Top 6 Best Led Lights for Garage Workshop – 2020 Update

While you’re still confused about which lighting type is the best for garage, I highly recommend the LED bulbs. They highlight extremely bright lighting, low maintenance, and importantly, the highest durability (10 times greater than fluorescents and 60 times than incandescent bulbs).

The below list has rounded up 7 best LED lights for garage workshop, which is surely helpful to you:

  • Falive Garage Lighting Led Garage Lighting – Best overall
  • Hykolity 5000K LED Shop Light – Runner-up
  • Bbounder 4 Pack Linkable LED Light – Top-rated Barrina LED T5 Integrated Light – Linkable design
  • Barrina LED T5 Integrated Light – Linkable design
  • Falive 80W Garage Light – Best motion sensor light
  • TREONYIA UFO LED Light – Brightest
  • Sunco Lighting 16 Pack LED Light – Best for large garages

Falive Garage Lighting Led Garage Lighting – Best overall

Falive Garage Lighting Led Garage Lighting
  • Extra-wide light angle to reach the darkest corners of the room
  • 50,000 hours of constant working -> super-low maintenance costs
  • Easy to install. No electrician hiring. No tools needed.

  • The brand is quite new
  • No motion sensor included

Under $40 price range, the Falive Garage Lighting gives more than what we bargain for.

It’s built with a minimal design that allows even a low-tech person can easily install without needs to hire an electrician. Like other good LED bulbs, the unit delivers lower-maintenance costs, better energy-saving, and longer lifespan.

Featuring 6,000LM, it’s as bright as daylight. What we liked the most in this product are the adjustable panels that can be directed upward or downward.

This is quite a flexible additional since you can expand it to 360 degrees, hitting the darkest parts of your garage. Besides, there’s no flicker even when the light keeps running for 8-10 hours.

Product Specs

Brightness6000 LM
Color Temperature6000k daylight
Beam Distribution360°
Highlight Features Maximum coverage angle can reach 360°, premium Aluminum alloy heat dissipated, high-temperature resistant, hollow-out structure

For people who are in a tight budget, we believe the Falive Garage Lighting is the top-rated choice without flattening your wallet.

Hykolity 5000K LED Shop Light – Runner-up

Hykolity 5000K LED Shop Light
  • Can be flexibly installed by hanging or ceiling mounting
  • Have a pull chain to easily switch on/off for overhead workbench light

  • The metal housing is slightly flimsy

The good news about Hykolity LED lights is the optional motion sensor. Hence, when driving home in the dark or entering your garage, it’ll trigger illumination while turning itself off if there’s no detected motion.

It also highlights a set of 4 linkable packs for wider application. I mean, you can set them up not only in a garage or workshop, but also in storage areas, basements, or workbench areas.

Notice that this is a hanging LED light and the manufacturer highly suggest to mount it from 6-8 feet to take advantage of best performance. Normally, at such that height, the bulb will cover 49 Sq. feet.

Don’t worry if you don’t like this type of lighting as it can be directly mounted to the garage ceiling just by removing the chain.

Product Specs

Brightness3,700 LM
Color Temperature5000K Daylight White
Beam Distribution
Highlight Features Widely installed in garages, workshops, workbench areas, storage areas, warehouses, basements, equipment rooms, easy to install

If you love working in a daylight-like environment, such the LED lights with emphasis on flexible mounting, good brightness, and multiple applications like the Hykolity 5,000K is the best.

Bbounder 4 Pack Linkable LED Light – Top rated

Bbounder 4 Pack Linkable LED Light
  • Can work well at a wide operating temperature with minimal wears and tears
  • Deliver huge beam distribution to leave no dark areas
  • Decent energy-saving

  • The linking cords’ length isn’t sufficient

During the durability testing process, we’re quite amazed by the Bbounder for their super-wide range of operating temperature (-4°F to 104°F). Accordingly, you can use them no matter the seasons with no fears of sudden burning out.

Design of this set is quite similar to the Hykolity – 4 packs with metal chains for seamless connection for greater energy saving. And they offer two mounting options, either ceiling mounted or hanging.

The biggest difference is, the Bbounder lights are a focused beam to open its lighting angle up to 240 degrees, which is moderately wide to avoid ghosting, glare, or dark areas.

Working at 36W per bulb, we expect it will give a noticeable decrease in your electricity bill.

Product Specs

Brightness3,600 LM
Color Temperature5,000K daylight
Beam Distribution240°
Highlight Features Seamlessly connect up to 6 LED shop lights together with connectors, quick and easy setup

Bbounder 4-Pack Lights are an efficiently energy-saving option for any garage owners who want to optimize the lighting cost for their workshop.

