Top 5 Best Blowers For Drying Car Safely – 2020 Update

No matter where you wash your car, drying it is an indispensable step to maintain its shiny and sleek look. Out of the most popular ways to keep the paint finish looking as vibrant as new, using a blower is the most effective one.

Hundreds of innovative machines out there might make you spoilt for choice. So to save you much time researching and shopping around, here are my top picks for the best blowers for drying car:

sample-table__image Best battery powered blower Greenworks 24252
  • Max Air Speed: 150 MPH
  • Air Volume: 135 CFM
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sample-table__image Best corded electric blower Toro 51585

  • Max Air Speed: 160 MPH
  • Air Volume: 155 CFM
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sample-table__image Most powerful corded electric blower WORX WG520
  • Max Air Speed: 115 MPH
  • Air Volume: 225 CFM
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sample-table__image Most powerful battery powered blower DEWALT DCBL720P1
  • Max Air Speed: 90 MPH
  • Air Volume: 400 CFM
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sample-table__image Best budget option Masterworks MEBR129
  • Max Air Speed: 150 MPH``Air Volume: 90 CFM
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Greenworks 24252 – Best cordless blower

<strong>Greenworks 24252</strong>
Greenworks 40V 150 MPH Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower, 2.0Ah Battery and Charger Included 24252

  • Longer run time
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Battery and charger included


  • Long charging time

Greenworks is the leading brand in the battery-powered outdoor power tool industry, and this leaf blower is just another high-quality yet affordable example of this 12-year-old company.

Along with Max 40v Lithium-Ion Battery, the 150 hp brushless motor allows conducting clean sweeps on a large area., which makes it the most powerful model in the market.

Also, it comes with a two-piece extension tube for increased reach, easy tube control, and maximum blower efficiency.

What car owners complain most about this machine is its long charging time. It takes about 60 minutes to fully charge the battery for 35-minute run time. However, even when power runs low, it can cover a decent area.

That’s why you don’t have to worry about the battery running out of power while you haven’t done drying your cars yet.

Product Specifications

Max Air Speed150 MPH
Air Volume135 CFM
Speed Levels6 Speeds
Voltage40-volt 2.0 amp hour lithium ion battery
Weight3.3 pounds
Highlight featuresExtension tube; New GMAX 40-volt 2.0 amp hour lithium-ion battery; Variable speed motor, Speed control.

Greenworks 40V 150 MPH 24252 is a performance-oriented tool saving you much time drying your cars.

Toro 51585 – Best corded electric blower

<strong>Toro 51585</strong>
Toro 51585 Power Sweep Electric Leaf Blower, 7 Amp 2-Speed

  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Budget-friendly
  • Exceptional air control
  • Small-sized nozzle helps you direct air-water


  • Doesn’t come with a power cord

The Toro 51585 Power Sweep Electric Leaf Blower is the best bet for those wanting a leaf blower for drying their car but don’t care much about power cords.

Despite the budget-friendly price, the Toro 51585 can have the job done smoothly thanks to the 2-speed air control and decent air volume at the hard plastic nozzle.

The nozzle is small, but its shape helps concentrate the air enough for greater versatility. Because you can direct the air-water flow, there is no need to waste hours chasing droplets.

What’s most disappointing is the customers have to spend extra money on purchasing the power cord.

Product Specifications

Max Air Speed160 MPH
Air Volume155 CFM
Speed Levels2 speeds (130 MPH and 160 MPH)
Motor7.0-amp motor
Weight4.6 pounds
Highlight features2-speed air control

Toro 51585 Power Sweep Electric Leaf Blower is powerful enough to help you with light works around your house such as drying cars.

WORX WG520 – Most powerful corded blower

<strong>WORX WG520</strong>
WORX WG520 Turbine 600 Corded Electric Leaf Blower, Black

  • Variable speed control for various tasks
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Maximum ergonomics
  • High-capacity volume


  • Long charging time and short battery life

Worx’s car maintenance equipment is always top-notch. And the Turbine 600, which is among their greatest products, is one of the best blowers for drying car.

Powered by a 56-volt max lithium battery, this product does a good job of protecting your vehicles from unexpected scratches.

Moreover, the WORX WG520’s lightweight construction lets you move around without getting fatigued.

The WORX WG520 Turbine 600 is already great, but it could be greater if the manufacturer fixed all the battery’s issues such as long charging time and short battery life.

Product Specifications

Max Air Speed115 MPH
Air Volume225 CFM
Speed Levels3 speeds
Motor12-amp motor
Weight6.4 pounds
Highlight featuresTurbine 600; Variable speed control for different tasks; 56-volt max lithium battery; Ultra-fast cleaning system.

WORX WG520 is a powerful, versatile blower that we can use in multiple tasks.

DEWALT DCBL720P1 – Most powerful cordless blower

<strong>DEWALT DCBL720P1</strong>
DEWALT DCBL720B 20V Lithium Ion XR Brushless Blower (Baretool)

  • Ergonomic design for maximum control and minimal pressure on your arms
  • Substantial battery runtime
  • Variable trigger
  • Axial fan design


  • A little bit heavier
  • Prohibitive price

With the control rating of 400 CFM and the great velocity of 90 mph, the DEWALT DCBL720P1 is the highest air flow cordless blower on this list.

This machine comes with a brushless motor for optimal performance and enhanced durability. No matter how often you use your blower for drying your vehicles, it performs perfectly like the first time.

The drawbacks of this unit are its high price and the total weight of 9.7 pounds making it hard to carry.

