Best Weighted Blankets for Kids 2020

Weighted blankets are great to release anxiety in adults, but did you know that children can use them, too? If your child could benefit from some relaxing time before bedtime, a weighted blanket can achieve just that. These are prefect to make your child feel safer and relaxed in their environment.

The Best Weighted Blankets for Kids

We’ve researched the top brands of weighted blankets for kids based on materials, quality, and design. Take a look at our diverse selection that are perfect for a variety of ages and interests.

LUNA Kids Weighted Blanket—Best Overall

LUNA Kids Weighted Blanket - Best Overall
LUNA Kids Weighted Blanket | Individual Use - 5 lbs - 36x48 - Child Size Bed | 100% Oeko-Tex Certified Cooling Cotton & Glass Beads | USA Designed | Heavy Cool Weight | Navy
  • Cooling cotton material
  • Wide options of weights
  • Large variety of colors and patterns available

  • Slighter smaller sizes than other blankets

This LUNA kids weighted blanket combines seven layers into a specialized design to evenly distribute the weight over your body for a comfortable night’s sleep. Its soft cotton fabric is filled with a cloud-like fabric to remain soft when pressed against your skin. This material also makes the weighted blanket breathable.

Available in weights 5 to 25 pounds, it’s a diverse option for small to larger kids. Its deep pressure stimulation unlocks the mind to help little ones drift off into a peaceful, undisturbed sleep.

LUNA designed this blanket with small pockets to evenly distribute the weight from the glass beads, so that there’s no discomfort throughout the night. These beads are also non-toxic, allowing parents to have peace of mind with this purchase.

Product Specs

Material TypeCotton
Size36 x 48, 41 x 60, 48 x 72, 60 x 80, 80 x 87 inches
Weight5, 10, 12, 15, 20, and 25 pounds
Colors and PatternsNavy, light grey, blue space, navy dinosaur, pink unicorn, and more
Highlight FeatureLarge variety of colors, patterns, and weights to suit all kids

Sivio Kids Weighted Blanket—Best Runner-up

Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket and Removable Cover
Sivio Kids Weighted Blanket, 3lbs, 36 x 48 inches, 100% Natural Cotton Heavy Blanket for Kids and Teens, Blue Dinosaur
  • Begins at a light weight for smaller children
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly glass beads
  • Designed with tie loops for easy attachment

  • Little overhang on a bed

The Sivio weighted blanket is kid-friendly, as it’s designed with eco-friendly, safe, non-toxic glass beads, providing parents with peace of mind. The glass beads are also sewn into the blanket, preventing them from coming loose.

Attaching this weighted blanket to your kid’s duvet is effortless, thanks to the eight tie loops that connect in an instant and prevent the blanket from slipping off throughout the night.

It’s made from 100 percent cotton, which provides a soft touch against your skin while also remaining breathable during hot summer nights. It’s wrinkle-free and expertly sewn to look high-quality and ensure it’s long-lasting. It’s available in four weights from 3-10 pounds, making it perfect for young children.

Product Specs

Material TypeCotton
Size36 x 48, 41 x 60 inches
Weight3, 5, 7, 10 pounds
Colors and PatternsBlue dinosaur, pink unicorn, pink pumpkin, green zoo, grey ocean world, and more
Highlight FeatureGlass beads are sewn into the blanket

Florensi Weighted Blanket for Kids—Best for Hot Sleepers

GSLE Weighted Blanket
Florensi Weighted Blanket for Kids with Removable Bamboo Duvet Cover (5 Lbs & 36" x 48"), 5 Pounds Weighted Comforter, Twin Size, Cooling Blanket for Kid Baby Toddler Teenager, Machine Washable Cover
  • Bamboo material is breathable
  • You receive a high-quality storage bag
  • Super soft choices of fabric

  • Only two colours available

If your kid is a hot sleeper, this Floresni weighted blanket makes the perfect choice. It’s designed with bamboo fabric, enabling it to keep you cool at night by allowing hot air to escape. The other size is minky, which is super soft and easy to care for.

There are five weights available, ranging from 5 to 17 pounds, which is perfect for a range of kid sizes and weights. But no matter which weight you purchase, this weighted blanket will feel like a hug, helping to reduce anxiety and stress.

