Top 6 Best Garage Storage Cabinets For The Money – 2020

Believe it or not, a few cabinets can transform a garage from this:

Best Garage Storage Cabinets For The Money

into this

Best Garage Storage Cabinets For The Money

And if you wisely invest in the right models that not only suits for garage space and décor but also your budget, your storage needs will be optimized while the whole space looks roomier.

If you’re also finding the best garage cabinets for such purposes, here are the 6 top-rated options that we’ve consulted and collected from many garage experts’ advice:

  • Gladiator GAGB28FDYG – Best overall
  • Homak GS00727021 – Budget-friendly
  • UltraHD Tall Storage Cabinet – Easy to move
  • Suncast Commercial Tall Cabinet – Cool & rugged design
  • NewAge Products Bold 3.0 – Top rated
  • Garage Storage Cabinet Sets – Most wished for

Gladiator GAGB28FDYG – Best overall

Gladiator GAGB28FDYG
Gladiator GAGB28FDYG Full-Door Modular Gearbox Steel Cabinet

  • Leveler legs to suit with various environments
  • Magnetic latch and metal materials are super-durable


  • Locks are too universal to get true security

For extra storage in your garage for tools, we highly recommend the Gladiator GAGB28FDYG, which is a good quality metal cabinet. Two locking doors, four leveler legs, and durable Magnetic latch.

They are easy to put together but if you want to speed up, a Phillips head attachment and some sockets might be useful. Averagely taking around 1 or 1.5 hours to finish.

Match other Gladiator gear nicely. Roomy and solid. Even the painting seems durable, too.

What impresses us the most is its weight capacity – 300 pounds/cabinet and 50 pounds/shelf, which are really robust. They can hold up well a heavy toolbox and stuff like that.

Product Specs

Dimensions28 x 18 x 31 in
Total Weight Capacity300 lbs./cabinet and 50 lbs./drawer
Highlight FeaturesTwo locking doors, four leveler legs, and durable Magnetic latch

Made by a well-known brand, Gladiator GAGB28FDYG is a solid, durable, and spacious cabinet to help you re-organize your garage.

Homak GS00727021 – Budget-friendly

Homak GS00727021
Homak 2 Door Wall Cabinet with 2 Shelves, Steel, GS00727021

  • Include mounting hardware and have pre-drilled holes for easier installation
  • Two shelves are adjustable for flexible adaptation
  • Strong magnets to auto keep the door shut if you forget to lock it


  • Thin metal material is easily bent and dent
  • Useless instructions

Priced about $100, this is the most affordable garage cabinet that we’ve found with no signs of inferior quality.

Though not as heavy sheet metal as a Homak gun cabinet, it’s medium-duty and solid enough for people who want an easy score or just keep stuff out of kids. The lock is HMC tubular model with top-middle-bottom door pins and 100 combinations.

What we appreciate the most about this garage cabinet is the fairly strong magnet that if you forget to lock, there’s no problem at all.

And two shelves are truly adjustable in different configurations to flexibly slide into over 10+ slots.

Product Specs

Dimensions12″ x 26.75″ x 26.88″
Total Weight Capacity66-pound frame and two 22-pound shelves
MaterialsHigh-quality steel
Highlight Featurespre-drilled holes, Include mounting hardware, HMC tubular lock, strong magnet

At under $100 price point, Homak GS00727021 is the best candidate with medium duty for people with a tight budget.

UltraHD Tall Storage Cabinet – Easy to move

UltraHD Tall Storage Cabinet
UltraHD Tall Storage Cabinet - Stainless Steel

  • Include 4 wheels for mobility
  • Powder coating for great looking


  • Installation progress is a bit time consuming (3.5 to 4 hours)

The UltraHD Tall Storage Cabinet is a big-sized unit with 4 shelves (some are adjustable), two doors, and especially, 4 wheels (two with brakes) for mobility.

It is crafted 100% from high-quality 0.5 to 2 mm stainless steel. Just a special addition is the powder-coated layer for better looking. Notice that the cabinet arrives disassembly, however, the drilled holes are lined up and nicely matched for straightforward setup.

The unit features a built-in lock that’s latched together and provides a set of two keys. Plus, are magnets lower and upper for extra security. Highly recommended!

Product Specs

Dimensions18L X 36W X 72H in.
Total Weight Capacity600 lbs.
MaterialsStainless Steel
Highlight Features4 wheels, 0.5 to 2 mm stainless steel, powder-coated finish, drilled holes

If you usually re-organize your garage, the UltraHD Tall Storage Cabinet featuring 4 extra wheels (two with brakes) will deliver moderate mobility and safety to meet that.

