Top 6 Best Small Gas Snow Blowers With High Quality – 2020

For those living in a place seeing regular snowfall but having a small garage, a compact snow blower is a good long-term investment.

What follows is our top picks of the best small gas snow blowers:

    • Poulan Pro 961840001 Snow Thrower – Best overall single-stage option
    • Remington RM2120 Gas Snow Thrower – Best user-friendly single-stage gas option
    • Honda Power HS720AA Snow Blower – Most versatile single-stage option
    • Champion Power Equipment 100434 Snow Blower – Most compact two-stage option
    • YARDMAX YB5765 Snow Blower – Best budget-friendly two-stage model
  • Poulan PRO PR240 Snowthrower – Best two-stage option for gravel driveways

Best single-stage gas snow blower

Poulan Pro 961840001 – Best overall single-stage option


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Large controls for ease of operating when wearing gloves
  • Ideal for smaller areas, paved areas, sidewalks, and 2-4 car driveways
  • Compact design


  • Poor-quality control

The Poulan Pro 961840001 Snow Thrower stands out for a good reason. First, this heavy-duty snow blower comes with a 136cc LTC engine allowing it to clear up to 21 inches of snow in width and 13-inch intake height.

It means that it can deal with heavy snowfalls in larger spaces better than other models.

Moreover, its durable 8″ auger helps propel the machine itself forward while removing snow, requiring users little effort to maneuver this lightweight unit.

What users don’t like about this product is the poor-quality control. Some complained that several bolts linking the frame and the shell are improperly screwed in.

Product Specifications

System TypeSingle-stage gas
Clearing Width21 inches
Clearing Height13 inches
Cylinder Displacement136cc
Max.Discharge Distance30 feet
Transmission TypeAuger drive
Weight81 pounds
Highlight FeaturesDurable 8″ auger

Poulan Pro 961840001 Snow Thrower is a perfect package of durability, convenience, and performance for clearing medium snowfalls.

Remington RM2120 – Best user-friendly single-stage gas option

Remington RM2120
Remington RM2120 123cc Electric Start Single-Stage Gas Snow Thrower

  • Easy to operate
  • Not require a gas-oil mixture
  • Able to throw snow in any direction chosen


  • Require an outlet to use the electric start

Though this Remington RM2120 Snow Thrower is a single-stage machine, it is great for what it has to offer.

Its123cc OHV electric start gas engine ensures an impressive 21-inch wide clearance while its steel auger drives homeowners through snow and crushes it with ease.

The only issue you may run into is the outlet needed to use the electric start. Though it might be a bit pricey, considering the fact that you can save much money on fuel and regular maintenance, it is worth buying.

Product Specifications

System TypeSingle-stage gas
Clearing Width21 inches
Clearing Height13 inches
Cylinder Displacement123cc
Max.Discharge Distance10-12 feet
Transmission TypeAuger-assisted drive system
Weight87 pounds
Highlight FeaturesRemote crank chute rotation, Deluxe Diamond tires, and high-quality 190-degree rotating, clog-resistant polymer chute.

Remington RM2120 Gas Snow Thrower is the best choice for those in search of a durable model requiring less effort to make the job of clearing shallow- and medium-depth of snow a breeze.

Honda Power HS720AA – Most versatile single-stage option

Honda Power HS720AA
Honda Power Equipment HS720AA 20" 187cc Single-Stage Snow Blower with Dual Chute Control

  • Easy to start even in the cold weather
  • Light and maneuverable
  • Perfect for light and moderate snowfalls
  • Last for years


  • A bit pricey
  • Snow-collecting tires

A high-end model makes clearing snow – the most inconvenient winter task way easier.

If you don’t mind spending a little extra money on an easy-to-use, powerful, and long-lasting snow blower, the Honda Power HS720AA is your best bet.

The premium residential 190Cc Honda OHC engine delivers much power (twice its size) to churn through inches of snow.

With the suitable conditions of light, fluffy or slightly wet snow, it can move up to 1,800 lbs of snow each minute. And its conveniently located remote chute chucks it up to 33 feet away.