Product Specs

Material TypeBamboo and minky
Size36 x 48, 41 x 60, 60 x 80 inches
Weight5, 7, 10, 12, 17 pounds
Colors and PatternsGrey chevron, blue constellations
Highlight FeatureUtilizes two materials for maximum comfort

BUZIO Kids Fleece Weighted Blanket—Best for Winter

YnM Weighted Blanket
BUZIO Kids Fleece Weighted Blanket 5lbs, Unicorn Blanket for Kids with 4 Color Options, Ultra Soft and Cozy Heavy Blanket, Great for Calming and Sleep, 36x 48inch
  • Pocket design prevents beads from leaking
  • Warm fleece material
  • Soft and cozy blanket

  • Might be too warm for summer nights

The Buzio kid’s blanket provides an even and stable body pressure on children to release anxiety and help them drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep. Its seven-layer structure is perfect for securing the non-toxic, odourless beads in the center.

With a pocket design of 4 x 4 inches, the Buzio kid’s blanket locks the glass beads inside, securely while also combining three layers of anti-leak protection for maximum security. This feature also ensures that the weight from the glass beads are evenly distributed.

This blanket is designed with fleece on both sides, which is perfect for keeping children warm in the winter months. This fabric is soft and provides comfort to little ones who like to snuggle up to something when it’s bedtime.

Product Specs

Material TypeFleece
Size36 x 48 inches
Weight5, 7 pounds
Colors and PatternsMint, orange, pink, sky blue
Highlight FeatureFleece material on both sides to keep you warm

Characteristic Weighted Blanket—Best for Designs

Premium Weighted Blanket
Disney Princess Paper Cut Weighted Blanket 4.5 lbs - Measures 36 x 48 inches, Kids Bedding Features Aurora, Cinderella, Belle, & Rapunzel - Fade Resistant Super Soft Velboa - (Official Disney Product)
  • Safe, non-toxic glass beads
  • Variety of blanket designs to choose from
  • Glass beads provide light pressure to release anxiety

  • Only available in one size and weight

If your child has a favorite show, why not treat them to an exceptionally-designed weighted blanket decorated with a variety of characters to choose from? This weighted blanket measures 36 x 48 inches and weighs 4.5 pounds, making it perfect for children weighing around 45 pounds.

Its super-soft mink fabric feels soft and cozy against your skin, allowing kids to feel comforted as if they’re receiving a hug at bedtime. The blanket is easy to clean, machine-wash or spot clean, and can be air or tumble dried.

The blanket’s glass beads provide light pressure against the body, helping to release anxiety and stress when getting to sleep at night. The mink fabric isn’t too thin or thick, making it highly versatile to sleep with throughout the year.

Product Specs

Material TypeMinky
Size36 x 48 inches
Weight4.5 pounds
Colors and PatternsHarry Potter, Minnie Mouse, Sesame Street, Toy Story, Spiderman
Highlight FeatureVariety of colors and designs to choose from

Thirdream Toddler Weighted Blanket—Best for All Seasons

Thirdream Toddler Weighted Blanket
Thirdream Toddler Weighted Blanket 5lbs Kids, 3 Pieces,for All Seasons, 36”X 48”, Twin Size, with 2 Removable Washable Covers, Soft Minky Cover and Ice Silk Cover, Blue
  • Odourless fiber fill to prevent noise
  • Skin-friendly fabrics
  • Two materials for warmth in winter and cooling in summer

  • More expensive than most

Looking for a weighted blanket for kids that’ll last throughout the year? This Thirdream makes a great choice and means you don’t have to update your child’s blanket several times a year.
The minky cover provides warmth during cold months, while the ice silk cover keeps you cool during hot nights. Plus, with two removable blankets, you’ll always have a spare when it’s time for washing.

This blanket stimulates the feeling of being hugged and provides a sense of security to help your child experience a restful night’s sleep. As a result, they’ll awake the following day feeling refreshed and ready for the day. The blanket also comes with six attachable loops, so you can conveniently connect it to a duvet cover.