Suncast Commercial Tall Cabinet – Cool & rugged design

Suncast Commercial Tall Cabinet
Suncast Commercial Blow Molded Tall Cabinet, 4 Shelf

  • Not prone to be bent, rusted, or warped
  • Lightweight but sturdy


  • Red locks are hard to figure out
  • A bit struggling to put shelves into the right places

As a perfect replacement for open shelves, the Suncast Commercial Tall Cabinet has proven to be sturdy (as long as you don’t try to move it).

The unit is made of resin – a thick lightweight heavy-duty type of plastic – to be easily assembled and forever lasting even with humidity and heat. There’s more, the resilient resin housing can repel denting, rusting, and warping efficiently.

It also comes with a cool, rugged design to be a welcome addition in any garage décor.

Product Specs

Dimensions30L X 20.25W X 72H in.
Total Weight Capacity200 lbs.
MaterialsHeavy-duty resin
Highlight Features rugged design, lightweight, resist humidity and heat

For those who want a nice clean looking, lightweight garage cabinet, look no further than the Suncast Commercial Tall Cabinet.

NewAge Products Bold 3.0 – Top rated

NewAge Products Bold 3.0
NewAge Products Bold Series Gray 14 Piece Set, Garage Cabinets, 56136

  • Powder-coat paint finish preventing scratches, dust, stains, and the daily abuse
  • Easy to clean
  • Feature multiple storage spaces with full-length handles -> well-organized


  • Weak locks

For the price, the Bold 3.0 is well worth it.

Come in a set of 14 pieces, including base cabinets, rolling tool cabinets, wall cabinets, and multi-use lockers. They are mostly pre-assembled that when arrived, all you just need to attach wheels into them.

Each door is also built with a full-length handle to help you easily open it.

The whole set is crafted from high-quality stainless steel with an emphasis on rustic resistance and durability. There’s an extra powder-coated paint finish to protect the cabinet against daily abuse, stains, and scratches.

But take notice of their hefty weight.

Product Specs

Dimensions216 in. W x 18 in. D x 77.25 in. H
Total Weight CapacityMulti-Use Lockers 800 lbs., Wall Cabinets 100 lbs., Rolling Tool Cabinets 600 lbs., and Base Cabinets 600 lbs.
Materials24-gauge steel frames
Highlight FeaturesPowder-coat paint finish, full-length handle

Sizing 216 x 18 x 77.2 inches with multiple storage spaces, NewAge Products Bold 3.0 is a top-rated piece in an average homeowner garage.

Garage Storage Cabinet Sets – Most wished for

Garage Storage Cabinet Sets
Garage Storage Cabinet Sets Organization - Most Popular in 2018, Total 8 Piece, 24 Gauge, Rubber Wood Work top, lockers and Shelves,Life Limited Warranty, (Gray Frame with Black Door)

  • The wall-mounted units fit really snugly to the wall -> Feel sturdier
  • Look neater to fit almost medium to large garages
  • Separate lock for each unit for extra security


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Locker doors are a bit flimsy

Another cabinet set organization that we’d like to introduce to you is the Frontier. It’s crafted from 22-gauge steel material, welded construction, and pre-assembled that you only need to fix on your garage/workshop.

They look neater in reality, unlike other storage space, which is the good news.

Installation is quite easy. All you need are a level and stud finder, a power screwdriver, a socket wrench, and a Phillips screwdriver. There have been some pneumatic cylinders in the wall-mounted pieces for closure fit. We love that.

The best thing is the locks. They don’t use a universal lock but there’s a separate one and you will receive a set of keys for each. Very secure and protective!

Product Specs

Dimensions18L X 132W X 77.25H inches
Total Weight CapacityTwo 100-pound shelves
Materials24 Gauge, Rubber Wood
Highlight Features22-gauge steel material, welded construction, and pre-assembled, pneumatic cylinders in the wall-mounted pieces

With 8 pieces and is well-organized, the Frontier Cabinet Sets are a great choice to save space in your garage.

How to choose a good cabinet for your garage? (buying guide)

Best Garage Storage Cabinets For The Money

Know your garage space & choose the right cabinet type

You should determine which type of cabinet will be easily located in your garage.

If it features a low ceiling and spacious floor space, base cabinets are the best choice. Conversely, for narrower garage sizes but the tall ceiling, you can consider buying units with adjustable shelves. By taking advantage of vertical space, the whole garage will look airier.

In the case of the limited-size garage with a narrower width and low ceiling, don’t worry, there are many cabinets equipped with both mechanism – fixed shelves and adjustable shelves.

Also, a notice of specific strengths and weaknesses of each type.

For example, the fixed shelves will be more durable to handle heavier stuff of yours, however, they can’t allow you to make a partition. Meanwhile, the adjustable models highlight their flexibility to fit your own necessity but in turn, they don’t work well with hefty objects.