Perhaps the biggest issue with this Honda machine is the snow-collecting tires making it a bit hard to control your device while it is clearing snow. Also, it comes at a higher price tag than other single-stage models.

Product Specifications

System TypeSingle-stage gas
Clearing Width20 inches
Clearing Height12 inches
Cylinder Displacement187cc
Max.Discharge Distance33 feet
Transmission TypeSemi-self propelled auger drive
Weight89 pounds
Highlight FeaturesHigh-snow removal, Snow Director™ Chute Control, Heavy Duty Metal Auger Housing, Automatic decompression for easy starting, Operator-friendly Controls.

Honda Power HS720AA Snow Blower is designed with homeowners in search of a lightweight unit that can tackle various applications in mind.

Best two-stage small gas snow engine

Champion Power Equipment 100434 – Most compact two-stage option

Champion Power Equipment 100434
Champion 224cc Compact 24-Inch 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Electric Start

  • ECCC Approved and EPA certified
  • Effortless start in a cold morning
  • Manual and electric start for users’ maximum convenience
  • Compact design for ease of handling and convenient storage


  • Not powerful enough for medium and heavy duty

Being a part of Champion Power’s certified line up, the 100434 snow blower, which features steel body, protective paint, high-capacity engines, and 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, is not surprisingly one of the best small gas snow blowers.

Durability and performance are of paramount importance while Champion Power makes this product.

They equip it with a 120-volt electric start. To clear away the latest snowfalls, all you have to do is to push the button.

And a convenient recoil start comes as an additional option helping you quickly get back to work while operating far away from an outlet.

However, you should have a realistic expectation about this unit is that you will make an effort as much as the machine does to cut through day-old packed snow. Just expect this compact unit to be easy to store and transport!

Product Specifications

System TypeTwo-stage gas
Clearing Width24 inches
Snow Depth21 inches
Cylinder Displacement224cc
Max.Discharge Distance43 feet
Transmission TypeSelf-propelled auger drive
Weight187 pounds
Highlight FeaturesAdjustable skid shoes, 120-volt push-button electric start plus 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, 12-inch carbon-steel auger, easy-to-adjust chute control.

Champion Power Equipment 100434 Snow Blower is the best bud for homeowners having a small garage.

YARDMAX YB5765 – Best budget-friendly two-stage model

YARDMAX YB5765 Two-Stage Snow Blower, 6.5 hp, 196cc, 22"

  • Simplified assembly
  • High-speed impeller can eat more snow
  • Effortlessly slice through icy, hard-packed stuff
  • Better traction and increased maneuverability


  • Fragile pull rope

Clearing hard-packed snow and ice of your long driveways or patios will not be that drudgery when you have this powerful 196cc cold-weather recoil start engine at your side.

Aside from a push-button start, the YARDMAX YB5765 Snow Blower also boasts a backup pull recoil allowing you to get started in even the harshest weather conditions.

As a plus, the self-propelled drive offering 5 forward and 2 reverse speeds allows for better traction and control over uneven terrain.

Though the YARDMAX YB5765 Snow Blower offers a good value for your money, it has some flaws such as the fragile pull rope.

Product Specifications

System TypeTwo-stage gas
Clearing Width22 inches
Clearing Height16 inches
Cylinder Displacement196cc
Max. Discharge Distance30 feet
Transmission TypeSelf propelled auger drive
Weight161 pounds
Highlight FeaturesEasy to start engine, Multiple speeds, serrated steel augers, Axe-shaped housing, High-speed impeller.

If you want more power than a single-stage unit but don’t have to tackle massive snowfalls regularly, YARDMAX YB5765 Snow Blower will definitely make you satisfied.

Poulan PRO PR240 – Best two-stage option for gravel driveways


  • Easy to assemble
  • Budget-friendly
  • Efficient performance


  • Heavy and quiet loud

The Poulan PRO PR240 Snowthrower is a small and efficient device.

Not only can this 179cc two-stage gas-powered machine work for various snow levels but its simple design without power steering and heated grips also fits into the tight room around vehicles.

