Top 4 Best Electric Log Splitters For Your Money (Reviews) – 2020

Log splitters have immensely helped save hours on labor just to split wood. Since its creation, it has evolved from the traditional manual splitters to modern electric ones. This evolution made wood-cutting much simpler and easier, giving various options to choose from.

Some splitters are used for commercial purposes and require heavy-duty ones. However, smaller and more home-friendly variations are available that let people decide on its purpose and specific use.

Currently, there are a lot of household-friendly log splitters produced by trusted brands. To be discussed are the best electric log splitters available in the market now, which are modest-sized & highly portable, most suitable for home use!

Best Electric Log Splitters For Home Use

sample-table__image My Favorite Choice Boss Industrial ES7T20
  • 7 tons of splitting force
  • Cutting Capacity: 10.5" in Diameter - 20.5" in Length
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sample-table__image Powerhouse XM-380
  • 7 tons of splitting force
  • Cutting Capacity: 12" in Diameter - 20.5" in Length
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sample-table__image WEN 56206
  • 6 tons of splitting force
  • Cutting Capacity: 10" in Diameter - 20.5" in Length
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sample-table__image Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556
  • 4 tons of splitting force
  • Cutting Capacity: 10" in Diameter - 20" in Length
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Boss Industrial ES7T20 7-Ton Electric Log Splitter

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter, 7-Ton


  • Simple design that isn’t complicated at first sight.
  • Usability at 115VAC.
  • Time-saving ram feature.
  • One-handed maneuver for multitasking.


  • One-hand design may also be a safety concern if user is inexperienced.
  • A short height.
  • May not work on 15A circuits.

The portable Boss Industrial ES7T20 has a simple and rugged design that can be used with only one hand, letting you multitask depending on what you are doing.

It boasts an automatic ram return feature that lets you finish the job in half the time, and increases the number of logs cut in a specified time compared to other models.

It offers a professional-grade hydraulic system that would ensure you cut those logs accurately, efficiently, powerfully, and without fail. At its best, it can cut 14”-16” in diameter logs. The weight is just about 106 pounds, so easy to transport!

Powerhouse XM-380 7-Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

<strong>Powerhouse XM-380 7-Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter </strong>Review
Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter, 7-Ton


  • Two-handed safety feature that minimizes user injuries as it requires both hands to work.
  • Retracting feature that saves time for faster reloading.
  • Usability at 115VAC.


  • Switch that are sometimes hard to control for first-time users.
  • Relatively high 20-25 amp circuit capacity.
  • Its short height.
  • Product design that sometimes make it easy to trip on rough surfaces.

The powerful XM-380 is a portable wood splitter that has a simple and sturdy design that can be used anytime, anywhere.

It operates only by using both hands, acting as a safety feature and an efficient time-saver. Its two-handed simultaneous operation avoids potential injury and has an automatic response that retracts for reloading after removing your hands.

With its 7-ton hydraulics, it can cut up to 20” length and 12” diameter logs. It weighs about 104 pounds, lighter compared to the heavy-duty splitters.

WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter

<strong>WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter</strong> Review
WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter


  • Two-handed safety feature that cancels out distractions for the hands.
  • Easily to spot guide rail for the wood being cut.
  • Ease of plugging for home use.
  • Applicability for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • A 2-year warranty for making sure that the product is in high quality and condition.


  • Workability for different kinds of woods as tougher logs sometimes need more time and trials to cut.
  • The short height of the product.
  • Applicability to different seasons, as it needs different kinds of oil according to the surrounding temperature.

The simple-designed WEN 56206 may look normal to the eyes, but it is a portable and powerful splitter that is also a bestseller in the list.

It utilizes the two-handed maneuver as well that minimizes accidents to the user while providing flawless woodcutting through the device. Once the hand is removed, the ram returns to its normal position, a safety feature as well as a reloading one.

It is fume-free, as most modern electric log splitters are, so that it may be used both indoors and outdoors. It boasts an easy to recognize built-in guide that directs the wood to be easily cut. It can cut up to 20” length at 10” diameter and weighs at just 100 pounds.

Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556 4-Ton 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter

<strong>Pow' R' Kraft 65556 4-Ton 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter</strong> Review
Pow' R' Kraft 65556 4-Ton 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter


  • All-steel design that ensures durability, strength, and a long life for longer use.
  • Two-handed safety feature for the users.
  • Electric power and fumeless feature for indoor and outdoor usage.


  • Pusher of the wood may slip off due to the log’s shape if it isn’t perpendicular.
  • The short height of the product.
  • 4-ton force that lags behind the more usual 7-ton log splitters.