Every garage owner has specific security needs, depending mostly on what they want to store in their cabinets. If they’re valuable, surely the cabinets must be extra-protective.

In this case, you should invest in higher-end models because their padlocks will be upgraded with particular keys. The cabinets themselves must be sturdier and heftier so that they are hardly impacted and accidentally opened.

On the contrary, if you just want to keep your stuff away from pets or kids, most affordable units featuring universal keys can afford that.

Ready to Assemble or Pre-assembled?

Don’t mislead these two terms!

While the pre-assembled garage cabinets require no extra work from buyers after unboxing, implying they’re ready to use right then, the “ready to assemble” is totally converse.

And it usually takes at least 1 or 1.5 hours for this extra work (if you’re intermediate or professional in this field). Beginners might spend 3 to 5 hours depending on how useful the product instructions.

In turn, garage cabinets in this type cost less than the pre-assembled units, both the product price tag and the shipping fee.

Some customers, however, still find the pre-assembled cabinets more trusted because the manufacturers are far more cordial and expert in their activities. It means they use more specialized tools to assemble it.

Who makes the best garage storage cabinets?

best garage cabinets


Some research lets us know that Gladiator’s manufacturing process is seriously rigorous. In their own labs, all garage cabinets would be through temperature testing of -30 °F to 150 °F, meaning their products are the world’s most durable currently.


Or Homak Manufacturing was established in 1947, in the USA and currently is the world market leader in terms of tool storage and gun cabinet security. Their product lines for garage storage are vast and at different price points, which is the most favorite of customers.


Suncast is a big brand known for over 25 years’ experience in innovative products for home life. We love this brand for its high-quality, practical products and furthermore, the caring customer service with hotline and good warranty.


In 2008, NewAge planted its feet in the home cabinet industry and up to now, they have won many precious awards. Such as NewAge Products Inc. Ranks 31st in the 28th Annual PROFIT 500 or the Caldwell Award recently in 2019.


best garage cabinets

How much does garage cabinets cost?

A cabinet with drawers averagely costs $450 to $650 while a tall storage one is around $250 to $450. If you’re interested in metal garage cabinets, they usually cost within $150 to $350.

How can I organize my garage quickly?

To quickly organize your garage, first things first, you should set a proper plan for it. For example, during dry weekends or your days off so that you don’t let items sitting out in piles for too long.

If you’re a beginner and in a loose budget, hire a professional team of helpers and an expert. Be sure to have a to-do list to direct your helpers from the beginning to finish.

With a tight budget, you can ask for help from friends or family members.

Remember to categorize all stuff into:

  • Garden tool and gear
  • Seasonal décor
  • Automotive
  • Camping gear
  • Sports and recreational equipment
  • Recycling

Next is to group them into general categories in the garage center or the driveway. Preparing some cardboards for this step and be sure to label them. About the items that don’t fit your category list anymore, trash or donate them is a good ideal.

Now, choose the garage layout that you prefer then, choose the best garage cabinets. Locate your items onto them and don’t forget to set periodical maintenance for them.

What is the best material for garage cabinets?

Materials for garage cabinets must be water-resistant, solid, and durable. Accordingly, the most common kinds of material are:

  • Steel
  • Aluminum

How deep should garage cabinets be?

If you intend to store items along the walls’ length of your garage, a cabinet featuring 12 inches of depth would be ideal. For a workbench set up on the back wall, the minimum depth should be 24 inches.

How do I declutter my garage?

To declutter your garage, let think about how you want to use it after decluttering the whole space. Then, prepare some cardboards to categorize items into:

  • Repurpose or recycle (1)
  • Trash (2)
  • Sell (3)
  • Donate or give away (4)
  • Put away in other rooms (5)
  • Keep in the garage (6)

To keep it less messy as possible, create a staging area in your garage or on the driveway if it’s a dry day. This area should be empty to let you systematically deal with all items sorted.

Once this area starts to feel cramped during the sorting progress, it’s time to throw away trash or brings the items of (5) to other rooms. This helps the staging area re-empty for sorting the restless messily.

Remember to label each cardboard.

When there are only the items of the category (6), start organizing from the big stuff to the smaller ones. Consider buying some cabinets or shelves to take advantage of vertical space, making the whole garage look neater and airier.

With the items of the category (3) and (4), place them at one corner and plan a few days to deal with them.


It’s apparently time-taking to consider if you truly want the best garage cabinets for your workshop/home gym. Getting to understand your requirements and storage needs will simplify the whole process significantly.

There are plenty of choices and we hope the provided list has been helpful to you. Thanks for reading!

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