Container Gardening Works Even When You Have A Garden

container gardening

Not too long ago all we had was container gardening if we wanted to grow anything indoors or outdoors.

However, now that we have a property to call our own we have a vegetable garden, a couple of raised bed gardens and yet we still do container gardening.

Many people with gardens today don’t use container gardening but I see it as a way to extend our gardens. So we don’t only use containers to start our plants from seed but we also use containers for our indoor plants and herbs.

This year we bought our first bleeding heart and have it in a big container along with a ring of Nasturtiums as a border. We haven’t quite figured out where we want it so this gives up time make up our minds.

Containers come in every shape and size you can think of from tiny cactus containers to dwarf fruit tree containers that are too big to move around when they are full. We even use window box containers to grow Jenny’s cute Petunias.

Many Start Herbs Container Gardens

It’s a really common thing to see people with herbs growing on their kitchen windowsills. We like to grow a few herbs indoors such as chives, parsley, thyme, summer savoury and basil.

Our First Veggie/Fruits Were Tomatoes

Before were had a place we could dig up for a home garden we started with containers. Jenny started with Petunias, of course, and I started with tomatoes. Later we added strawberries in containers to the mix.

We’ve found that the tiny or cherry type tomatoes do well in containers so we still grow tomatoes in containers even though I have a few rows of tomatoes in our vegetable garden.

Maybe we will actually get to do some preserves this year. We wanted to last year but with all the rain and drowning’s my plants went through we didn’t get enough but plenty for the entire summer.

Try Topsy Turvy Planters For Strawberries

The Topsy Turvy Planters are container, just ones that hang instead of sitting on the patio, lawn or drive. We have a few house plants that are in hanging containers. Years ago I tried doing macramé and made a bunch of cool plant hangers.

We haven’t tried the strawberry topsy turvy planter we bought last year. I had a few projects, one being our raised bed for strawberries and kind of forgot I had the planter.

I’ll try again next year, but my friend Jamie has a few of them and even grows cucumbers in them. I might still give them a try for some lettuce this year and then go with strawberries a little earlier next year.

Grow Dwarf Fruit Trees In Containers

Trees In containers are common as well. We actually have a money tree a friend gave us. What a cool looking tree. Right now it’s about 4 feet tall. It could likely go outdoors in the summer but we wouldn’t want to have it infested with insects so we don’t put it outside at all.

Container gardening was our way of doing a little gardening even though we had no place to dig a garden. One of our neighbours here in Moncton have grown tomatoes in containers and had enough containers to go from the sidewalk all the way to their front door, on both sides of their sidewalk. Pretty cool looking.

Growing Potatoes in Containers

Last year I grew potatoes in some big containers so we could have early new potatoes without disturbing our in ground potatoes. Although we have been know to dig a few early potatoes in our garden, just to thin them out so the rest would grow bigger.

This year we grew all our plants from seed. We did the same thing last year but it was kind of a disaster as we don’t get enough direct sunlight in the house. The fact we have a mini greenhouse now helped us to start our seeds outdoors. We could put the greenhouse outside during the day and back in the garden shed for the nights.

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  1. Hi James, good article. Thanks for sharing. The last few years my tomato plants have the bottom leaves all yellowing and working its way up gradually destroying the plant, Will take one of your suggestions and try containers this year.


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