Product Specs

Material TypeMinky and silk
Size36 x 48, 41 x 60 inches
Weight5, 7, 10 pounds
Colors and PatternsLight grey, sachet pink, Malibu blue
Highlight FeatureTwo materials, enabling your child to use this weighted blanket all-year-round

Super Soft Calming Weighted Blanket—Best for Softness

Super Soft Calming Weighted Blanket
Super Soft 5 Lbs Calming Weighted Blanket for Kids with Removable Cover - 36" x 48" Children Heavy Blanket for a Kids Between 40-60 lbs - Kid Comfort Sensory Blankets for Boys
  • Super-soft minky and cotton fabric
  • Glass beads won’t shift or leak
  • Breathable materials

  • Only available in one size and weight

This weighted blanket features a pre-attached cover that’s made of super soft minky to provide sensory stimulation that’ll keep your child stress-free and help them relax into a peaceful sleep.

Designed with nine layers, it won’t snag like other weighted blankets can, making it long-lasting and durable. The breathable cotton is super soft in combination with the minky fabric on the opposite side. Filled with hypoallergenic glass beads that are evenly distributed, these won’t leak or shift around within the blanket.

It’s expertly crafted and stitched to make it long-lasting and comfortable for kids to use at bed time or any time they’re feeling anxious. On top of this weighted blanket is a microfiber layer that prevents your child from sweating at night.

Product Specs

Material TypeCotton and minky
Size36 x 48 inches
Weight5 pounds
Colors and PatternsBlue, pink, green, various shades of grey
Highlight FeatureSuper-soft materials that are comfortable and breathable

Franco Bedding Super Soft Plush Kids Weighted Blanket—Best for a Budget

Franco Bedding Super Soft Plush Kids Weighted Blanket
Franco Bedding Super Soft Plush Kids Weighted Blanket with Bonus Door Knob Pillow, 36" x 48" 4.5lbs, Baby Shark
  • Variety of designs and colors
  • Non-toxic, lead-free glass beads
  • Layer of soft poly fil fading for comfort and security

  • Only available in one size and weight

This animated weighted blanket is available in a plethora of infamous characters and designs, making it a great gift that brings chidren’s favorite movies and shows to life. It’s crafted with a soft mink plush on one side that provides a calming comfort and feels gentle against the skin.

The blanket is expertly designed with comfort in mind and uses non-toxic, lead-free glass beads throughout its interior. These beads remain gentle against the skin and secure thanks to the soft poly fil padding and strong stitching.

It also features small pockets to keep the glass beads in place, which is great if your child tends to toss and turn through the night. Plus, the beads used in this blanket are fine and dense, helping to reduce noise when sifting.

Product Specs

Material TypePolyester and mink
Size36 x 48 inches
Weight4.5 pounds
Colors and PatternsBaby Shark, Disney Frozen 2, Jurassic World, Disney Princess, Pj Masks, L.o.l Surprise!, Ryan’s World, Super Mario, Paw Patrol
Highlight FeatureVirtually noise-less when shifting

BUZIO Weighted Blanket—Best for Sleeping Troubles

BUZIO Weighted Blanket—
BUZIO Weighted Blanket 5 lbs for Kids, Ultra Cozy Minky Fleece and Cotton Sided with Cartoon Patterns, Reversible Heavy Blanket Great for Calming and Sleeping, 36x48 inches, Blue Car World
  • Eight interior corner straps
  • Seven-layer structure
  • Non-toxic, odourless glass beads

  • Some reported that the measurements are slightly off

Finally, this weighted blanket for kids is perfect for kids who trouble sleeping. With an option of 5 and 7 pounds and two size availabilities, your child will experience a cuddle-like pressure that is perfect for overstimulated minds.

With a seven-layer construction, it protects the non-toxic glass beads against your child’s skin, helping to improve the overall comfort. The additional three years of anti-leakage protection enable the bead’s weight to be evenly distributed.

Designed with minky and fleece, this blanket is perfect for both use in summer and winter. This reversible blanket comforts your child, helping them to wind down if they tend to be energetic at night.

Product Specs

Material TypeMinky and fleece
Size36 x 48, 41 x 60 inches
Weight5, 7 pounds
Colors and PatternsPink cat, blue car world, pink panther, yellow giraffe, blue dinosaur park
Highlight FeatureSuitable for use throughout all seasons

How to Choose the Best Weighted Blanket for Kids

With so many options, how can you select the best weighted blanket for your child? Measurements are more important with children than adults to ensure they’re safe at all times using the blanket.

