Best Outdoor Coffee Tables With Umbrella Hole – 2020 Update

You have a backyard to spare some time looking at the children run and play and have your cup of earl grey on a cool sunny day. That makes hole patio tables among the most desired garden furniture.

But choosing this exterior involves many factors that matter in giving enough comfort, durability, shape, and reasonable price.

So, how would you buy the best outdoor coffee tables with umbrella hole?

We’ve rounded up numerous options right below as well as some shopping tips for such items.

Scroll on and make sure you don’t miss the best.

Tangkula Outdoor Patio Table 32 inches – Best overall

Tangkula Outdoor Patio Table 32 inches
Tangkula 32" Outdoor Patio Table Round Steel Frame Tempered Glass Top Commercial Party Event Furniture Conversation Coffee Table for Backyard Lawn Balcony Pool with Umbrella Hole

  • Easy assembly
  • Small size fits small patios
  • Decent durability can last for years


  • Provided tools are flimsy

It’s hard to beat the endurance of this table even under the extreme outside weather conditions thanks to its round steel frame that stands against any weather harshness.

A top of tempered glass harnessed in modern design will spark up any exterior style while looking exotic at a can’t-be-cheaper price. Cleaning the surface is just a matter of quickly wiping on the water wave pattern.

Better than all, sun and wind are unlikely to interfere with the high-temperature tolerant glass and the entire structure. It has been staying in our garden for months with no showing of a defect.

It is yet UV resistant and waterproof. Most importantly, the frame steel is sturdy enough to support an umbrella so as not to let it incline.

Materialiron + 5mm tempered glass
Overall dimension32″ W x 28.5″H
The diameter of umbrella hole2.0″
Product weight25.3lbs
Highlight featuresRear leg design assures the table to hold an umbrella in place

This umbrella table is all you need for a perfect sitting exterior.

PHI VILLA Outdoor Patio Bistro Metal Steel Slat Dining Table

PHI VILLA Outdoor Patio Bistro Metal Steel Slat Dining Table
PHI VILLA 37" Outdoor Patio Bistro Metal Steel Slat Dining Table with Umbrella Hole

  • Well-made for the price
  • Compact in size
  • 2 years of warranty


  • Bolt holes don’t line up
  • Legs and Rails collect water

If you wish for rust and waterproof patio accessory, this table is the number one choice.

It has the perfect width to accommodate several dishes to serve you a delicious outdoor dinner.

The elegant and straightforward slat design will create a highlight in your backyard. With the finish of e-coating, the surface is extremely easy to clean.

Materialhigh-quality metal
Overall dimensionL37″ x W37″ x H28″
The diameter of umbrella hole1.57″
Product weight37.8lbs
Highlight featuresPremium-quality metal resists defects from the weather

This table is meant to be out in the rain while staying elegant after years of use.

Tangkula Patio Table Outdoor Garden

Tangkula Patio Table Outdoor Garden
Tangkula Patio Table Outdoor Garden Balcony Poolside Lawn Glass Top Steel Frame All Weather Dining Bistro Table (Square Black 32")

  • Serviceable on all garden platforms
  • Suitable for any home design
  • Right price for any budget
  • Supportive for standard umbrellas


  • Short warranty
  • No color options

Tangkula always knows what their buyers want. If you have enough round tables around the house, getting a square hole patio table surely makes a center of attention.

With the same quality of high temperature tolerant, you just let the furniture out in the environment.

Its wipe-clean surface is a plus point that will save you time clearing dirt on the top.

The tempered glass table is also waterproof and UV resistant challenging any weather condition.

Materialiron + 5mm tempered glass
Overall dimension32″L x32 “W x 28.5″H
The diameter of umbrella hole2.0″
Product weight20.9lbs
Highlight featuresTempered glass and sturdy frame still the table on uneven ground

A great square table for generous size while being lightweight and well-made.

Christopher Knight Home Kanza – Best wicker table

Christopher Knight Home Kanza
Christopher Knight Home 296768 Kanza Outdoor Brown Wicker Round Dining Table

  • Upscale the look of the exterior
  • Suitable for sitting by the pool
  • Premium craftsmanship
  • Easy to put together


  • May get wobble

There is nothing better than a PE wicker table for outside dining.

The material comes with a coat of powder that can resist water. The iron frame adds firmness to the whole unit, allowing the table to stand with an upright umbrella in the middle.

Woven in an interlace structure, the table promises survival of heavy use throughout the years.

MaterialPE wicker
Overall dimension48″L x48 “W x 28.25″H
The diameter of umbrella hole2.0″
Product weight60lbs
Highlight featuresExclusive and sturdy design from woven wicker

Wicker makes a perfect table to match any outside décor and withstand natural elements better than most materials.

VIFAH Ibiza Outdoor Wood Stacking Table – Best wooden table

VIFAH Ibiza Outdoor Wood Stacking Table
Vifah Malibu Outdoor Stacking Table

  • Solid wood
  • Comfortable for 4 people
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move around


  • Loose legs when get dragged
  • Chemical smell out of the box

For people who look for simplicity and uniqueness, the kiln-dried wooden table is one of the top choices.

The table is made from FSC High-Density Eucalyptus with the most natural finish complements any home decor. It can sit anywhere on the patio, deck, poolside, and garden.

