How Can I Make My Bedroom Perfect To Sleep?

How Can I Make My Bedroom Perfect To Sleep?

Downing coffee all day long because of insomnia is one of the clearest signs that your current bedroom might be the matter. And I guess we all want to wake up each morning feeling fully recovery, right?

While the 6 cost-free and easy-to-accomplish tips below can ensure giving a more sleep-friendly bedroom, why not take a peek now?

Check your mattress

check your mattress

A good night’s slumber sometimes is just as simple as choosing a reasonable mattress to lay down on.

If yours is currently too soft that feels like you’re uncomfortably cocooned in it or hard to get off, change it.

If yours is currently too hard that usually, you wake up with a few body parts (especially the back and the hips) feeling pain, change it.

Choosing the right type of mattress is important and it mainly depends on three things:

  • Your sleeping gesture (Are you a side, stomach, or back sleeper?)
  • Your personal pathology (such as herniated disc, bad backs, and arthritis)
  • Your preference (Some people get used to sleeping on loungeroom or ultra-hard mattress while the others love a softer one)


Once you find out a potential mattress, check if it has a 30- or 60- days guarantee as the truth is, it takes generally at least one month to know whether a mattress is right for you or not.

If there’s no such kind of guarantee, a money-back warranty is still okay, take advantage of that.

When you go to a local mattress store, don’t be shy to try lying down on it as you would do at home. If possible, take a friend, family member, or your loved one with you will help you feel better. Remember, this step is very important, especially when you’ve got a nearby local mattress store to try.

What if you buy it online?

Don’t worry!

My golden tip is to pick a reliable brand (because they usually offer good warranties, good customer services, and especially, good products). Find the most suitable mattress line for you and spend some time to research about it, like reading customer feedback or expert reviews.

The final step is finding out what size for you. A too-small mattress might be a problem for many nights sleepless, especially if you share it with someone else.

Okay. I know that some people out there are not ready to spend a bunch on a brand new mattress even though they really want to improve their slumber quality. Here is another solution of mine – buying a topper.

How Can I Make My Bedroom Perfect To Sleep?

It’s cheaper, more flexible, and even keeps your current mattress last longer. Read here to know more!

Air temperature

According to Ralph Downey III, Ph.D., Chief of Sleep Medicine at Loma Linda University, a too chilled or too hot bedroom can also effect your sleep quality.

If you feel satisfied with your current mattress, pillows, blanket, or bedding but still waking up tiredly, air temperature is most likely the matter.

No matter your room is too hot or too cold, it’s mostly affected by the outside weather conditions. So your task is to limit that issue as much as possible.

In case that it’s too hot, try an air conditioner, a portable fan, window treatments, heavy blinds or ceiling fan to cool down the temperature.

Air temperature

For a too cold environment, on the contrary, a portable heater, a heated mattress pad, or electric blanket is what you should add to your bedroom.

Air temperature

Changing the thermostat is also an ideal solution.



It’s proved that the natural circadian rhythm of human being leans towards the dark-light cycle, implying for the huge affection of light in a bedroom on one’s slumber.

There are, sadly, more things in the modern lifestyle disrupting you from a calm, dark bedding environment.

Such as smartphones, televisions, digital clocks, computers, and tablets.


That said, there’re some effective methods to help you reduce such problems. Like wearing an eye mask, armoires to hide computers and televisions, replace with a traditional alarm clock and keeping your tablets/smartphones away from your bed.

Dimming the lights for 1 hour before bedtime will also regulate your brain and body that it’s time to sleep.



Yeah, scent plays a huge role to help you calm down, relax your exhausted mind and improve your mood.

As a result, you will fall into a deep slumber more easily and wake up with more energy.

Lavender is considered the best choice as it can decrease your blood pressure and heart rate efficiently. A quick spritz of lavender water on your pillows every night will give a significantly different experience.

Reduce noise

Reduce noise

Inconsistent and loud noise is the biggest enemy of one’s deep slumber so if you want to improve your sleep quality, just cut it off.

Before climbing into your bed, make sure you’ve turned off televisions and shut all window curtains to avoid the outdoor sounds entering your bedroom.

If you can’t eliminate the unpleasant noise ultimately, try turning on a fan or investing on a sound conditioner to neutralize it. Soothing and consistent backdrop through the night will help preserve your sleep a lot.


Above are some tips that work on me.

Regardless, there is some other worth-trying advice as a bonus for those readers who have to keep following this article till the end:

  • Keep your bedroom clean and well-uncluttered. Make your bed every morning!
  • A hot bath before going to bed will help lower your body temperature safely, reminding it that it’s time to sleep
  • Massage: Just 5 or 10 minutes of massaging before bed will help you relax completely for a deeper slumber. You and your partner can do this before going to bed or you can search it online and do massage on your own. It’s very easy but works!
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