find valuable items the world has been losing. Otherwise, what you find may be just rewarding.

Prepare to break a sweat

There you have it, picking the best detector to hit the ground and earn some pennies on the first search.

The deepest metal detector that scored our credits was the Garrett AT Pro with features and price fall all into the basket.

We believe our detailed reviews will help you to choose the best one for yourself.

Do let us know if you find the one and leave a comment here if you have any question. Love to hear from you.

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