Barrina LED T5 Integrated Light – Linkable design

Barrina LED T5 Integrated Light
  • Consume the least energy in this list (20W/tube) -> More lumen/watt -> Better performance while saving more money
  • Connect up to 8 tube lights for better lighting performance

  • Short cords -> A bit difficult to connect lights
  • Screws don’t work well

Out of many linkable light systems that we’ve tested, the Barrina LED T5 gives the best performance.

It can connect 8 tube lights together at once rather than 4 or 6 like other counterparts, hence, delivering an immense amount of light that’s more than enough for a garage (in any sizes).

While we found it to be the one giving the most natural sunlight-like brightness (with 6,500K daylight) that can pass through a large 3-car garage, the lighting system just consumes 20W per bulb. It’s also measured to save 65% on the cost of the monthly electricity bill.

Product Specs

Brightness2,200 LM
Color Temperature6,500K daylight
Beam Distribution270 degrees
Highlight Features 20w low power consumption, Save 65% on your electricity bill, extendable design, could connect up to 8 tube lights together with seamless connectors

Overall, we highly recommend the Barrina LED T5 for any workshop or garage owners who are finding great-quality linkable LED lights for the price.

Falive 80W Garage Light – Best motion sensor light

Falive 80W Garage Light
  • 85% energy efficiency to be the most economical option
  • Upgraded motion sensor to be more responsive and penetrating
  • 3,000K warm light to be more pleasant to user’s eyes
  • LED diode design with 3 adjustable panels to expand the beam distribution, leaving less dark areas

  • Can’t be waterproof
  • Not as bright as the cold white lights

In terms of energy saving, the 80W Garage Light from Falive is unbeatable with 85%  energy saving design so you don’t have to worry about the monthly electricity bill.

Different from other light systems in this list, these are 216Pcs high power LED diodes with 3 adjustable panels. They are crafted from aluminum aviation and can move upward or downward, highlighting a maximum angle of 90° and giving 360° beam distribution.

The color temperature is another distinction, featuring 3,000K warm white – brighter than incandescent light bulbs but still pleasant on your eyes.

We also see some slight overhauls on the motion-activated sensor of this product, allowing it to be more penetrating and responsive than infrared sensor light. The lights will be auto turned on when someone moves in as well as blackout after 30-35s if detecting no movements.

Product Specs

Brightness8000 LM
Color Temperature3000K Warm White
Beam Distribution360°
Highlight Features 85% energy saving design, 3 aluminum LED panel, made of aluminum aviation and PC plastic

Emphasizing 85% energy efficiency and superior motion-activated sensor, we expect the demanding budget-conscious buyers won’t find any better LED lights than these.

TREONYIA UFO LED Light – Brightest

  • Cut down 80% of monthly electricity bill
  • Deliver 21,000 LM of brightness for brilliant bright with no flicker
  • Achieved many certifications for greater safety, quality, and reliability
  • Waterproof to suit for various conditions

  • Not include a reflector attachment

The TREONYIA UFO LED Light is a strong candidate running for our Brightest Lighting System Award and also one of our review team’s favorite picks for garage workshop.

It earned this award for providing impressive 21,000 LM, equivalent to 600W traditional lights while consuming just 1/4 of that power.

Not only is the IP65 Waterproof light bulbs for all-year-round usage but it also features many reliable certifications, such as ETL, CE, FCC, DLC, and most notably is the RoHs certification. Accordingly, it delivers greater safety, reliability, and quality, at least in my standard.

Product Specs

Color Temperature5,000K daylight
Beam Distribution120°
Highlight Features High efficiency and low decay, certificated by ETL, DLC, CE, FCC and RoHs certification, IP65 Waterproof for all conditions

If brightness is the biggest concern of yours when choosing LED lights for garage workshop, we highly suggest the TREONYIA UFO featuring 21,000 LM.

Sunco Lighting 16 Pack LED Light – Best for large garages

Sunco Lighting 16 Pack LED Light
  • A set of 16 packs -> convenient to buy in bulk and illuminate any garage sizes
  • ETL certificated -> Save 65% on monthly electricity bill
  • Sufficient cord length for easier connecting

  • Thin and soft metal parts
  • Even when daisy-chained it turns on/off independently

Sunco Lighting lights are the very first system with ETL certification in this list, indicating its superior energy efficiency.

The unit is measured giving 20W lower power consumption and saving up to 65% on the monthly electricity bill. Accordingly, it can alter easily incandescent, incandescent, or halogen light bulbs.

As they’re linkable via a “daisy-chain” configuration, it’s a great purchase if you need an extendable design to transform your entire garage.