Never use a blanket that’s 10 percent heavier than your child’s body weight. If you’re unsure of which weight to choose, opt for the lighter one.
Another factor to consider is the material. If your child is a hot sleeper, opt for cotton, and if you’re on a budget, polyester is another great choice. These materials are breathable and help to circulate air, preventing a build-up of hot air within the blanket.

Finally, the blanket should explore your child’s personality and interests. Choose a pattern and design that they’re interested in, rather than one that you want to match the décor. As such, it’s great to get your child involved in the buying process.

Who Makes the Best Weighted Blanket for Kids?

There are numerous brands that create weighted blankets for kids, though, we suggest that LUNA is the top brand for many reasons. The main standout reason for this choice is the expert sewing technique they use to secure the beads within the blanket.

LUNA’s blankets for kids are breathable with plenty of air channels to ensure air circulates evenly, helping to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature. All of their beads are non-toxic and held in place with the lustrous fibers of the blanket, helping to create an even distribution of weight rather than sinking into one corner.

What are the Benefits of a Weighted Blanket for Kids?

Weighted blankets are great for adults and kids to use. The pressure from the glass beads emulates the sensation of receiving a hug from a loved one, allowing your child to feel comforted as they fall asleep.

Many studies have found that weighted blankets boost serotonin levels, which is an important natural chemical that boosts your mood. Weighted blankets also help to make you feel sleepier, which is a great way to help your child wind down when it’s bedtime.

A weighted blanket is great for other situations, not just for the bedroom. For example, use one in scenarios where a child has to sit for a prolonged period, such as on a bus ride or in the car. A weighted blanket helps to calm your child’s nervous system and reduce any anxiety.

Weighted Blankets for Kids FAQ:

Are weighted blankets safe for kids?

Can be dangerous to children any younger if they insert one into their mouth. One of the biggest concerns for parents is a heavy blanket putting pressure on their child, resulting in suffocation.

To ensure your child’s safety isn’t at risk when they use a weighted blanket, it’s important to research the beads and materials used. Opt for non-toxic, odorless glass beads. This ensures that your child’s life won’t become in danger should they accidentally put a bead into their mouth.

It’s essential that the weighted blanket securely holds the beads to prevent them from slipping out. Opt for a blanket with multiple small pockets and expert stitching. These features prevent the beads from coming loose.

Finally, although less-dense beads might be more comfortable and offer a more even weight distribution, this should only be suitable for adults. Choose larger beads that a child cannot put into their mouth.

How heavy should a weighted blanket be for a child?

If your child cannot easily push the blanket off of them in the night, there’ll have limited access to air, resulting in decreasing their circulating. But to avoid this dilemma from happening to your child, it’s critical that you purchase the correct weight for their size and measurements for their height and/or bed.

Before searching for the best weighted blanket for kids, weigh your child. Then, select a weighted blanket that’s no more than 10 percent of their body weight. For children aged four-seven, you may wish to choose a lighter weight than this to ease your mind when they’re left unattended in bed.

Using a blanket that’s too heavy for your child to comfortable lift and maneuver is counter-productive, as it’ll cause more stress and tension, which a weighted blanket is supposed to help avoid.

What age is appropriate for a weighted blanket?

First, consider where your child will use the weighted blanket. If it’s on the sofa with your supervision, there shouldn’t be any reason why a child four and upwards can use a weighted blanket for comfort.

However, leaving your child unattended at bedtime with a weighted blanket can present worries for a parent. Although we recommend four years and upwards, you should bear in mind your child’s behavior and habits. Do they tend to rip items apart for fun and games? If so, they could access the beads, leaving to a choking hazard.

What weighted blanket is best for kids?

We highly recommend all of the above weighted blankets, but the standout one is the LUNA Kids Weighted Blanket. It’s designed with a cooling cotton fabric, making it perfect for use in summer. This material feels soft against the skin, too, helping your child to experience a peaceful night’s sleep. We love that it comes in a range of weights with plenty of colors and patterns to choose from.


If your child doesn’t tend to settle down at night, a weighted blanket might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Check out the above products and let us know in the comments which one you choose.

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