If you don’t mind paying good money for the longest-running cordless leaf blower, or the weight doesn’t matter to you, the DEWALT DCBL720P1 is a good choice.

Product Specifications

Max Air Speed90 MPH
Air Volume400 CFM
Speed LevelsN/A
Voltage20V MAX 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery
Weight9.7 pounds
Highlight featuresBrushless Motor; Innovative axial fan design; variable trigger and speed lock.

DEWALT DCBL720P1 Brushless Blower which boasts incredibly high power is capable of various heavy-duty jobs.

Masterworks MEBR129 – Best budget option


  • Budget-friendly
  • Variable speed
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Interchangeable battery


  • Long battery charging time

The Masterworks Leaf Blower MEBR129 offers the best value for your money. Expect a steep investment in a multipurpose leaf blower that can outlast many of the competition!

This 2-in-1 machine allows you to change this leaf blower into a vacuum in a heartbeat without any tools required.

You can use this cordless leaf blower with six speed settings for various smaller tasks such as blow out the debris of driveways and drying cars as well as small panels.

As a plus, this blower by GreenWorks is compact and easy to carry. Whatever tasks you have, you can finish them with little effort. And the maximum speed of 150 MPH saves you much time drying your cars.

The only downside noticed is the long battery charging time. It takes about 1 hour to fully charge your battery.

Product Specifications

Max Air Speed150 MPH
Air Volume90 CFM
Speed Levels6 speeds
Voltage120V motor
Weight3.1 pounds
Highlight featuresTwo-piece tube and six variable speed dial

Masterworks Leaf Blower MEBR129 is a 2-in-1 machine that is capable of various light-duty jobs.

How to choose the best blower for drying car? (Buying Guide)

Best Blowers For Drying Car Safely

There are three types of blowers for drying cars:

  • Cordless leaf blowers (or battery-powered leaf blower): Suitable for those having a small garage. They are more compact than a corded model and much lighter than their 4-stroke or 2-stroke gas counterparts.
  • Electric-powered leaf blower: Suitable for urban dwellers. They are significantly quiet and environmentally friendly.
  • Gas-powered leaf blower: Suitable for yard work that takes hours to complete. They have longer run time and allow you to walk effortlessly without a cord.

To pick a type that suits you most, take these specifications into consideration:

  • Price: Electric leaf blowers are often the cheapest models.
  • Weight: Unless you want to burn more calories taking a leaf blower to dry your car, you should purchase an electric blower.
  • Noise level: If you don’t want to hurt your eardrums or wake up everybody every time you dry your car, go for an electric blower which doesn’t run on a noisy gas engine.

Who makes the best blower for drying car?

Best Blowers For Drying Car Safely


The Toro Company was established in 1914 as a manufacturer of outdoor environment equipment.

And with 105 years’ experience in this industry, they are now the leader for their innovative machines made with quality and caring relationship in mind.

They have a wide range of products from landscape, turf maintenance, rental and specialty construction equipment, outdoor lighting and irrigation solutions, and especially leaf blowers.

The Toro Company have some exceptional corded electric blowers for drying car that you should have a look at.


DeWalt is the trade name of Black & Decker – the top American manufacturer of power tools and hand tools for not only household tasks but also construction work.

DEWALT is popular with car owners for their highest-quality cordless tools. If you are in search of a cordless leaf blower, take time to know more about DEWALT’s models.


WORX, sometimes called as Worx, is a Chinese manufacturer of lawn mowers and power tools having a headquarter in North Carolina.

Though having only 15 years of experience, WORX has gained its reputation for pocket-friendly yet high-quality and durable products. If you are looking for a powerful corded blower, then we will recommend this first-class brand.


Best Blowers For Drying Car Safely

Why Should I Dry My Car After A Wash?

Drying your car after a wash is one of the most necessary steps in a car washing process.

Water—even the clean one used in car washing process—includes natural minerals leaving behind ugly traces, streaks, or deposits after evaporating during an air dry.

If your car is finished by a dark-colored paint layer, sunlight will make your car’s imperfections even more noticeable.

In short, unless you want to ruin the surface of your car, dry it with a high-quality microfiber cloth after a wash.

Is It Safe To Dry Your Car With A Leaf Blower?

Using a leaf blower to dry your car is not only time-saving and cost-efficient but also completely safe. It helps remove water and vapor off and wash away any dirt and dust without touching your vehicle.

That way, it will reduce the risk of instilling any deep wiping scratches. A leaf blower would especially come in handy if your car had a flawless, swirl-free look.

Which Is The Best Way To Dry A Car: A Leaf Blower, A Drying Towel, or An Air Blower?

Many car owners tend to use drying towels to dry their vehicles.

Despite machine washable and pocket-friendly, these towels are not the best method to dry a car since they might consist of heavy polyester/nylon thread that potentially harms your vehicle’s paint job.

So, instead of a bath towel, we should use air which never causes swirl marks to dry our cars.

If you want to get the job done in the shortest time possible, an air blower is a solid choice. If you want to take it to a more sufficient level, go for a leaf blower.

How Long Do Battery Leaf Blowers Last?

If you use your leaf blower regularly, its battery will last from 4 to 6 years.

How Many Decibels Is A Leaf Blower?

At 50-ft ranges, the leaf-blower noise is certified at the 65-78 decibel range. However, it can be from 95 to 115 decibels at the operator’s ear.


Which is the right drying equipment to choose? It really comes down to our personal preference.

But we hope that our list of the best blowers for drying car can help you find out the right model that works for you and fit into your budget.

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