Top 5 Best Small Patio Tables With Umbrella Hole – 2020 Update

It makes no sense to have a beautiful garden but no patio furniture to enjoy the reward of nature for your little backyard.

Well! If size is your concern, a good small patio table with umbrella hole are the optimal choices to sit back and enjoy a cup of tea while feeling the cool breeze at the weekends.

But choosing patio tables is no little work

We have been scouring hundreds of reviews for sets of the exterior, interviewing landscape designers and experiencing several real products to round up a great compilation of value and convenience for your garden.

Scroll on to check what you can throw to cart. Below is my list of the best small patio tables with umbrella hole.

Tangkula Outdoor Patio Table 32 inches – Best overall

Tangkula Outdoor Patio Table 32 inches
Tangkula 32" Outdoor Patio Table Round Steel Frame Tempered Glass Top Commercial Party Event Furniture Conversation Coffee Table for Backyard Lawn Balcony Pool with Umbrella Hole

  • Compact size
  • Sturdy and stable construction
  • Durable tempered glass
  • Easy assembly


  • Wobbling stance

Tangkula table of 32 inches fits right in such space while giving a generous surface for cups of drinks and plates.

We love the tempered glass harnessed in a high-quality steel frame which is high temperature tolerant allowing the unit to stand out under harsh weather.

Many have confirmed the capability of its UV resistance and waterproofing. That makes the table endure longer without having to protect with cover.

Rear leg design adds extra stiffness to the stance and bears the weight of everything on the top including the standard umbrella.

Materialiron + 5mm tempered glass
Overall dimensions32″W x 28.5″H
The diameter of umbrella hole2”
Product weight25.3lbs
Highlight featuresMake use of high-quality glass and frame

Durable and affordable, this is probably the best choice for a small patio table.

Iwicker Patio PE Wicker Umbrella Side Table – Best side table

Iwicker Patio PE Wicker Umbrella Side Table
Iwicker Patio PE Wicker Umbrella Side Table Stand, Outdoor Bistro Table With Umbrella Hole

  • Light weight
  • Compact design for small patio
  • Simple assembly


  • Light construction requires weigh from sandbags

Iwicker uses wicker the surrounding part to enclose the base for sandbags while crafting steel for the durable frame and rust-free top giving a spacious room for drinks, snacks and many dishes.

But there is a better plus point

PE wicker is an environmental-friendly material that is both UV resistant and waterproof. Using wicker, there is no concern about your table going rust.

MaterialPE Wicker and steel
Overall dimensions21.8″L x 21.8″W x 18.1″H
The diameter of umbrella hole1.5”
Product weight24lbs
Highlight featuresPractical design, sturdy construction and small size

Being compact makes the table the best choice for a side table.

Eucalyptus Round Folding Deck Table 43 inches – Most versatile

Eucalyptus Round Folding Deck Table 43 inches
Eucalyptus 43 Inch Round Folding Deck Table

  • Can seat four comfortably
  • Give a small footprint when folded
  • Easy to move and store


  • Vulnerable under sunlight
  • Costly

Scoured users love this table a lot for its foldability. It allows putting away after use to elongate the table’s lifespan.

You will have a functional table with one drop leaf to fit into a small space. We could hardly find any furniture that has a clamp to hold the umbrella stable with no support from a base.

More than that, the natural wood made from plantation grown Brazilian eucalyptus gives an exotic vibe to any home décor. The table comes ready to welcome your guests at any time.

If you tend to let the table sit outside for the season, we suggest adding 2 to 3 layers of polyurethane to prevent destruction from natural elements.

Materialplantation grown Brazilian Eucalyptus
Overall dimensions43” W x 29” H
The diameter of umbrella hole2”
Product weight38lbs
Highlight featuresSmart drop leaf and foldability for more convenience

It is worth every penny paying for such a versatile and solid table.

Compamia Truva Resin Round Dining Table – Best stain resistant

Compamia Truva Resin Round Dining Table
Compamia Truva Resin Round Dining Table in White

  • Substantial to beachfront winds
  • Lightweight to dismantle and store
  • Easy to clean
  • Very sturdy and balanced


  • No assembly instruction included

If you are looking for something extraordinary; something of uncommon to the usual, the marine-grade resin made the table is a new yet stylish item for your garden.

The table is specially designed to stand in the land with the soil of chlorine and saltwater. It can resist suntan oils which is perfect to use outdoor.

Furthermore, the rubber feet caps keep the table in place while being adjustable to customize the height.

MaterialMarine grade resin
Overall dimensions42″D x 29″H
The diameter of umbrella hole2”
Product weight25lbs
Highlight featuresHigh-quality resin resists tough weather condition and remains the sturdy construction for a decent time

The table can withstand impacts from the environment making it suitable for heavy outdoor use.

Christopher Knight Home Kanza Outdoor – Best wicker table for poolside

Christopher Knight Home Kanza Outdoor
Christopher Knight Home 296768 Kanza Outdoor Brown Wicker Round Dining Table

  • Use eco-friendly wicker
  • Have a durable construction
  • Resist natural vandalism
  • Survive heavy use


  • Cost some extra
  • Come in parts

There are not many complaints about the quality of products from Christopher Knight Home; at least that is how we feel about using their furniture for years.