Though the Poulan PRO PR240 Snowthrower is powerful enough to handle heavy-duty jobs, its noisy operation makes it a bad choice for those living in a quiet neighborhood.

Product Specifications

System TypeTwo-stage gas
Clearing Width24 inches
Snow Depth23 inches
Cylinder Displacement179cc
Max.Discharge DistanceN/A
Transmission TypeSelf propelled auger drive
Weight240 pounds
Highlight FeaturesEasier to use control and redesigned control panel, Adjustable handle height, Reduced tipping force.

Poulan PRO PR240 Snowthrower is a performance-oriented 2-stage machine giving you peace of mind when it comes to clearing snow in your 3+ car driveways and gravel areas.

How to choose best small gas snow blower (buying guide)

Best Small Gas Snow Blowers With High Quality

Types of gas snow blowers

A single-stage snow blower which is lighter and more compact is perfect for smaller jobs like cleaning patios, walkways, sidewalks, and short driveways. It can only handle large volumes no more than 8 inches of snow.

With the use of power-assisted wheels, a two-stage snow blower can clear right down to slopes, gravel driveways, and large areas. This type is ideal for wet snow, too.

Snow depth & Clearing width

These two features should be based on the size of your property as well as the snowfall amount you have to experience. The more snowstorms you witness per year the higher these two numbers should be.


It is better to go with a lighter snow blower as even if your hands can bear a hefty unit, they will get fatigued soon.

Who makes the best small gas snow blower?

Best Small Gas Snow Blowers With High Quality


Founded in 2015, Yardmax is an American brand providing a wide variety of lawn machinery, including the most popular snow blowers amongst homeowners because of their sturdy construction that can last for many years to come.

Poulan Pro

With seven decades in the market, this American company now operates manufacturing powerful snow removal instrument all over the world.

If you want a short work of any snow-blowing job, a Poulan Pro product is worth taking into account.


Best Small Gas Snow Blowers With High Quality

Is a two stage snow blower better than a single stage?

In terms of snow-blowing performance, a two-stage machine is better than a single-stage one.

The former can handle snowfall depths up to 12 inches on large driveways up to 3 cars long x 2 cars wide x while the latter is designed for the 6 inches of snowfall on 2 cars long x 2 cars wide driveways.

Moreover, most two-stage machines come with multiple forward speeds allowing it to chew into more compacted ice and snow in a shorter period of time than a single-stage unit.

Are gas snow blowers better than electric?

An electric snow blower, which is lightweight and pretty easy to maneuver, is the best choice for those who live in an area rarely witnessing accumulating snow and do not want to use a shovel.

Meanwhile, only a gas model can handle huge piles of heavy snow.

Are snow blowers 2 cycle engines?

Snow blowers engines can be either 2-cycle or 4-cycle with the latter being newer and more popular than the former.

Most homeowners choose 4-stroke engines over 2-stroke models because they are quieter and more environmentally friendly. Moreover, they don’t require an oil and gasoline mixture with an exact ratio.

What kind of gas does a snowblower take?

Gas is all that 4-stroke engines require while a 2-stroke model needs a mixture of with the gas/oil ratio of either 40:1 or 50:1.

Tip: Check the manufacturer’s manual to know the type of fuel and the gas – oil ratio for each specific model.

Should you drain gas from snowblower?

Those having already added fuel stabilizer to the gas in their snow blower can fill the tank with fuel before putting their machine in storage without worrying about internal component damage.

Meanwhile, those using gas from the station should run the fuel out of their device before putting it in storage.

How do I prepare my snowblower for winter?

  • Use fresh and high-quality fuel
  • Regularly change gas and oil
  • Change your device’s spark plug, air and fuel filter at least once a season or every 100 hours in use
  • Follow the instructions of the manufacturer to lubricate the machine
  • Check and replace all the worn parts


Not all snow blowing machines are built the same and it might take you a lot of time to find out the one that works best for you. Hopefully, our list of the best small gas snow blowers above will give you an idea of your go-to option.

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