How To Choose A Mattress That Perfectly Suits Your Needs

How To Choose A Mattress That Perfectly Suits Your Needs

A good mattress is an expensive purchase. Not only comfort during the rest, but also health depends on its quality. The right choice of mattress can be a reliable help in getting rid of insomnia, muscle and spinal pains, allergic diseases. Providing yourself with comfortable and healthy sleep, it’s easier to cope with the feeling of constant fatigue and irritability.

Before you start looking for a mattress in the store, you need to know how to choose it correctly. And this isn’t as easy as it may seem. You should take into account not only your personal preferences and size of the bed but also many other factors.

Classification of mattresses by type of construction

The quality of a mattress largely depends on its “filling”. According to, the springs are often hidden under the upholstery, but they are also different. And some models don’t contain springs at all, their elasticity is provided by other materials.

Spring mattresses come with dependent and independent springs. In the first case, the springs are interwoven with each other in a certain way, and in the second case, each spring is in a separate fabric “glass”. Mattresses with independent springs are more convenient, as isolated they are better adjusted to the shape of the body. 256 springs per square meter are the standard for most mattresses of this type. Such a large number of springs make the mattress very comfortable.

Spring mattress
Inside a spring mattress

Springless mattresses are a block of artificial or natural latex, coconut fibers, and a variety of synthetic high-tech materials. Inflatable and water mattresses are also springless.

Mattress types depending on the filler material

If the spring mattresses are pretty clear, the variety of fillers can be confusing, there are many materials available. Some of them have appeared quite recently, and the average buyer knows little about them.

Latex. Natural material, which is elastic, hypoallergenic, and anatomical. In addition, latex is hygienic and provides good support for the spine.

Coconut coir. Elastic, strong, and hypoallergenic material, which has high bactericidal properties and is used as a filler for hard mattresses.

Polyurethane foam. The material is characterized by high elasticity, good breathability, and hypoallergenic properties.

Memory Foam. Hypoallergenic high-tech filler for polyurethane mattresses, durable, reliable, and durable. It is a viscoelastic foam with cells similar to small springs compressed by body weight.

Hand stamp on memory foam mattress
Hand stamp on memory foam mattress

Memory Latex. Air-permeable material of the cellular structure, not susceptible to temperature differences. This material is very durable.

Viscoelastic foam. This innovative hypoallergenic material has a memory effect and provides the most natural position of the spine.

Sisal. Natural fiber with high anti-static properties, which can easily pass air and evaporate moisture released during sleep. Extremely durable material designed for intensive loads.

This is not a complete list of mattress fillers. Mattresses are also made of horsehair and natural wool, latex with various additives, and other materials, both natural and synthetic.

Bilateral and unilateral mattresses

Most of the mattresses in the stores are unilateral, but some companies specializing in orthopedic mattresses also offer bilateral models. In bilateral mattresses, the sides may have different stiffness and different type of coating. For example, double-sided mattresses for different seasons have a woolen side and a softer filler to keep you warm, while the “summer” side is covered with hygroscopic fabric and provides good air exchange during the hot season.

Orthopedic mattresses

Orthopedic mattress

They are designed to provide optimal support for the spine. This mattress can follow the body contours of the person resting on it, preventing numbness and other types of discomfort. An orthopedic mattress is necessary for those who suffer from spinal pain, as well as for those who have ligament and joint diseases. And for healthy people, a quality orthopedic mattress will be an excellent prevention of back problems.

The main criterion for choosing a mattress is personal preferences, but you should also take into account other points, such as your weight and age, as well as your health.

Taking into account height, weight, and age

How To Choose A Mattress That Perfectly Suits Your Needs

Overweight people should choose rigid mattresses. Thinner ones should pay attention to soft models, for example, with independent springs or with latex filler. Medium-sized people can sleep comfortably on any mattress.

Age is also very important. Elderly people are not recommended to sleep on mattresses with a high degree of stiffness, as it can cause problems with the spine and blood circulation. Choosing a mattress is a bit more difficult for a child. Children of primary school age and teenagers are usually advised to use rigid springless mattresses made of, for example, synthetic foam materials. A children’s mattress should be strong because they are sure to jump and play. When choosing a mattress for very young children, the main criterion will be hygroscopicity. The perfect option is a mattress with a thickness of 1 to 3 inches with a coconut fiber filler.

The best mattress for two is a medium-hard model with independent springs. If one of the sleepers often turns over in his sleep or gets up, the other half of the mattress remains stationary.

The mattress shouldn’t be too short, but it’s even more important that it matches the size of the bed base and is not hung from the edges. Calculating the size of a mattress is simple: its length should be at least 8 inches longer than your height. The width of a single bed mattress starts from 31 inches, the width of a double bed starts from 63 inches.

Taking into account the health

How To Choose A Mattress That Perfectly Suits Your Needs

Natural materials are ecological and durable, but many of them are contraindicated to people with allergies. If you are among them, you should give preference to mattresses made of synthetic materials.

People with lumbar spinal diseases should pay attention to soft models that provide good lumbar support. Medium-hard mattresses should be used by people with problems in the thoracic spine. Hard mattresses are more suitable for those who suffer from upper-back pain and osteochondrosis as well as anyone who wants to improve posture.

In order to make a really useful and profitable purchase, it’s important to choose a responsible seller. If a company provides a guarantee for its products, this is a certain indicator of quality.

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