This patio table is one of our favorites. The manufacturer has utilized PE wicker to craft a sturdy, yet durable exterior table woven around a powder coated iron frame.

The unit is waterproof making it perfect for standing at poolside without worrying the material to absorb humidity from splashes.

MaterialPE Wicker + Power Coated Iron
Overall dimensions48″D x 28.25″H
The diameter of umbrella hole2”
Product weight60lbs
Highlight featuresHigh-quality wicker withstands water

The table will sling shoot your pool deck to a spotlight and stand firmly in all seasons.

How to choose the best small patio table with umbrella hole (buying guide)

Best Small Patio Table With Umbrella Hole

Buying a small patio table with umbrella hole is not only a matter of paying for what you like. To get the best out of what’s available online, there are a few things you want to notice.

Here we have a couple of buying tips you can follow.


Agree that you want the furniture to be small, but how small it should be is the real question to answer.

If you pick the wrong size, it will bother you sending the item back and waiting for a return. Not to mention, compressing an oversized table into a limited ground will give the whole proportional arrangement an awkward and cramped look.

In this case, consider your porch layout where you intend to place the table. Do leave some rooms for the chairs because you will want to add some later.


Another concern related to how you like the design to be. The table can be round or square. Whichever way you fall for, try to imagine if it matches your current style.

Here you can pick the complementary elements like colors, shapes, and patterns from the garden landscape for visual harmony.

Since the outdoor is an extension of the rest of the house, ton-sue-ton is a better idea to have a continuous layout inside out. That will create a cohesive design scheme and smooth transition for both interior and exterior.


You may like the endurance of iron and steel but beware that these materials can easily go rust. They will expose flaws after a short time.

PE wicker is another choice that promises durability plus waterproofing ability. Woven wicker tables can have the top of the same material while the others harness glass top. Some use wood with stain coat to enhance the resistance to weather conditions.

What makes up the tables influences their appearance too. You will sacrifice the original gloss for rusty frames if you choose steel frames. If you like the sturdy build of metal, aluminum is a fair substitute.

Be careful when using wooden tables as exteriors, you may want to cover them with a few polyurethane layers to extend its endurance.

Who makes the best small patio table with an umbrella hole?

Best Small Patio Table With Umbrella Hole


Needless to mention the superior standard Tangkula invests into their products. What comes from the brand always give the highest satisfaction that many of its competitors can seldom achieve.

Authentic furniture from Tangkula typically come with 2 years of warranty and super-fast return service. Their customer support is also among the top responsive help channels.

Christopher Knight Home

People recognize CKH as a name of exotic quality as they provide premium products with the high-class quality only.

You can find most items from CKH has its price to speak; what people have to pay goes with excellent customer service and long-term qualification.


No brand can beat the supreme of wicker products made by Iwicker at an affordable price range. The Iwicker umbrella tables come in various styles and designs.

The general features of all wicker products from Iwicker are waterproofing and UV resistance promise to bear the harshness of outside weather.


Best Small Patio Table With Umbrella Hole

Do patio tables need to be covered?

A: It depends on which material of the table. Iron and glass may not need such protection. If you buy a steel framed table, you can apply a rust-resistant outfit to keep the surface intact.

Natural products from wicker usually get treated with a protective layer of PE to withstand the environmental impacts. So, it is possible to put a cover if you want no natural vandalism to bother the furniture.

Wood is the one thing to be watched here since the material is relatively more vulnerable to the outside world if not treated with a protective coat. If you tend not to put away the wood furniture, cover them with fabric upholstery or waterproof material.

What is the best time to buy patio furniture?

A: We enjoy our time in the garden during spring and summer, like most people. That should be the time people flock to search for patio furniture. Having a seating set in your backyard during the genial climate making the few first months of the year the best time to buy exterior furniture.

But if you mind the increasing price due to high demand, it makes sense to buy during the clearance sale and Black Friday of the last Christmas. You may not use the table in winter; but when it gets warm, you’ll have stock to decorate the backyard.

How do you stop wood tables from rotting?

A: If you leave the wood unfinished, avoiding stains on the deck is not enough to prevent the table from rotting. The best solution to treat wood exteriors is to coat it with a protective layer. Latex or oil-paint is among the popular tops that help protect the furniture. Spar varnish is a better option that will add UV blockers to its built-up finish.

How do I protect my patio table in the winter?

A: We’d rather put everything away since the chill is destructive. But if you have no room inside for the heavy metal table set, at least wear them a coat to endure winter.

It’d be great if your furniture is stackable. When storing patio exteriors, clean them first before bringing them indoor.

Another solution is to top a durable waterproofing cover that fits the entire unit. You should secure the lid so that wind can’t blow it away.

Let’s get some shades

Having a nice patio table that holds the shadow for you is the greatest way to enjoy hanging out with your family and guests on a sunny day. It’s even better to sit on the pool deck having fun with the splashes without worrying the table getting rot.

Our picks will give you that confidence living a cozy lifestyle with quality furniture products.

Leave us comments before asking anything concerning the best small patio tables with umbrella hole. Looking to hearing from you!

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