Product Specs

Brightness4100 LM
Color Temperature5000K Daylight
Beam Distribution120°
Highlight Features Certifications: ETL, Energy Star, directly mount to the ceiling or suspend from the ceiling, easily daisy chain

The Sunco Lighting  gives by far the best value lighting in terms of durability, price, and performance to illuminate any large garages.

How to choose the best led lights for garage workshop (buying guide)

Best Led Lights for Garage Workshop


It’s not solidly “the brighter lights, the better” of all the time because for different situations, there should be a certain brightness. Not to say that excessively bright lights blind you, reduce your working efficiency or in the worse cases, cause some problems to your eyes.

The measuring unit of brightness is lumen(s). The higher the indicator, the brighter the light.

To calculate the right amount of lighting in your specific garage setup, I suggest using either Footcandle or Lux.

  • 1 Footcandle = 1 lumen/Sq. foot
  • 1 Lux = 1 lumen/Sq. meter

If you want to learn more about them, find at via this article.

Color Temperature

The measuring unit of color temperature is Kelvin (or K).

For garage lighting, the familiar Kelvin range is within 4,000 to 7,000K because they provide the most natural sunlight-like color during the day in addition to the sufficient brightness to work with.

Contrast to excessive bright lighting, anything lower than this range will be dimmer, making your eyes strain and more tired.

To help you easily imagine what I’ve just said, here is the Kelvin Temperature Chart:

Via :

Energy efficiency

As mentioned initially, LED bulbs are the most energy-efficient lighting. But you should know that two different LED lights will consume a different amount of energy.

Check out the label and find the wattage number (W) that shows how much power consumption of the LED light you intend to buy. Normally, a LED bulb featuring 4,000 lumens will consume 40W – 50W of power.

Make a comparison of this indicator between different bulbs to get the best energy saver system. If they also have the Energy Star certification, it’ll even be better.

Who makes the best led lights for garage workshop?

 Best Led Lights for Garage Workshop

Falive Garage Lighting

Falive Garage Lighting is a newcomer in this industry but they’re still trustworthy because of a good warranty and positive customer reviews. In the low-price range, this is the unbeatable brand to go for.


Hykolity invests in industrial and commercial LED light fixtures so, their products are outstanding for hassle-free, more accessible, and brighter performance. They are always the best choice for large workshops or industrial garages.


The biggest company in this list that’s only specialized in LED lighting with variable categories to ensure meeting the deepest needs to light a specific garage setup. Their products are reliable because of the ETL certification.

Barrina Lighting

This is a China-based company that we feel peaceful in mind to try their LED lights. While being strongly impressed by the 19-year experience, we’re also satisfied with their linkable lighting system with an unbeatable performance out of the bunch.


A brand that’s specialized in LED lighting system and well-known for the brightest LED light bulbs with additional waterproof feature. But their 24/7 caring customer service and reliable warranty are two majorities to raise more loyal customers for the brand.

Sunco Lighting

Sunco Lighting promises everything you could ask for a LED garage lighting system, like superior durability and health-friendly features. Moreover, each of their products is under a good warranty to ensure your highest satisfaction with the purchase.


Best Led Lights for Garage Workshop

Do LED bulbs save money?

LED bulbs do save money for three reasons:

  • Greater durability -> Less replacement cost
  • Higher energy efficiency -> Fewer wattages to consume at the same number of lumens
  • Lower maintenance -> Less cost to maintain the light performance

Why do my LED lights burn out so fast?

Some common reasons cut your LED lights’ life short:

  • The bulbs are used more frequently than usual
  • Excessively turn on/off the lights will put more wear and tear on them
  • The bulbs overload the circuit because you put higher wattage source into them
  • Lights are positioned in too hot or too cold environments

Do LED lights last longer if you leave them on?

There’s no advantage to leaving LED lights on. Not only it increases your monthly electricity bill but also cuts their life short.

Can LED lights damage eyes?

As long as they deliver excessively bright lighting, they might cause damage to your eyes but this indicator is up to your choice when buying them.

How much does it cost to leave a light on all day?

If leaving a light on all day, it will run 720 hours per month. To calculate how much it costs, follow this formula:

720 x The wattage number of the light x The cost of each kWh in your living area

For example, if I use a 100W light and a kWh costs 10 cents in my living area, the total bill will be:

720 (hours) x 0.1 (kWh) x 10 (cent) = 720 cents or $7.2

Can LED Lights replace fluorescent tubes?

LED lights are the most popular replacements for fluorescent tubes because of their higher durability and eco-friendly performance. To learn more about the replacement process, take a peek at this article.


No LED lights are perfect in every aspect but will perform the best in specific criteria. That’s why you should determine your requirements, needs, and preference when it comes to choosing the best LED lights for garage workshop.

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