High-quality wood is not only durable but also resistant to mold, mildew, fungi, termites, rot, and decay. You will get no worries letting this table outside for quite a time.

MaterialFSC High-Density Eucalyptus natural wood
Overall dimension35″L x 35 “W x 29″H
The diameter of umbrella hole2.0″
Product weight50lbs
Highlight featuresNatural wood makes it durable and gives an elegant look

This table is where quality and appeal meet each other.

Zero Emission World Ta-143 Bamboo Round Folding Bistro Table – Best green product

Zero Emission World Ta-143 Bamboo Round Folding Bistro Table
Zero Emission World Ta-143 Bamboo Round Folding Bistro Table, Natural, 31.5X31.5X29.5

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Portable
  • No varnish or stain on the unit
  • Easy to put up and take down


  • Vulnerable to mold (can fix with a coat)
  • Not an umbrella-ready table

There are reasons for us to go green by using eco-friendly products to show our respect for nature. For outdoor umbrella tables, we chose the bamboo made from Zero Emission World.

This solid piece of handcrafted bamboo is made of Dendrocalamus Strictus, giving a durable table that defies the adverse weather even in winter.

Being sturdy seems to be enough, but bamboo is also a lightweight material harnessed in a foldable design allowing users to move the table around without breaking a sweat.

Overall dimension31.5″L x 31.5 “W x 29.5″H
The diameter of umbrella holeCan drill to preferred size
Product weight16.54lbs
Highlight featuresBamboo is lightweight and durable for a reasonable price and quality

The best option for those who wish to protect nature while keeping a convenient outdoor table.

How to choose the best outdoor coffee table with umbrella hole (buying guide)

Best Outdoor Coffee Tables With Umbrella Hole

It may sound simple to pick a table, pay and go. But the fact is there are more to consider beyond price and style.

Check out our expert tips below to buy your best table with a hole for an umbrella.


Big tables can accommodate more seats. If you have more than four households, it makes sense to buy larger tables. But for coffee tables, compactness should go first.

Typically, people choose compact patio tables to fit the limited space of the porch. In the garden, the table can be bigger but small size is preferable for its portability.


Round tables are popular for having no pointing edges to hurt your children accidentally. Squared tables easily match in any decoration style with its modern looking.

In our opinion, what matters most is your preference. Since the price tags for these tables at the moment are affordable to most classes, it is possible for you to have one round and one square table.


Sure! You don’t want to buy something that will wear out after a couple of months. This is when what made up the table plays its role. Glass top and steel frame are among the top materials for durable products.

Wood gives an exotic appearance to any item it builds but may cost higher than industrial materials.

If you are an environmental advocate, using bamboo tables is a contribution to save nature. Wicker is also a choice if you look for eco-friendly material.

Who makes the best outdoor coffee table with an umbrella hole?


The brand specifics in manufacturing high-quality home furniture, both indoor and outdoor. They make use of multiple materials to vary the price range. You can find products of Tangkula in many creative designs and categories.

Christopher Knight Home

Offering supreme groups of furniture, CKH is a brand of medium to high-class home products.

Outdoor coffee tables with umbrella holes from CKH are of superior value for the money. Buying the exterior from this brand won’t be a disappointment.

Zero Emission World

They may not be the top brand of furniture but they produce the best eco-friendly umbrella tables from bamboo. With the will to save the environment, products from Zero Emission World make use of cheap material from the nature that can be found anywhere to reduce the carbon footprint. Using their furniture, you do not worry about polluting nature.


Best Outdoor Coffee Tables With Umbrella Hole

What is a good size coffee table?

A: Coffee tables are supposed to be small in size to stand on a small porch or deck. People like it to be square or round to move around easily. The general height that fits most uses is about 30 inches while the width of square tables can vary. Round tables usually have the diameters from 30 to 35 inches. All of them have a hole in the middle to hold a standard sized umbrella.

How do I protect my coffee table?

A: All coffee tables mentioned above can resist water and most destructive elements from the environment. Despite that, you may want to add an extra protective layer to the table.

For PE, resin, or vinyl material, they are already waterproof; you can cover the table with upholstery and clean dust with a piece of soft fabric once in a while.

Wood is more vulnerable. That is why you want to pay more attention when leaving it outside. To treat the mold, mildew, and fungi, you should spray a coat of EPA VOC compliant wood finish with ingredients of paraffinic oil that can withstand ultraviolet rays. That won’t take away the original color of the table but gives it a new protective coat to stand outside for years.

Coating for iron frames seems unnecessary unless you buy a product that will go rust with time. An iron coat may keep the original look of the table for some time. Or else, you can spend more time cleaning the table regularly to maintain as close to its original condition as possible.

Do outdoor coffee tables need to be covered in the rain?

A: You can listen to the waterproof advertise to leave the table naked under the rain or rely on the shield of the umbrella to not cover it. But the more you protect the product, the longer it will bear the use. So, YES! You need to cover your outdoor coffee table when it rains, but it’s not a MUST.

Sit back and get some shades

You can see choosing a reliable outdoor table with umbrella hole is not an easy job if you don’t know which criteria to look at. We understand when coming to the market, there are many things to confuse you.

But there you have it

We’ve got the best products with all the remarks we have experienced written down to help you choose. If there is any question dwelling still, please leave it in the comment box below; we’re more than happy to answer.

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