The sleek Pow’ R’ Kraft 65556 impresses with its looks, and it is also a portable device that allows for ease of transport for different uses.

It is an all-steel product that has a long life due to its toughness and durability. It also uses the two-handed system in order to steer hands clear from the cutting edge of the splitter.

It uses 15 amps, 1.75 HP electric motor that has enough power for splitters of its size. The ground fault breaker protects the product from overloading, serving as a great protection for both indoor and outdoor use as it is usable on household currents.

It has the capacity to cut 20” length at 10”-12” diameter.

Things to consider when choosing the best electric log splitter

The log splitters that were featured are perfect for home use. Although, in order to find the perfect log splitter for you, we know that a certain criteria must be met and checked in order to buy the one that best suits you, you needs, and the capacity it must cater to. Here are things to consider when buying your very own log splitter:

  1. Brand of the product

It is very important to know what kind of splitter you will be purchasing. Branded products are usually a bit more expensive than others, but that guarantees you a pretty good bargain for durable, safe, and reliable products.

In order to avoid purchasing something you may eventually regret, care should be taken and choose one that works efficiently where you wouldn’t have to compromise for less. You don’t want to be cutting wood only to stop halfway because the splitter is malfunctioning; it wastes time, effort, and money.

Fortunately, there are good brands out in the market that offers good splitters, such as; WEN, Boss Industrial, Powerhouse, and Pow’ R’ Kraft…

  1. Force of Splitter

After establishing a good brand, the strength of the splitter comes next. This is the determining factor of your splitter. When you buy a splitter with less than the normal tonnage, you might end up having an inefficient machine that ends up having you work more than needed to because it can’t handle the wood that you have.

However, with too much force, your splitter might overwork itself and break. Time wasted once again as you have a hard time finding a supplier that has the exact parts needed to fix it. Keep in mind as well that fast splitters aren’t always the best basis with log splitters, since you might get tired easily by reacting along the machine.

Though it definitely depends on what you know you want and where you’ll need it for. You have to balance it out and find out whether you need a strong or moderate tonnage machine and if you should opt for a fast 4-6 second splitter or a 10-12 second one.

  1. Size of Wood to be cut

You have to know what type of wood you’ll be working with to find the wood splitter according to what you specifically need.

The things you need to know include what type and size will the wood you’re going to work on be? The usual lengths of wood that you would want to be catered is around 10”-25”, with a diameter size of about 10”-15”. This is for the best use of your wood splitter.

A splitter that would cater to logs smaller than these would still work, but it may limit the amount and variety of wood you can work with in the long run. A strong, durable, and efficient product will take you miles when you know what types of wood you’ll be usually cutting and the range you should be safe to work around with.

  1. Warranty

Good log splitters usually come with a good warranty of at least 1 year. This is something you should take note of because most branded splitters carry with them proof of their efficiency and durability, proven by the people who used them before and the warranty that shows their confidence to the quality of the product.

This also allows you to fully enjoy the product as you won’t have to worry about them breaking off easily when you have an assurance that the product itself is good to go and won’t wear off for a long time.

  1. Peer Reviews

Lastly, know what people say about the product you aim to buy. This is more on first-hand experiences on the splitter, whether they’ve been effective at all the criteria you made or whether some of them fail to deliver the supposed promised service.

Research about the different websites that have reviewed or commented on the services of the manufacturers, the durability and functionality of the product, and the possible effects for long-term use. Before going off to buy and canvass for a splitter, you have to know exactly what you’re looking for and sometimes, owners’ first-hand experiences are good reference points to reflect on besides the features that it presents.

Now, there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind when buying a log splitter. But when you finally get one that is perfect for your needs, you should know how to use it with proper precautions and directions.

Safety tips when using a log splitter

  1. Be physically ready and get properly rested before using the splitter.

Accidents happen sometimes because of sheer negligence or a tired body. In order to avoid incidents related to the heavy machinery, get proper rest before using the splitter. Be alert especially when unforeseen situations occur with regards to the machine.

  1. Read and understand the manual.

All log splitters have manuals that instruct on how to properly handle and use the machine. Before attempting to use the splitter, make sure you know what to expect, how it works, and what to do during the cutting process to make sure you won’t get surprised as you use the product.

  1. Keep children away from the splitter.

Always make sure to keep children away from the splitter. As the splitter works under tons of force using blades, children should be kept in check and away from the workplace to avoid any unnecessary accidents. This ensures a smoother workflow and a faster work time.

  1. Wear safety gear.

Goggles, non-skid shoes, and gloves are usually used in order to prevent any pieces of wood from scratching or getting on you. In order to avoid pieces of wood getting on or in you, proper clothing and protective gears should be worn when using the machine at all times.

  1. Make sure the place is tidy and well-lit.

Making sure that your workplace is safe makes the activity much more reassuring. The place must be well-lit so that you can see everything going on and clean so as to avoid any risk of accidents from debris that were left before and during splitting logs. Don’t forget to tidy up as well afterwards.

  1. Know the type and size of wood beforehand.

As there are different splitters, there are definitely different types of wood with their own set of qualities to take note of. Practice caution when splitting the woods as they have different reactions depending on what you are cutting.

Some may easily break, some may take a while to chip, some may slip, and some may result in irregular cuts if you’re not careful. Take caution every time you use unfamiliar wood.

  1. Coordinate properly when in a group.

Usually, a small mistake may lead to trouble later on. When working with a group of people, know your specific roles in the process by heart so that you won’t encounter miscalculations regarding the work you’re doing for a smoother and faster workflow.


  1. Does it run on house current?

Yes. Most log splitters of this kind tend to be usable on house current as they make it easier to work with for both indoor and outdoor use. Usually, it can run on 110V for ease of use.

  1. What are the usual sizes for log length and diameter?

There are different specifications as to what length and diameter splitters are most effectively able to cater. But usually, logs with a length of 20”-25” and a diameter of 10”-20” provide the threshold for the splitters’ capacity.

  1. What are the actual amps required?

There are different ratings per splitter. It is always written on the advertisements for each product and at the boxes where they are in. Make sure you go a bit higher when using circuit breakers so that it works under a safe threshold and that it doesn’t tip off.

The Manufacturers

Boss Industrial

Boss prides itself as maker of one of the world’s finest log splitters. Their rugged hydraulic system is made from quality materials and full gear shafts in order to increase the stress handled by the splitter. This provides greater productivity and less down time for the fast-paced worker. Strong log cradles help support the log and the machine to allow travel on almost any kind of land terrain.

The products are ergonomically designed with optional accessories to maximize comfort and lessen pain after cutting wood. Centrally located handles, larger wheels, stand accessories help provide ease in use for the product.

For safety, Boss works with third party testing organizations for overall product safety and is also listed with CSA, a worldwide prestigious testing organization. This ensures that nothing is compromised for the overall safety and functionality of the product.

Pow’ R’ Kraft

Pow’R’Kraft aims to provide options to buyers of log splitters as it provides a wide array of selections. There are varieties of splitters offered such as 4-ton log splitters, 7-ton log splitters, and the gas splitters that provide strength of 22 tons, 27 tons, and 37 tons for the more heavy-duty log splitting required.

Pow’ R’ Kraft offers solutions and suggestions to properly equip users with both the knowledge and the tools to provide quality service with functional and efficient machines.


A premier online store for engine builders and automotive machinists, the company is a member of the COMP Performance Group that ensures world-class and high-quality products.

Powerhouse Products utilize the resources of the largest engineering and development team that ensures top-notch design and performance for the best possible product creations. Innovations are always made so that machinists and engine builders will have the specific tools they need to effectively create their masterpieces.

Besides tools and measuring equipments, Powerhouse offers diagnostic equipments and specialty tools for unique tuning applications to ensure that various services are catered by the product efficiently and without fail.


Founded by Nick Anton in 1951, WEN has paved its way by providing power tools backed by years of research and technological developments for the best products available.

Chainsaws, electric soldering guns, electric jigsaws, electric engravers, knives, wet wheel sharpeners, electric log splitters, and more have been created by the decades of development the company has underwent for providing high-quality and durable products.

Since then, over 50 million consumer units have been sold and the number continues to grow as they strive to help woodworkers and artisans across the world create and execute their works by providing them tools to easily achieve greater heights in their crafts.


All in all, good log splitters make work easier compared to the traditional way of chopping woods. This technology has helped a lot of people cut wood even if they don’t have the physical capacity to do so and thus have opened up the act of wood-cutting to all types of people with the click of a button!

There are a lot of varieties of log splitters out there, but the ones discussed here are some of the bestsellers that people commonly choose. Despite possible shortcomings, they are still great bargains!

Wherein, the overall functionality and potential for the splitters overwhelm the minor problems regarding the product and the fact that it’s better than the traditional and tiring way of wood chopping.

These featured log splitters get the job done and let you save time while keeping you safe from accidents.

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